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Share your stuff from +Google Drive to Google+

In case you missed the announcement yesterday, when you share links from Google Drive, people in your circles will be able to flip through presentations, open PDFs, play videos, and more, right from your Google+ stream.

Check it out in action by clicking the play button below. To read more:
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Please tell me why uploading to Google Drive is so gawd-awful slow compared to Dropbox. I ask because I care :)
Google Drive does seem to take a long time to upload and sync... especially in Android.
I am so addicted to google products. Thanks
Other than sharing a Presentation to G+, how do you make it play (automatically advance) on the Drive app on a tablet.  IE...a presentation to be played at a Trade Show.
+Andrea Honore I think it depends.  My experience is that the performance is an order of magnitude better than and    Try using the Drive app (it creates a folder on your PC or Mac).
no se como hacerlo para sincronizar con mi celular con adroid
when it comes to google and linux support there is a huge portion of talking the talk but not walking the walk...
+Moy D'Alba Good idea. Shouting it will definitely make Google pay attention. They probably have a bot that looks for comments in all caps, and sends them straight to high-level execs, because obviously those are the comments that really matter.
+Todd Martin and everyone else that's said so, how exactly does Drive suck on Mac? I run it on a Mac, and the only problem I have is frequent "Cannot connect" (way more than Dropbox), but that can't be blamed on the platform.
i stopped using it because i cant look through pics without exiting one and clicking on the next one (android) but dropbox lets you. once that's fixed i'll go back to drive
No tienen idea cuantos usuarios (que usamos linux) estamos prefiriendo DropBox por el simple hecho que Google no da un maldito cliente para el desktop. Bad Google #driveforlinux  
For the Windows Client, please add a progress bar (or estimated time when synchronizing new files..., or at least the transfert speed and the number of byte remaining...). For big files, it can display "Synchronizing file 1/1 for so many hours... it's not a problem to wait... but it's not convenient not to know the status of the transfert).
+박장욱 From your Google Drive, find any presentation (PPS, Presentation Google Docs...), and click "Share". In the sharing window, select "Allow to all users that have the link" or "public", then click the Google+ icon and you can share it like this.
Taking GIFs to a whole new level
Google Drive was a big pain for my computers! Its always running in the background with an always online status too! It crashed a few browsers and other programs too! FTP is better,
Let me share files and folders from the program itself and ill use it.
That's a great thing to do in a social network. :)
Great. Now can you please update the horrid Google Drive desktop sync app for Mac (and PC) to fix all the bugs and make it actually work. I've jumped ship back to DropBox...but willing to come back if you make it actually work. 
Its a great app. I'm getting the hang of it. It'll be a great sharing app.
Al Hunt
It's still pretty buggy. You get a lot of syncing errors, and if you disconnect and reconnect (their solution), it makes you delete all the files out of the directory first. A royal pain if you have a few Gigs that it now has to re-copy for no reason.

There's promise, but DropBox is miles ahead at the moment.
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