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Happy Birthday Google+ Pages!

Google+ Pages is celebrating its first birthday today! Help them celebrate by sharing your favorite pages with your circles.
Happy first birthday, Google+ Pages!
A year ago we introduced Google+ Pages, and in twelve short months we've seen millions of businesses and brands join the Google+ community. Today everyone from auto enthusiasts to sports fans to fashionistas can connect with the car maker or football team or designer they absolutely love, and brands are fostering these relationships in increasingly creative ways. Here's just a few of our favorite examples:

One of the first places we saw people connect with the brands they love was in the world of automotives. 

Two days after Google+ pages became available last year, +Fiat debuted the new Panda model to fans over a Hangout. Viewers took part in a live walkthrough from the unique perspective of the lead designer behind it, right from his tablet (  This weekend, +Coca-Cola hosted a Hangout for NASCAR fans with drivers in the Coca-Cola Racing Family (  

Soccer Football lovers have a worldwide reputation for being a passionate community. This became evident as football fans and sponsors arrived on Google+ this year, particularly during Euro 2012. One notable example was historical Italian sports publication +La Gazzetta dello Sport, who gained 40,000 new  followers after hosting a series of Hangouts around the championship (  Learn more about the football community on Google+ (

And most recently, this autumn, we also saw luxury brands and media partners bring the once-exclusive experience of Fashion Week live to fashion enthusiasts on Google+. One of the season’s most notable examples was Diane von Furstenberg’s show, which was captured through Google’s +Project Glass and then instantly uploaded onto +DVF ( 

These examples capture just a snapshot of how businesses are engaging creatively with their audiences on Google. If you’re interested in viewing more, check out the newly revamped Google+ for business site at  We’d also love to hear from you - what are some of your favorite examples of businesses using Google+ this past year? Let us know below.
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I use it for my business. So clean and professional. Keep it up +Google+ 
happy birthday google pages one today not long untill ur old lol    B)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I was so excited to first see Google+ :)))
Would have been nice to release vanity url's for Pages to celebrate, rather than the eletists system currently in place 
Happy birthday. But must be translate option have there on mobile +Google+ 
Year and today is my "we hate apple" page born :) 
Like it if you think that apple is bad, and google is cool! <3
Happy birthday !! Os meus parabéns ;s @google pages 
Happy Birthday Google+ ! Ich nutze es für mein Geschäft und schätze es sehr. Danke!
+Google+ Happy birthday, now let's talk about Google+ for developers. When is it coming? All I need is some kind of code styling, that is all.
+Mohamed Amine Radjradj Absolutlly agree your opinion! All the goodies with the mobile app and the network is keep updating. Can`t wait for new features. Happy Bday again Google + . Keep rockin` :)
Happy birthday!
even though the uk time is nearly over
happy brithday and making a good google page
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