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The Week In Google+: April 16, 2012

Who’s new on Google+ this week:

+Entertainment Weekly, +Live Nation and French President +Nicolas Sarkozy.

Hangouts and Events:

+United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon hung out with young people across the world, talking about unemployment, poverty, terrorism, discrimination and human rights: (

The +Oakland Athletics +Jemile Weeks hung out with fans, talking about his approach to the game, personal goals and experience. (

+The White House Deputy Director of National Economic Council talked about the Buffet tax rule. (

Lebanese pop star +Myriam Fares hung out with fans. (

+Face the Nation's Bob Schieffer hangs out on air - here’s a behind the scenes look. (

+The Associated Press hung out with Google+ users to talk baseball. (

Coming this May: The +Google+ Photographer's Conference in San Francisco.

Updates from the Last Week You May Have Missed:

A Simpler, More Beautiful Google, including a more functional and flexible version of Google+. ( The launch included how-to videos for Hangouts (, Reading and Responding (, Sharing (, Circles ( and Profiles (

A new version of the Google+ Android app was released, with rich snippets and hashtag support in the stream. (
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G+ is the shit Facebook is going down!!!!!!!
-1 from me for this week. I hate the new look and the lack of blue strap next to new posts on the wall. I also miss the YouTube bar.
+Google+ the update is cool. Now I can share links on mobile exactly like on desktop (not just text but embed video for example).

A cool update could be the ability to share post links on G+ but also on Gmail,Sms,Twitter etc..

Or maybe have a read later feature like on Youtube
It seems that the new Google+ wall is also f***ed up because it doesn't auto update with the new comments as fast as it used to.
hope g+ on iOS fix is on the way soon. tagging is completely broken.
They should add a way to save posts. Currently I re-share them to an empty circle so I can read it later at my own pace, but sometimes I want to read the comments.....resharing doesn't (and shouldn't) keep the I need a way to save the original posts (perhaps an option to star it after you +1'd it?)
And don't forget we have a CBS This Morning Hangout with +Gayle King tomorrow morning at 7:20amET. LIVE from our Studio 57 green room!
+Ritish Oemraw I'm totally with you. I've been hoping they would come out with an option to star a post for a long time.
-1 from me too, since the new design. I can't do anything without a scroll bar!!! So if it's not at the top I'm "blind" for whats further down. I use Google Chrome...most unsatisfactory. Hope it will be fixed quick.
They even took away the blue strap which used to mark unread posts, so don't hope for too much from this new awful look.
I love the Google+ community. And the new Google+ user interface is awesome I think. But I am waiting for Google+ Events with Google Calendar integration for about one year. I think it is necessary but there is no visible development.
It was extremly useful for me, because I always knew on which post I stopped reading if I had to leave G+.
+Paweł Fydrych i guess i noticed that bar before but never really knew what it's purpose was other than to show which post is active.
+Tyler mellor's broken on ios. i have to type out the post and then add the +mentions, otherwise i'd rather pull my eyes out one at a time.
If we are talking about the mobile apps now, I really like Android one (it is now much better way to browse G+ after the latest #googleplusupdate). The only problem with it is that I can't edit my comments. Since you have the iOS version, can you do this +Matt Keithley ?
G+ + google calendar = event
Pls, integrate google calendar into G+ and make G+ event
+Henry James Ball Wooot?! I don't have such an option after long press on my Xperia arc on Android 2.3.4. My app is the newest version of course.
Need G+ app for Windows Phone ASAP. 
+Henry James Ball Wait, I just checked and WHAT THE...? The option is there! When I checked earlier I haven't noticed it. What is wrong with me?! Thank you! xDDD
+Henry James Ball No need to check. The option is really there. I just can't read it seems because I did not notice it when I checked yesterday! xD
I like these weekly summaries. Keep up the good work!
What's new in Google+: Removed the ability to add location to posts from website, rendering it completely useless for people who don't know anybody on Google+.

What's the emoticon for anger?
G+ wish list:
1. Google calendar integrated in G+ so we can make G+ events.
2. G+ notify widget for Android.
3. Galery put all photos from G+ announcemes in one folder and friends photos in other one
4. White space in G+ filled with other google app (gmail, g docs...) and buttons on the top to choose the app
5. Address book full integration with G+
6. Stop removing important Google+ features, like ability to add location.
Google+ app is cool but still needs some improvement
A native iPad G+ app would be lovely. Then i can stop asking!
We already have Android, so we do not need G+ app. We need G+ integration in Android and widgets (Notify widget, Stream widget, Gallery that shows friends photos in one album and announces photos in other one, we already have gtalk...
Yeah, all these extras you guys are talking about would be nice ... But it's the add location feature that made Google+ usable for people who don't know anyone on Google+. With that gone, I might be gone as well before any of these neat ideas ever sees the light of day.

Come on, Google ... Why on God's green earth would you remove such a valuable feature?!?!
While I agree with your comments about sharing being broken in a way +Brock Cusick, I don't think that (ab)using Circles for it is the way to go. Circles are supposed to be used to order people, and who you want to limit posts to.

Better would be to have a separate 'tool' for it, such as tags or post categories you can post something to and have people subscribe to those.
Another way of how you could currently deal with it already would be the way +Serge Polakoff deals with it:
He has several pages to which he posts his different kinds of topics and uses his main profile to share just a selection of those for a diverse display of his interests.
It's an approach I also try to follow, though it is cumbersome and it would be good to have a better 'tool' for this.
Allow authors the ability to create publicly subscribable 'topic' circles. Allow readers the ability to assign themselves to an author's publicly accessible 'topic' circles. An author may not know a reader's interest but they know their post's subject matter. The author may still restrict the flow of information by how he or she assigns the circles to the post.

Allow inclusion and exclusion of circles, meaning include everyone from circle A except exclude everyone that also appears in circle B
Please Google+ Events with Google Calendar integration. I said it so many times on and feedbacks and so many people waiting for this. ASAP 
Now with the apps on the side can you add other google products like gmail and calendar. I like the black bar, but I do not like having to open a new page and go to a different site. We should be able to do it all from google+
The new interface looks great on my desktop computer, but my laptop has a wide screen and there is a lot of screen space wasted. How about reducing the chat column on the right to a single button when it is logged out, and letting the stream content take more space. Then when chat is logged in, the page can return to the arrangement it has now. This might make sense for people like me who barely use chat within Google+.
App works well on Android. I don't have any issues or complaints via desktop.
Is there any Chance to get the youtube-player in google+ back?
I still can't believe after all this time of being an app, the notifications still don't show up in my notification bar until I actually open up google+, go to the notifications and hit the refresh arrow. Then and only then will I get the notification to show up in the bar of my phone. And I have a Galaxy S, Epic 4G
+Filip H.F. Slagter I am just wondering, what would be the point of circles inside circles? Why not just make a new circle?
+Patrice Johnson I don't understand that. I haven't this problem with my HTC Desire. Which Androidversion are you using at the moment?
+Alex Cook because it makes more sense?
For instance I have several sorts of developers in my circles. Preferably I would like to have them in a main Circle 'developers', and in sub-circles Ruby, Python, PHP, etc. It feels redundant to have to add someone to 2 circles when one is supposed to be a super-set.
For the ppl dissing face book google plus is differnt so its like comparin 2 pac to lady gaga :-)
+Patrice Johnson Ok, my colleague hasn't this problem. Is it possible, that you deactivated the option "phonennotification via push" at your options on your computer? 
+Alex Cook circles in circles would make it easier to manage. Ex: add someone to my close friends circle they are automatically added to my friends circle, my people circle. Could all be done manually, but it could be useful. Also I am totally with you on the gmail calendar etc being apps in G+
Another example would be a social life circle and a work circle which both have sub circles.
Work: one sub-circle for each company I've work with/for.
Social: online, offline, school (with sub-sub-circles for each school), family, demoscene, developers (with sub-sub-circles for each language)

This would especially be nice if it is combined with a tree-like interface for circles management and stream views, so the amount of circles shown is limited unless you expand all levels.
Then again, "Chinese to take a bubble ... said millet G +" and "To account for a bit of Obama's ... full of bubbling ... haha ..." don't really make much sense either :P

The joys of international social networks o/
The mobile site hasn't worked on the Nook Color (Android) for a while, either. What's up with that?
+Ansgar Binninger I don't think so. If I had to go out of my way to deactivate that option, then no. and I've gone through my notifications settings several times
Give us back the old '+1' button and the choice to change back to the old, stylish layout (with simplicity)!!!
+Alex Coman, +Anish Acharya It's not really an app, but the mobile site, "" (There is no G+ app in the Nook Store that I've ever found.) I can see the main menu and can go to notifications. When I click on a notification, I get nothing. Same when I click on "Stream" - blank screen. Works fine in desktop mode at, but that's all. Used to work in Android mode at until they "improved" the layout.
I guess I spoke too soon, I'm not getting all of my notifications on phone and desktop.
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