#MyToughestShot: +Alex Lapidus races against time to capture this long exposure of the Milky Way
Songs of Distant Shores

I wish I could tease you with the story before showing you the photo, but G+ doesn't work that way :-).  This is a single exposure, taken last night (with just a quick hotel room edit, but that's all I usually do anyway).  +Linda Villers and I had quite an adventure!

A few weeks ago I saw a beautiful photo from +Adam Woodworth (at https://plus.google.com/+AdamWoodworth/posts/4Lexv5RzJ2t ) of the Milky Way over the Hopewell Rocks, and I thought, hey, we're headed that direction!  On the rare occasions when I plan to go out and capture something specific, +Darryl Van Gaal and +Sairam Sundaresan have helped arm me with the right tools, so I was able to figure out that the Milky Way would be setting in the South after sunset, and the Moon wouldn't be up.  We had also scouted the Hopewell Rocks park last week during a daytime low tide (see https://plus.google.com/u/0/+AlexLapidus/posts/BUJMjfEihoj for more info on the Rocks and the Bay of Fundy tides).

So we just had to drive a few hours, hike in a mile or so from the road, climb down to the ocean floor in the dark, learn basically from scratch how to get the cameras focused in the dark and lightpaint the rocks (we don't do this kind of thing much).  And, oh yeah, there were the sounds of waves on the shore...

Last week the water was way out, and we never heard any waves.  Last night, it sounded like we were right near the waterline, and we could see the water gleaming a bit, even though we were there at basically the same time relative to the tide tables.  Remember, those rock formations are there because this area is far underwater half the time, and we remembered all too clearly one of the guides last week saying "once the water gets to that point, you have six minutes..."  And there were no guides there (in fact nobody else at all).  So we stayed close to the ladder, and kept a nervous eye on the water, but didn't notice it getting much closer; all I can figure is that maybe it was relatively high for a low tide.  Anyway, no star trails on this night :-).

Sorry about the funky colors.  There were some orange lights in the area coloring especially the trees and clouds; there's the green of the trees and airglow; and we had very blue flashlights that we were trying to light the rocks with.  I may try more editing (or a different version of the image) when I get home.  I see that +Adam Woodworth offers workshops, which I'd better go take if I'm going to do this much :-).

My album from Montreal and Eastern Canada is at https://plus.google.com/photos/+AlexLapidus/albums/6043709562062703185 and I also have a Night Skies album at https://plus.google.com/photos/+AlexLapidus/albums/5991811766995836433 ; prints available at http://www.alexlapidus.com .

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