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Hockey Fans Rejoice! 

Celebrate the return of the NHL with a hangouts doubleheader discussing the lockout and the season ahead.

Submit your questions below:

+Boston Bruins Milan Lucic - Fri. @ 3PM ET:
Florida Panthers' Scottie Upshall - Mon. @ 4PM ET:

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the roman bread and circus controle mechanism resist
Bring me Bettman's head and we'll talk.
The hunchback and a Panther... I'll pass thanks.
Is it January 19th yet!?!?!??!?!
Go Canucks Go!
Let them play in empty stadiums. 
That won't happen +Fero Novak 
The passionate hockey fans out number the pissed off fans 100-1
I don't know, I'm a pretty pissed off passionate hockey fan.  Going to ECHL games aren't quite the same as NHL games.
At least the Kelowna Rockets have been treating me well in the CHL. Currently on a 16 game home winning streak and 5th in CHL rankings. But I am seriously missing NHL Hockey bad. 
I stopped caring after Wayne Gretzky retired.

Damn, I'm old.
Players didn't strike. they were locked out because the league figured the previous CBA which they agreed upon was all of a sudden not good enough. So they wanted more from the players. 

pssh, I'm all for the players and the principle. Bettman needs to GTFO
Dan Lee
Lets go Bruins
So how many players went to international teams and are they coming back for the remainder of the season?
I won't be excited for a long time. I quit caring after the first lockout.
I wouldn't be surprised if Ovetchkin finishes the season in Moscow and enjoies the time with his new bride. #cheers
Just biding my time until next week when my Wings play.

Hell yes, Hockey Town will be back in business. :D
So by your thinking +Viet-Tam Luu , I should have stopped caring when The Chief, Bobby & Derick retired? Glad there are actual hockey fans out there!.
Why didn't they get their shit together back in October?
When do the games begin... When do tix go on SALE!!!!????
Pathetic. Grow some backbone and be fans of a sport that actually cares about you.
Desperate call . Lucic - remember World Juniors?  Vancouver Giants? Come back we need you..... 
They're will be another season cancelling/limiting strike in 2020. Why would fans keep falling for this?
I would go for free. Have found other ways to spend money now
can't wait to watch the oilers this season
It will be a long time before I care about hockey again. Just like Baseball and Football. Any pro sports player that walks out of the job doesn't deserve my time to watch them.
Sorry, but the NHL lost my dollar...
What are the Bruins going to do without Tim Thomas and who needs to step up the most?
What team in the east scares you the most?
Hari yang mnjenuhkan ga Ada tmen ga Ada pujaan hati...hanya spi yng d tmani grimisnya air hjan.....
Support your local minor league hockey team:
Gooooooo Toledo Walleye          XD
BOYCOTT THE NHL!!!!! Support your local minor league team!!!!!
Which college's are these? Only Pro hockey is in Europe & Russia, right? Oh, that's right... the NHL...In the US...didn't it die due to greed and ego? When does Major League Baseball spring training start?
have guts then copete with indian .....others are loosers
Very disappointed that it took this long to finally come to an
Seasons done as far as I'm concerned,see ya next year.
Sorry, but I am not going to be watching anything NHL this year. They destroyed the season, so I will not participate in the aftermath.
Just in time for the end of football season!
These lockouts are ruining the sport. I'm a huge hockey fan, but lets be honest. It isn't as popular as the other big sports, and will never have the revenue. Outside of a few places where hockey is big, most people didn't even notice there was no season. And if they did, they pretty much just shrugged their shoulders.
I only watch the playoffs! NBA,MLB and NHL have one major problem- too many fucking games!!
Why won't hockey just die already... I retired from hockey after the Rangers won the Stanley Cup.

It now reigns supreme as the LOWEST RATED major sport....and It's ratings can't even compete with college sports for crying out loud.

Sports center has plenty to talk about without wasting time with this nonsense. The players and the league don't give a shit about the fans. #Banhockey

Wouldn't it be better if not during typical working hours? Oh yeah the NHL doesn't care about the fans
Go Leafs (who have seemed to be going back to the Ballard book of managing the club). At least they have the best game ops crew in the league.
Ice hockey.  Hockey is played on grass, by far more people than do it on ice.
Whatever. The league is a joke. Basically, the NHL can have a regular season with <50 games AND award the Stanley Cup.


Minor leagues are where the action and passion are. 
The only way to stop the millionaires and billionaires from keeping us away from the game we love is to boycott the NHL for the same number of days that they left us hanging.  Boycott the NHL until April 17th!!
I'm still trying to care...
The players need to understand that hockey is a business just like any other sport and the owners are in the business to make money just like any other business owner. The owner gives you a job for an amount of money you agree to. If you don't like what he is offering then don't work for him! If you think you are worth more money then go find someone who is willing to pay you more. If you can't find someone willing to pay you more then you are payed fairly or overpaid. Holding the entire sport hostage by striking rather than negotiating on your individual abilities does not help you or the sport.

There are a lot of other entertainment avenues that we can and will spend our money on and if we don't come see you play then you will be out of a job!
Hey Art, that would be a good point if hockey actually worked like a normal business.  Unfortunately you can't find someone else to pay you when other competitors are also in a work stoppage.
BRASIL - cidade de PELOTAS no ESTADO DO RIO GRANDE DO SUL, temos uma equipe boa e nessa região temos campeonatos.
All i know that hockey is back.And i will be watching!I don't care if its a half a season.Its better than no season at all.I love watching hockey..........And to all u debbie downers i'm sorry. Go Rangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Still the best game going. The disappointing thing about the lockout is Hockey just recovered from the last work stoppage. Players, Owners why continue to shoot yourself in the foot. Fans of the game want the action. At the end of it all the Fans are the game. No fans. No game. Stop alienating the fans they are your paycheck.
+Dave Regan actually many of the players worked during the stoppage by playing in other leagues.
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