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Gmail Adds New Photo Integrations With Google+
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Today, +Gmail is adding thumbnails of photos and videos shared in recent Google+ posts in the people widget, while also making it easier to share inline images in email. Just hover your mouse over the image in your email and you will see an option to share it on Google+.
New photo integrations for Gmail and Google+

Gmail and Google+ are both great places to share images and videos with your friends, and we're always looking for ways to make this easier. We’ve been showing recent Google+ posts in the people widget for some time, and a few weeks ago we added the ability for you to share YouTube videos from your email to your Google+ stream.

Today, we're expanding recent Google+ posts in the people widget to include thumbnails of the photos and videos shared in the post. We’re also making it easier to share inline images in emails -- just hover your mouse over the image in your email and you will see an option to share it on Google+. We're still rolling out the update, so if you don't see it yet, sit tight.

Let us know in the comments what you think of this #googleplusupdate.
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+Google+ will we be able to view posts we' +1'd in Google+ one day?
+Google+ You know, I was play youtube video, and before it's finished, I double click on a picture in g+, then the video restart automatically. For me, better lets the video pause for that time until I close that picture. Thanks.
cool,but I can't use youtube...
+andrew cool by definition it takes more than one man to constitute an "exodus" ... just sayin'
But I want to share YouTube on Google+ automatically when I press like or dislike button or comment on clip not only share when I press +1 button.
Because I think +1 button it for only important video for me.
Google plus tarda demasiado mucho en cargar y nunca me funciona TOD bien al 100%, creo que es debido a eso que no tiene mucha popularidad todavia u.u
dreaming of: comments on comments, labels on posts and sortable by labels, slider appreciation bars
andrew cool go somwhere on apple sites and writ there , no dubt you are apple boy , nobody blackmail u to be on G+ :@
Works great for me! Thanks Google!
I like the way the Google services are connected. This topic could be even better if I could choose my +Google+ photos as an image source when I write a new e-mail in Gmail.
I love the way Google is trying to simplify the use of all Google Products. How they interact is awesome. Keep doing a good job
nice update +Google+ .

But I really would like to have the ability to view the posts fully in +Gmail itself. Now I have to go to a separate g+ page to view the post, see image, play video and comment on it.

I want all this within gmail itself. g+ should also optimise for speed. If we load everything as gmail loads, g+ will get tons of activity. I'm forwarding g+posts to many people and people just dont do the second click and go to another page which loads separately.

I feel this is very crucial for getting more activity of g+. :)
I liked Google+ photo integration until the latest update. I can't tag photos in the "From My Phone" album. If I move to a different album I then can tag myself in my photos. Also I cannot move a photo from one album to another. Not intuitive and frustrating.
I need a button to SHARE some posts with 'extended circles' OF ONLY SELECTED CIRCLES , can you please make this choice for us so we can create it in 'setting' or etc., please?!
G+ needs good mobile apps... The one for iOS has very limited features... no support for pages...
+Google+ Why is it when I'm using my iphone, and someone adds me to their circle, and add them back, I can not get that screen off unless I Turn my phone completely off? Assistance Please?? :)
Where are the WRITE APIs coming out for Google+? I think we've been waiting long enough now...
I hate this, this has got to be the worst layout to look at. There is so much blank white space in the center with so much crap on the sides. Blah :-(
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