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Exciting announcement: you can now submit your questions for President Obama for an exclusive Google+/YouTube interview at +The White House on January 30th. The President will answer a selection of your top-voted questions, and a few people will even get to join the first-ever Presidential hangout!
The Official Channel of the White House (These videos are public domain)
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Trey Dd
congrats g+ with this endorsement facebook is completely dead
no benefit that will be so diplomatic answer that it will never help the common man....
finally I can ask him for hos famous recipe
Cute, some people should enquire all about these SOPA/PIPA/ACTA etc. deals >_>
Mr. Obama why the MPAA threatens you with no consequences?
I'm hoping this will be onAir. There's no mention of that.
Trey Dd
+Ted LeBlond so they can be scanned easier. hello they were the first barcode
+Ted LeBlond, one of the more fascinating theories I heard was that they cause "microcurrents" in the air, since the black stripes heat the air differently than the white stripes, and aids in cooling the zebra. No joke.
Don't worry, you get the best president money can buy :))
How Big of a change in your lifestyle will it be, once you leave the white house in 2012? What with the 90+ golf games, insane amounts of vacations, date trips with your wife to nyc, lavish parties at the white house, chefs flying in pizzas for your cravings....etc
Mr. President, why is freedom of speech on the internet is on the path of being hindered?
Sweet! Maybe I'll ask him to resign.
Trey Dd
+The White House When the largest population of people who will retire at the same time will happen within the next 4-6 years as they reach 65, and this population also has had the highest divorce and family alienation rate, what will happen to the millions of which would most likely become wards of the state? With the possibility of that much income being essentially handed to states will they be sold back at market value or will a subsidies program be instituted to help the millions of young americans who fell victim to the housing crash? Or will the proceeds be going back to feed the crippled social security program for the next generation?
Joe Shark
+Ted LeBlond look up your facts, don't just listen to whatever the Liberal media spews! He has played more golf in less time than Bush did in his entire 8 years, and not to mention the Basketball, and everything else. At this point the man has played at least double what Bush ever played!
Bush took vacations to his ranch, Obama takes vacations that cost Millions upon Millions, he is so careless with our money, his wife leaves for vacation many times before him on separate planes, and security detail, costing Millions more, why? You know why, cause he can, and because he is arrogant, and is the 1% he claims to be against. No he just doesn't want any one else to have that ability.
Don't compare this guys lavish Billionaire lifestyle with the former president who didn't even leave the country once on vacation.
Stop drinking the Kool Aid, and defend some one when it is right, and just, not just cause you like them.
I have to admit, President Obama does use the new media quite well. Something everyone in business and politics can learn from. And yes we are paying attention.
what's up with Irak, libia and another wars, you, peace Nobel prize?
+The White House The economic crisis is becoming larger every day. Do you think that Europe and United States has some strong connection in this crisis and should they operate together to see the end of it?
Do you also think that it's time to regulate rating agency valuations in some way not to create additional market disturbance?
This gives me a tingling feeling running up my leg... oh wait, that's Chris Matthews.
+Joe Shark I would imagine life would be the same for him, only more income... $100,000 for an hour long speaking engagement is the norm for an ex-president.
Trey Dd
+The White House With Social Media obviously becoming more of a standard than an elitest tool when will cabinet members have their own official Social Media outlets by position verses just their names, so issues they are working on can be broadcast to interested parties? Individual social media accounts are nice for current members, but it becomes annoying to re ad and delete people each time the cabinet changes. Each department should have it's dedicated social media outlets rather than personal accounts.
Any chance political figures will actually use their social options socially? I know some do, but reading such impersonal stuff on G+ or FB or Twitter, etc, just doesn't interest me.
Hey +Google+ could you share the Hang out with the rest of us?
I miss a direct link to promote votes for your questions in G+
I posted one, but I doubt there will be a lot of direct readers, and I would have more votes if my almost 700 followers can have a direct link to vote for my question - I hope most part of them with a yes - and no more than 50 votes, but better than what it is now.
How about universal social security (kind of welfare fund) Don't you think it will solve the current challenges humanity is facing?
such a fantastic way for him to leverage such a powerful platform.
I was waiting to hear when the first presidential hangout would be. Now to watch like a hawk to see if it goes public...
Starting to be sick of Google and Politics concerns.
Google shouldn´t promote neither announce nothing regarding politics...
Why would anyone want to hang-out with an admitted liar?
+Yago Pérez why not? are you against democracy? perhaps a question / suggestion made can improve the live of millions of US citizens and perhaps some other world citizens
Your deadline for asking questions is the 28th so get your question(s) in now!
sopa is the least of our worries, what about ACTA .
I am if that is the democracy they can offer me...
But the point is that Google is a search engine, not a Free Politic Campaign Management Tool.
its time to stand up. inform everyone of ACTA. SOPA'S BIGGER BROTHER!!!!!!
Not a question but more of a recommendation:
I think it's great that the administration is attempting to communicate to the public using more modern methods (social networking, YouTube, etc.), but I think there needs to be a bi-weekly or monthly address to the public via standard forms of communication like Television. Something along the line of FDR's Fireside Chats where the President can communicate to the public the current undertakings of the Whitehouse, issues, etc. and present them to the public in an easy to understand method. This would give the President a chance to communicate his administration's stance on trending topics like SOPA instead of hearing it from second hand sources. It has to be concise, clear, and easily disseminated.

I also think it's time the administration lays things out clearly to the public about what is going on in Congress and the challenges the administration is facing thanks to partisan politics. A good example is the "Troop Funding Bill" fiasco and the House trying to sneak in anti-abortion and anti-environmental (non-budget related) riders. The American public deserves to know how dirty the game is being played.
+Thiago Fernandes - Just read about that one. Terrifying! It's like SOPA, only broader in scope, and internationally enforced. That one needs to be killed right away! As a musician, I'm all for protecting IP, but legislation like this, SOPA, and PIPA is the purest, vilest form of evil. I'd rather have criminals pirating everything in sight than an international government organization playing big brother with commerce and the Internet.
Dear Mr Obama
Where the hell is the Change?
wow Dear Mr Obama you can sure sing,you are the best and us Canadian people Love you. You are a Speaker for all People we Thankyou
Politicians think they are important, how wrong they are!
Bill Clinton lived by the motto 'Better blowjobs than no jobs'. Do you agree with this lifestyle?
Since you didn't fix the economy in three years and have unemployment under 8%, are you going to keep your promise and be a one term president?
Pablo P
How old are you?
What happen to "Hope and Change" and "Change You Can Believe In"???

Ask him that but before you do remind him Bush now have been out of office for over 3 years.
If you add me to one of your circles, you can ask me a question. I will then answer your question to the best of my ability.

This should be interesting!
People in America remind me of a Chris Rock skit about Robitussin...
Because everyone is too quick to grab the cough syrup. Don't you ALL know that it only masks the symptoms! It does nothing for the real problem.
The ANALOGY is because everyone is focused on SOPA and ACTA and such... These Policies are a product of POLICY LAUNDERING (see Wikipedia: ) America can keep Scoffing @ the Coughs but the real virus is how the minds with money make these plans behind our backs and spring them into action before anyone or more importantly; the multitudes, say NO!
Watch this video if you appreciate Liberty: Say NO to ACTA
BUT WORSE than all that I've said thus far is NOTHING compared to the NDAA.
Cop pulls you over and you HAVE the RIGHT to question it.
Go to Jail, and you HAVE the RIGHT to know why and the RIGHT to DEFEND your Case.
With the NDAA, There is NO DEFINITION to a Belligerent.
So if YOU are labeled a Belligerent, you DO NOT HAVE the RIGHT to ANYTHING but remain imprisoned INDEFINITELY or @ their discretion. (See here: BREAKING! NDAA - Rhode Island Rebelling? More States to follow? New American Revolution? (Mirror) )
Mr. Obama, would you please lower your nose when you speak to the American People?

And, don't let the door hit you....
May God bless and keep Obama..............far away from US!!!!! Oh, and y wouldn't we want the door not to hit him...........
+Nikki Horne Where would that be? Hawaii (Asia)? New Zealand? Somewhere else? Maybe he can be perfectly clear on this. <G>
Dear mr. president,
Why do you send droids and killer elite squads to murder people just because some intelligence agency called them terrorists? Don't you think that the alleged terrorists have the right to defend themselfs about that sort of allegation? And what about Guantanamo Bay? The first thing you ordered to shut down was Guantanamo bay. It didn't happen and it wont. Since when did you come to the belief:" Rule Of Intelligence over Rule of Law"?
+Mustafa Buzgulu because they are terrorists and killers. And under the rules of war you don't get police officers to arrest you and a public forum to espouse your idiotic belief systems.
+G. Michael Williams how do you know that they are killers and terrorist? Maybe they are maybe they don't. I don't and can't know just like you. Intelligence agencies can not be trusted the way we trust legal institutions. It was the intelligence agencies that said that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. You have absolutely no idea of my belief system so don't bring that up.
+Mustafa Buzgulu You ran across the wrong person for the Saddam comparison. I saw the raw video. I saw the trucks leaving the back of a facility while the UN Inspectors were coming in the front door. For someone that had nothing to hide, he busted his ass to look like it. Given the decades of using Biological and Chemical weapons against Iran and the Kurds...You really, think their were none.

Your comparison is more reminiscent of crying crocodile tears because the bank robber got shot and killed while holding a gun prop and threatening to kill people with a history of shooting people.
Will he actually answer the top voted questions? Or will this be like that youtube thing where he ignored the top five voted submissions because he didn't want to talk about real issues like drugs, corruption and abuse of military power?
+mark mathis iv they'll pick the questions they wish to answer and just say it's from G+ +Jonathan Walther Why? Free campaigning filtered through staffers in his name? If the President is actually running his account he needs to not run for a 2nd term. The office is far too busy, to spend time on social media. The job runs the man. That is why every president ages so much while in office.
+G. Michael Williams you believe that Saddam has w.m.d. Because you saw the raw video. Right. Besides, biological and chemical weapons that Saddam used are not weapons of mass destruction. Weapons of mass destruction are nuclear weapons.
Second,Your own comparison is false. The alleged terrorists killed by uncharted fighter jets that I am talking about were not 'caught in the act' as your comparison suggests. They were killed while they were home, mostly with other people and sometimes with there families. Anyway I am not going to discuss this here so I'm out of our short discourse. Have a nice day.
+G. Michael Williams you're the retard since you can't read properly. A disgrace since you're an American and I'm not. I've never even been in an English speaking country in my life.
In every post you've put things in that I've never said and/or you've twisted my words. Dumb troll
TROLLS . Hired people as agents to incite hatred through race , religion , etc . The purpose is to target the intelligent discussion and deter other minds from taking Truth away from the read.
One of the two arguing would have to be a troll IMO. Watch these and Judge for yourself: [ Confirmed Government employing Internet Trolls Shills and Agents for Facebook and YouTube ][ TROLLS ! Government disinfo! Cointelpro ][ Government Spies & Internet Trolls: What you should KNOW! ]
By the way.. look at the wikipedia link and videos i posted in the previous posts. Valuable information from sources that are threatened by SOPA and ACTA. Then think about why they want to filter the internet with SOPA and ACTA. And me personally am concerned for my well being saying what I have and the placement of NDAA. I really hope they don't say I'm belligerent.
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