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Keep up with the Kardashians on Google+. Submit your questions now for Kendall and Kylie Jenner as they chat with +E! Entertainment, +Us Weekly, +Teen Vogue, and +Seventeen over Hangout On Air about the show's upcoming season.
Submit your questions for +Kendall Jenner  and +KYLIEJENNER  about all things season 9 now using #KUWTKHangout! +Us Weekly , +Teen Vogue , and +Seventeen will interview the ladies for the scoop on the new season.   The Hangout is live between 3:15pm ET/12:15pm PT and 3:40pm ET/12:40p PT tomorrow, Wednesday, January 15.
This Hangout On Air is hosted by E! Entertainment. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
#KUWTKHangout with Kendall & Kylie Jenner Wednesday, Jan. 15!
Wed, January 15, 2014, 3:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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How do you deal with the lack of privacy in ur daily life? Being a teen is hard enough w/o the pap's hounding ur evry move? Your pictures in the mag were beautiful! Keep ur head up and screw the haters! 
F*ck that!
Seriously?  No thanks.  I've always felt G+ is a place for people who make productive contributions to society gather.
How are those idiots still interesting to anyone?
I don't often rage quit and have never set an ultimatum before.  But if +Google+ ever posts anything Kardashian related again, I will un-circle them so fast the relationship between time and space will be forever warped.  I will delete any relationship I have with Google.  I'll trade the N7 in for a Microsoft RT tablet.  I'll replace my N4 with an iPhone running Symbian.  I will use Bing for search...

What's next, Honey Boo Boo?  We're here to get away from that brain rotting garbage.
better see a horror movie,thought i don't like
Question for them: Why do you people think you are at all relevant?
This nonsense belongs on Fakebook, not here...
No one cares.
+Simon Woodcock  Can't agree more. This is why I use G+, to stay away from idiocy.

Google, you should know this. People that use Google+ are intellectuals. 


As the Internet might say "Ain't nobody got time for dat."
oh god, I thought google plus was a good place to be
This is almost as bad as being invited to a hangout with B. Spears .... 
You couldn't get anyone else? Like, anyone?
+Sean Kelley I would have totally watched if it was Spongebob and Patrick. Seriously.

Would have been more insightful too.
Thanks, Google. You just brought us a bit closer to the Apocalypse. 
STOP making this kind of people famous, please!
+Juan Castro yes. Since they've definitely EARNED the respect right? This is seriously sad though .. I agree with +Josiah Singh

"I thought we had something."
I couldn't have said it better myself. 
Would click a "HELL NO!" button it there were one.
What's that smell?
Eew someone tell the Kardashians/Jenner family to close their legs and mouths. 
we are bored of america shit. it been supossed to be an international account not usa propaganda
How in the hell did this get past my bullshit filter?
Are you kidding me, i came to google+ to get away from facebook shit like this. Send them back to facebook, all their super intellectual followers are there.
Was kinda hoping this might be a Kardashian-free zone. Oh well.
WTF!? Can't we escape from these nobodies even on Google+? 
They should rename that show "What a waste of space"  take that as a no !!
Did I watch? Hell No! Please Google, why give these people ANY attention?
Wy google? dont bring this crap here pleace no no no and noooooooooooooo
Not gonna lie tho
All these comments make me laugh xD
+Google+ I'd rather be changing a light bulb or fixing a toilet at a stranger's house. Nothing against the Kardashians, but a lot of us go to G+ to connect with real people. Not get spoon fed by one way influencers that probably won't interact with anyone.

#-1 #minusone  
I would rather squish my testicles in a vice until they explode than watch/read/care about what those no talent asshats do.
People talk crap about this family yet their reality show is most heavily watched. People hate what they can't become. I never at all viewed the show nor care about what else they do in the headlines with all that wealth. But yet here i am because Google decided to push this garbage to my notification. 
Just, Why do you feel the need to show yourselves?
If I never see a Kardashian again, that would be fine with me.  Seriously, who gives a fuck about these people? 
Please. Put another picture of these worthless excuses for humans in my stream again and see what happens, G+. #worthless  
I just threw-up in my mouth a little.
They look like Michael and LaToya Jackson
S Shum
Do you girls want to start your own reality TV show if so what would you call it?

Can you please check out my Youtube channel and leave a comment,perhaps subscribe!

I wish both of you the best and the rest of your hard working family the same!#KUWTK
would not care if I heard the Kardashian last name ever again. Jenner is cool!
How about they head back to FB and stay there?
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