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Just a friendly reminder!
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Unfortunately I will be working its a shame
+Google+, can you do some magic, so the time can be converted to the end-user's local time? Thats the reason i cant catch up any hangouts! :(
Dear All,
 Gooding and Good morning to all. Have a good Sunday to all , good week ahead and advance Happy Pongal in south , Happy Makar sankranthu at North India. Have a great time with near and dear one’s  , So what else the new ? LOL and rgds to all my friends once again . rgds
That's right +Paschalis Mpeis. A few months ago (at least in my case), the time would be converted to my local time and shown. But that feature happened to disappear after Google+ Communities were introduced.
deixaríamos de nos magoar e de magoar o próximo se o víssemos como a nos mesmos,como alguém que sente medo, dor,raiva, insegurança alguém que quer ser amado,que se apaixona, que quer ser  respeitado, ,querido. e apesar de ser tão igual a nos é tão diferente,porque não esta na mesma sintonia não recebeu a mesma educação, não teve a mesma vivencia,seu modo de sentir as mesmas coisas que nos é diferente,talvez sua cor de pele seja diferente talvez por ignorância falta de oportunidade.falta de orientação par essa mais desigual a nos mas se olharmos como se fosse nos naquela citação . 
Vous pensez que les autres Pays en Afrique n'utilise pas internet ou quoi ??
James Cameron doesn't do what James Cameron does for James Cameron. James Cameron does what James Cameron does b/c he is James Cameron.
Somebody please tell me how to join these hangouts? where can I find the option on G+ to reach these public hangouts?
explorers from all seven continents? Join +National Geographic for a global
Hangout on Air this Sunday, January 13, at 1 p.m. ET (6 p.m. UTC).
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every year for the rest of my life i am traveling to a new country that interests me.

OH and the united states is never going to be on that list.
edit note: your nation scares me....
+Maya Woods-Arthur woods ya agreed , with pyramids all over hte globe ill bet i could keep busy like forever....and with todays tech you can make a mini tv show of it LOL
chronoss chiron: the us is one of the most uninterseting countries ever
HolA como esta feliz dia tengan todos y Ust tambien.
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