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Starting today, we’re offering all Google+ pages access to Insights reports. Insights provides key info that helps you tailor and optimize your Google+ content. Read on below to learn more about what information you'll learn about your Google+ page.
Introducing Insights for Google+ pages

To date, millions of brands and organizations have created Google+ pages to interact with their audience on Google. We’ve seen President Obama and +The White House, for example, take a virtual road trip across the country, answering questions from everyday Americans ( Manchester United recently gave fans front row seats to the +Manchester United  v. +Liverpool FC  match via Hangout (, and +Converse  showcased the results of its #ChuckHack design hackathon in their Google+ Community (

Many of you have asked for more data about how your social content is performing and who your audience is on Google+. So starting today, we’re offering all Google+ pages access to Insights reports. Insights provides key info that helps you tailor and optimize your Google+ content, including:

- Visibility: All time total, photo, and post views, and how page impressions have trended over time. 
- Engagement: Which types of posts are getting the highest level of engagement on Google+. 
- Audience: Get an overview of your follower demographics. 

To see a full list of available metrics, download our guide: or please visit You can check out Insights by visiting your page's dashboard on desktop, and via the Google My Business Android app ( The iOS app will be available in the App Store soon.  

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Nice work! Okay so where is the Google Plus pages app? +Google+ I'm assuming it's coming soon and you don't just intend to rip all the sharing functionality for page managers out of the mobile app and leave it that way. 
It seems nice but it is only available to Google+ pages. On one side, it’s logic, profiles are often simple people who shares with their friends. But if you consider profiles like François Hollande who’s a French politician as can be Obama, he needs the same Insights tools. Something must be done.
It sure doesn't look like Google is killing Google+ as was recently reported. 
Nice update +Google+!

If you need some tips about which stats are interesting for the brand pages: we have 3 years (-1 month) of experience about Google+ statistics ;)
Hello I think it was a good update but I agree with lunix watt I'm not a political figure but I do have a business it's a small business and I advertise on google+ all the time but don't have a google+ page? But I hope & wish all goes well ,for all those who are able to get the update and the best of all that it's offering!!!!
Works great with Google Analytics! Google My Business is really a helpful tool for businesses!
Would love to see this available for regular profiles too!

Now finish judging the Scavenger Hunt already
 but i cant find it
Great, now I can see with great detail how little reach my G+ profile has
so is this just available for all users, or those who manage business pages? 
ooh,fantastic (DI BADMAN DJ FROM KENYA )
Kek grafik jantung
Big thanks for this share
I had sent a message to google about this! I am sure this didn't come because my message, but still glad they have done it. Insights is probably the most useful "element" of any social media!
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