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Hangout App: Hangout Lower Third

Have you ever wanted to be a newscaster on TV? Or maybe there are just times when you're in a Hangout with new or old friends and you want to share a fun message about yourself along with your name? With +Moritz Tolxdorff's Hangout Lower Third App you can now make your newsie dreams come true. You can get this Hangout App from the Apps section once you've started a Hangout. Visit the +Hangout Lower Third page for more details and for app support.

Now all you have to do is grab yourself some good lighting, a decent camera, and you're all set for engaging with your friends, fans, or audience. 

Find more great content about and for developers at +Google+ Developers.

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It's great, but I tested it and it's flipped back, so all the words are in reverse!
Google+ at its optimal best.....i wish more people can hop off "FB" and switch to more powerful, useful, and knowledgeable Social network like this. Well not everyone, we still need idiots to entertain us. 
It's only reversed for you +Zachary Desai +Nazim Ali... it's so you feel more natural fixing your hair and seeing yourself in motion in the filmstrip. All other see it correctly.

Terrific extension... would have saved me a few dollars in standalone software :).
Ohh ok, thanks guys...I didn't know that :-)
Sean S
+Zachary Desai , +Nazim Ali ,
It will appear reversed to you but it will appear correctly to the people seeing you.  The issue is with the hangouts itself, not the app.  I've used a third party software to overlay text on the screen and it is reverse too.
Why, yes, I've always wanted to be a newscaster on TV! More than being able to properly format my comments with block quotes, per-character styles, graphics as replies, strings of dashes or underscores, or embedded links!

Bleh desu.
+Mike DeSimone Lower Thirds is a feature over which +Moritz Tolxdorff has some control, and so he's provided a tool to accomplish that. The rest of that stuff is certainly desired, but is up to +Google+ to provide.

Hope you enjoy his project.
Nothing against +Moritz Tolxdorff, sorry if it seemed otherwise. It's just this post is not from him but from +Google+. Also, I'm not privy to Google's developer allocations.
Oh, add "Google Translate button for comments" to my list.
I've commented before that having formatting options akin to what is provided in Blogger would "seal the deal" for +Google+ as a platform of choice for many people, +Mike DeSimone.
Sheesh. I need to get out of television broadcasting. Everything that costs me thousands and thousands of dollars can now be done for FREE on G+. 
Hmmm...  If my lower third was hanging out I'm pretty sure I'd go to jail...
Newscasters - a form of life best suited for a Saturnine moon.
Doesn't seem to work on Chrome OS (CR-48), asks to upgrade to a newer version of the google talk plugin but it's an exe
Hey guys, is this available on Google+ mobile apps (specifically Nexus S with ICS)?
damn..mines facing the wrong way round
I am using it, and its really nice :)
+Hangout Lower Third : I'm guessing that mirror image thing is gonna get annoying pretty quickly! +Mohammed H It's designed that way; all of your friends will see it correctly.
Adam T
Oh, that's cool.
nice.. though not as nice as a coffee shop :)
I am not familiar with hangouts, so this may be a dumb question.
is the content created with this app stored anywhere, and could it be pushed to Youtube? This might be great for creating tutorials if those capabilities exist.
Does this work for mobile hangouts too, or just desktop?
FINALLY!!!!!!!!! I refused to use the webmax crap!!
It is a lot more difficult than you would think, did a stint with a linguistics Specialist, too many ways to offend with just a simple word. In an International Setting, even a speech impediment can cause much controversy....
kita perlu hidup berlandas kn syariat
this is awesome app for us 
This is interesting. +google should advertise this feature
Cu Lu
cant down load the app " hang out lower third "on me samsung galaxy s2 ???
Cu Lu
is that not a mobile version ?? it has to be on desk top ??
I dont trust people that are named Moritz> And that photo...well i wouldnt buy a used car from him.
how to send attachment at chatbox using firefox 12 ?
So what's with Google not supporting their own operating system?

Awesome, google is so full of creative individuals..
This is a great addition to make everything just more professional and give us all more cool tools to use to get seen in a professional way...
I hate the fact that u have to scroll all the way down to leave a comment or is that only with some profiles
Because I didnt have to do it here but with another profile I did also I'm using my phone
I discussed this post with 2 people in a hangout.
I bet we will be seeing this a lot on TWiT, Major Nelson, and other online shows. 
+Google+  你们应该把google翻译移植到google视频群聊里,这样我们输入各自的本国语言到其他人那就能变成他们的语言,这样大家才能更好的交流撒
+Google+ I'm from Perú and I can't use hangouts on air because when i try to verify my account by sms, i don't receive any code.
+Google+ Hey folks? Any idea why there are no (more) thumbnails in my picture galleries? There were at one time... but no more for some reason. Can't get much traffic to 'em that way I don't think :(
Google+ is SUPER COOL!
ماشاء خدمة جميلة جداً وتدل على العلم الذي وصلا اليه الانسان 
هذا من فضلي ربي
This was very helpful on our Knit Night Hangouts to know who everyone was that was using it.  We weren't able to use it on our business page, though, only our personal pages.  Overall, loved it!
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