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Master the New Google+ and Learn More

With today's updates, we wanted to make Google+ even more intuitive, enhance content discoverability, and create an even richer visual experience. To help you and your friends learn more about Google+, we have a number of videos, using the new design, to show you how you can set up your profile, create circles, and start sharing.

Visit to get started.
Your profile is where your friends find you. Add a profile picture, share a few details about yourself, and pick a cover photo that tells the world what you're interested in. Learn more. Circles m...
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Where did the Photos From Circles option go?
I have to say I've been kept on the site longer with it today, bravo!
Wonderful job ! I love the new design. Very good update
I like but a lot of empty white space on my screen.
I love everything except the blank space and having black bars around portrait images.
It's nice. There are problems, but overall the experience is good.

Please please fix it so that we can pin a particular circle or saved search to the ribbon though :)
it reminds me of Ubuntu.... and it Doesn't remind me of Facebook
Nice, but the calendar still looks like arse, LOL.

No, seriously, this was most likely a long and difficult road to the new G+. Well done.
agreed, please say something about the abundant unused white spaced.
I really like the new design. It's crisp and clean.
Just when Most people were giving tutorials we are all now at the beginning again!
They assume 1280x1024 resolution max with a 602px stream. I'm running 1920x1080, so 2/3 of my screen is dead space or things I don't use. If they would let me turn off those panels and expand my stream to fill that void I'd be happy.
The new design itself looks nice, I like it, but something should be done about the wasted space on the right. I like the direction, it just needs a little fine tuning.
What is with the huge blank space to the right while the stream is so skinny? Can I expand the stream out?
Nice redesign overall. The stream feels a little cramped and narrow though, and so much whitespace on the right.
Switching between saved searches has become horror! Naming and sorting saved searches are still not possible. -1
I agree with it - there`s too much free space, especially in right side. But in general - great job. :)
Please make width of the stream variable, depending on resolution of display. There is too many whitespace on the right...
WHEN will you get less facebooky and drop that crapy "options dropdown menu" at each post? IT SUCKS! I want a clean stream and i want to IGNORE every posting ive read. So this Workflow is anoying like hell!
They could do a twitter type thing so when i hover over someone's name instead of their info popping up where it does now it can come up in the blank space on the right. If that makes sense!
Looks silly on my 1900+px monitor... and some parts are too cluttered now. Apart from that, awesome!
I'm all for forward movement and change, but I'm not sure all of these changes were great for the same roll-out. We people are deathly afraid of change, but can handle it better when it's done bit by bit.
I too love the new update but with the same exception as many have mentioned, too much empty space on the right.
I overall love it, but I have a widescreen monitor and the white space between the stream and the hangout bar is about half of my monitor.
Why doesn't the top bar stick in place anymore? When I scroll down it leaves and I have to scroll all the way back up again...
Omg what u guys did!?!?!?!? For Pete's sake the stream display is waaay to small, is there a way to group the chat below/above the trending,know,might like panel?
Would be nicer if it too up all the space, and maybe increase the font size a little
+Sushubh Mittal Dam right, overall it's quite nice but the left alignment is bad idea. I'm using a big screen and getting neck ache!
I never required a how-to for the old interface so if this one is more intuitive I don't think it should need one either. So far I have to agree will all the other comments, especially whitespace usage that have made this update G- for me :-(
Dodo C
designer's revenge, I guess you should spend more on your designers.
It's been alluded to that the extra white space is being allocated for some other feature that will be added at a later date. No clue what it will be however.
I feel like all of these different services talking about the same story of Google+ should be reshared. I like Google, and follow them in my circles...yet now each Google service has reported that there is a new Google+, the story has been repeated over and over. Group similar posts under the same title, so it doesn't look like something new has been posted.
Excuse me...this is a joke, isn't it? It's (sorry) ugly as fuck. Before, we had a clean, straight design (compared to facebook), which I totally loved. Now we have an overblown, uselessly colored and framed something without any design or a clear line. It's just stuffed with...things:
I'm with the others please do something with the white space in the middle. Give me a second column for the stream or even a theme. Just let me get rid of the dead space.
this redesign is really terrible. Lots of dead white space and even these comments seem awkward. Did they even do a/b or user testing outside of Google on this?
Wow, you weren't exactly going for a gradual change were you +Google+? It's a good thing I like a bit of chaos in my life.
I love the new design but I have two suggestions. Gray on gray text in the comments is not easy to read. For the people complaining about the wasted white space on the right hand side, consider making it a collapsible pane like the navigation pane in Reader.
+matt albert I agree with the "too much white space", but other than that it seems pretty cool. (Literally just got it a few seconds ago though, so I can't say too much about it.)
Tom B
Please let me resize the stream width ... everything else is awesome.
Please remove Trending and You May Know. They take away horizontal real estate that I would prefer be devoted to the real time stream.
Use Ctrl-Num+ against dead white space ;-) — But you are right, i have dead white space as well.
Basicly, I like this change. It's faster and conciser. But why there is a huge blank on the right side? The only use I find is make my room brighter at night
i prefer white space than FB adspace!
Ditch the recommendation column and merge it with the chat column. That leaves a lot more room for the actual content. On a wide screen almost half the screen is wasted.
How to hide the chat without resize my browser window? it uses a LOT of space :(
maybe google has something for us on that space! hope its not ADS!
Have to agree with +Gabriel Garcia that the gray-on-gray is rough on the eyes.

Also find myself wondering if I'll get a stiff neck always looking at the stream on the far left, where all the "action is?"

Seems like a "strange?" use of space with all of the less important information occupying almost the entire right side?

Going to give it a chance, but it does seem counter-intuitive.
OMG! the design is extraordinary! I LOVE it! well-done! I like the balance between the negative and positive space in the page. It's just perfect, pretty and cool!
Yea, I love it, but the white space on the right on big screen looks really dumb. please fix that.
Looks cool at first sight. Second looks: think the white space is used for the chats?
Still missing notifications when a new mail arrives as it is vice versa in my mail inbox.
But now I have to look around and find out what's new :)

When opening the notification window - the wide space is hidden exactly. But I think, that +Google+ will have something else in mind.
I like it a lot, but has the youtube pop-up tab been removed? That was one my most used features on the service. Anyone here know how to find it or will I have to use youtube outside of Google+ now?
Profiles now look absolutely catastrophic. The rest looks more cluttered and complicated to provide the same functions as before. Even more Facebook like than before.
Looks worse on pages as there is no chat box there. The rest seems ok. And it works on +Opera
I think it's not very useful that you write what you don't like here. Do it under the settings icon and then feedback.
Yeah, I'm guessing the extra space on the right is not a problem but is going to be reserved for something else. At least I hope so.
Middle of page is for small bred it place for screen :P
For fuck's sake, do you realize what you have done?! Google+ was so awesome because of its simplicity and clean interface. It is so damn bad looking now, that it makes sick! I was one of the biggest lovers of Google+ because of its minimalism and perfectly done look. Now it's similiar to Facebook, which means shitty. And where has my favourite feature - highliting unread posts on the wall - gone? You made me so disappointed today. Sorry for my bad language, I don't usually use it, but I just had to when I saw this. :(
i like the Design but to mutch white places on whitescreen. The Buttons are to big.
Facebook cover = Google Plus cover photo :)

Google copied from facebook at this time. But the profile design is so ugly !!
Le mieux est l'ennemi du bien...
The best is the enemy of good!
I don't like this new layout! especially everything pushed to the left side of the screen - my eyes are already hurt! REALLY HURT! I haven't check out yet the rest of changes but so far - I want the old layout back! definitely!!
Too much space on the right, move the trending crap to the Explore section and widen the feed.
Messy lines!
Unconventional (and thus non-intuitive) layout!
Unnecessary boxes!
Fixed pixel widths!
More tracts of empty space than the Sahara Desert!

The new interface is cluttered and removing features (completely) is regressive. Plus why is everything on the left?!
I see people bitching both about the "too much white space" issue and "it's too crowded and dense." I can only assume it is now perfect.
come on!!!!! what the hell did you do??if we wanted facebook, we would have join facebook!!!! please fix this crap! don't forget that simplicity is always beauti.!
Yuck. Must we look more and more like Facebook? I liked the cleaner design, with more room for information. Now there's all this extra stuff on the sides, which I don't need taking up space that was used for posts and their info. I don't care to have a cover photo, and if I wanted to see personal info on people's pages, I could go to the "about" tab. It just seems like there's a lot more wasted space, clutter in the used space, and it's just uglier.

I do like the bar on the left, and being able to customise the order of buttons, but don't know why it needs to be so wide, and the suggestions for people I know really shouldn't be 2/3 + of the width of the stream announcements. Information should be the centerpiece. I'd also like an option to turn the trending items off.
move it or bred middle page, so is use full middle screen.
Everything is broke :O
* I cant see comments
* I have empty posts in my timeline
* Lines in posts are longer than the frame
* everything looks ugly
sympa comme design; je le trouve plus épuré et plus sobre.
Way too much wasted space. I have a 28'' monitor, 1920 x 1200 display. 50% of my screen is white, with everything crammed on the left. I like the chat on the right, I like the new navigation on the left, center the content though, and make it as big as our displays allow.
Only one third of the screen is used to display the real content on my laptop. And it is one fifth or even less on my 24 in desktop screen. GREAT JOB!!
If you are over 40 you will start to use “minimum font size 16px” and "120% zoom" anyway. Which reminds me Ctrl-Num- Ctrl-Num- (zoom 100%) Oh-my-goodess — that is ugly — Ctrl-Num+ Ctrl-Num+ (zoom 120%)
I loved the previous design. I like the toolbar on the left side of the screen but otherwise this is not an improvement. I don't really like my profile info displaying under my profile picture. I wish I could control this. Also, I should be able to set a location as the place I currently live
i'm sure that google will fix this, they may add the comments of a post in that white space
really like it, even on wide screen, I find it more clear
Wasted space was a huge issue before but now that the main content is all left justified makes the wasted space look that much worse. This is especially apparent for those of us with widescreen monitors. Just a third of the page used to display the main content is not good design.
Screw this, I'll use the mobile app from now on.
I hate the new design, the old one was way better
Some people will always like the old thing better.... always
So, I can only get my first two circle on this top bar? With the rest of the space wasted? What if I want three circles up there?
I will say, in G+'s defense, the amount of whitespace is almost the exact same as facebook, it's just in one place (between content/chat) instead of two (half left of content, half between content/chat)
the space is not wasted since everything is on the left side. you CAN resize your window and have something else on the right side, right?
chat adapts to your screen size/window size and this all makes the new design awesome. you just need to get used to not looking around the screen as everything is right there (on the left) in front of you.
Sean S
I usually like change when others hates it. I don't like this change at all.
I love new UI. Please do something about all the whitespace!
Make the black bar configurable too so I can foreground the Google services that I use the most!
what a total waste of space......
waste of space I agree
+Alexander Williams You're completely wrong. There's a huge white space, and then everything is crowded into the rest. Having both opinions shown, if anything, is indicitive of the fact there is definitely poor organisation.
I <3 the new Google+....only downside is you can't write on peoples walls (Facebook lingo)
Does anyone know if it's possible to switch back until they fix this issues? This is totally unusable. I never disliked a google update before, so I've never wanted to switch back.....
If you were trying to make it look like the worst of Twitter and Facebook with extra whitespace, you succeeded! While I do like the option of having the cover photo or multiple photos (one of the few things I like at Facebook), it would be more useful if the cover could be taller. 180 pixels does not allow for much to be shown. Especially, when it has to be 940 wide.
+Manjot Singh Bassi You dont actually write on a wall. If you want to say something to someone, simply type "@" or "+" and then their name and only they can see it. Hope this helps.
I discussed this post with 3 people in a hangout.
Why not fill up some of that white space with our upcoming #GoogleCalendar events?
It's a good change, for the most part. The stream is easier to follow, user text is well separated from shared links, and comments look solidly attacked to their respective entries. I also like how the buttons, +1's and shares are all handled.

But there are issues. Font size is still too small (options for this would be excellent). The stream and its sidebar should be center aligned. It feels way to cramped over on the left, and everybody seems unhappy with the whitespace to the right.
Mike W
Google+ already had too much wasted space on the y'all have increased that. Total fail Google.
2560 x 1440, looks awful, put the thing back in the middle where it belongs
I still cant believe you haven't implemented a way of planning/organizing events on Google plus. Until you add that feature this site has little use to me.
Thanks for giving it a try, Google. I think the new layout would work, but you HAVE GOT TO FILL THIS GAPING BLANK SPACE ------>
It looks like terrible modern art, not a friendly social tool.
Now it's looks better now,easy to handle, more comfortable.... but lots of empty space remain in right hand (Chat window )side.
People are so afraid of change.
Why have a static grey navbar with huge buttons for home/profile/hangouts etc. when we had 4 discreet little icons at the top which did the job perfectly before? Why only have access to 2 streams across the top when we had the entire list down the left before?
I miss the eslogan under the profile name...
Real-life sharing, rethought for the web
Ugh, I don't get it. I love icon nav bar on the left but the problem with google + has always been I can only read 1-2 comments with 1-2 replies on the screen at once. Google + needs to expand the comment area. Too much space is taken up by other things I don't pay attention to!
Oh by the way, I'd have a question to the people with big screens. I get it that the white space is killing you, but wasn't it the same with the previous design, just it wasn't all on the right side but both on the left and the right. I mean in theory this should be even better than that with the new "dock" on the left.
No arguing or anything, I really am just interested.

Oh and by the way, did anyone find the YouTube playlist button? I really miss it, I just started to use it and now it's gone.
I don't want to master it, I want to trash it. The new layout is awful. Shrinking down the most important part of G+, the posts area, is not a good idea. Having gray on gray text is not a good idea. Having the posts area left justified is not a good idea. Giving so much space to the 'You may' crap is not a good idea. It was bad enough when you all switched to that stupid giant menu banner thing but that was easier to live with. This new layout is just terrible.
I hate this change at G+.
You just limited space on screen with some stupid icons I do not ever need.
I don't like the new Google+. If there is a button called "Minus 1" I will press it.
Alan W
Why not expand to fill available space. the jammed-over-to-the-left-in-a-tiny-column thing is killing me.
+Google+ is there a way to make the Trending Topics remain static, or "float" on the right side of the stream? Instead of have an empty spot as you scroll down. All in all, Im loving the new layout, and all of the work you guys are putting in.
Holy useless whitespace Googleman!

This is worse than Gmail's "new look" that you keep trying to force me to use. I know some excellent UI designers, PM if you're interested.
Why do I have to put up with Obama on my G+ page as well? HOW do I get rid of this?
This is unusable. Literally unusable. You have light gray text on a light gray background with light gray buttons on top, I can't read the text or see the interface buttons clearly. Scrolling doesn't work right in Safari for Lion. I want to stress this isn't "I don't like the design". I mean you have made a website which physically strains my eyes and breaks my web browser. I'm leaving G+ permanently if I can't turn this off because I literally can't use it in this state.
gonna dig out my 1024x768 screen to see if that makes any sense on it. Chat on the right is nice, not like I ever use it, but it is better than it was. The rest - nice try, try harder next time.
+ Button or other new function icons should be in old style (Blue colored)
looks great!!! But the iOS app for Google+ and Gmail (and every other Google app) really need some attentions. The Google+ app is way weak compared to the FaceBook app.
I like it, but it looks bloody weird on a large resolution. I wish I could get rid of the 'invite friends' and 'trending on Google+' sections. Customisation is king.
It needs a serious work now. Righ white columns is squeezing the real content in the middle.
The ribbon needs rework too. 5 buttons on it will not be enough for everybody.
It got tougher to select the circles you want to see since when you scroll down the page the buttons on the top of the home page disappear.
These are only a few things that need quick fix.
i like it very much. in my opinion it is much better than the old style.
Having the ability to use Greenscreens in hangouts would be awesome!
Also, I feel a bit claustrophobic.
Yes, please make the main content scale, width-wise, with the browser size! Just take one look at a screen of someone with a big screen and you'll know why.
Also: more space for circles. Why just 2 plus More - with all that space there...?
Righto. I should be able to pin more circles at the top with all that space available!
Google+ is now almost unusable on small netbooks. Half of the screen is wasted on (mostly empty) toolbars. The gray letters in comments are very hard to read.
Actually, here's an idea. Is there some way to use the mobile site on a desktop computer? The mobile site (as well as the app) are still readable and usable (for now).
So if you don´t like google accounts but enjoy using google+.. throw in some logic please.
in my opinion is a bad copy of something very bad in itself as the interface of facebook.
blanks, too much importance chat, left alignment is dementia, disappearance of the bar Youtube
I do not understand the imposition of having to adopt this new interface .. so hard to think that some liked the other?
In short too many changes .. Facebook style .. and without a clear direction ....
Even on my 15" display it looks awful and left-oriented. I fear of strabismus
Aside from the apparent dislike of the white space, it seems like the white space was always there except it wasn't noticeable since it was on the left and right of the content being previously center aligned and not left. As some have mentioned, on this and other shared posts, the space may be filled with something yet to be revealed. One thing I appreciate about +Google+ and their team, is that they're open to making changes/enhancements based on feedback. So continue with the all capped "WHITE SPACE!" and rage. We may get an even better layout from it. Google+ is still better than F******k.
the experience on my ICS Android tablet running on the stock ICS and ICS+ browser is terrible! The look on the Google+ app is the same though.
Okay guys, seriously, I do have concerns about the design myself, but are you sure that we should make conclusions after roughly 10 hours of use (at most)? Opinions are alright, but this complaint-wave is maybe a bit of an overreaction yet.
Congratulations Google, you just took the Gawker Media approach to stupid web design. Too much white space, scattered features... the list goes on.
Dammit people, fix it if its broken. Original Google+ was just fine.
I realy like the new design. Much better than the last one. Much better!
Good job!
Layout is OK but I want to see 10 posts per page, not 1 1/2. Much too much scrolling required. Everything needs to be compacted horizontally. Post section should take up the majority of the screen, not only 1/3 of it. I assume there's a bigger plan in mind but, if this is an indication, I'm scared to know that that is. Bottom line = you get what you pay for. :)
Caleb M
1! Seriously why not put everything back in the center of screen so my eyes aren't darting back and forth like a crazy man!
The big white space on the right is there so we can place sticky notes on the screen?

Now the window has more white than Monica Lewinsky skirts
Why the hell these comments no have highlighted font over grey background?
To get the new design, sign out of all Google products. Then wait awhile (maybe 30 min?), and sign back in. It worked for me. Great new design! I'm guessing facebook will launch a new design in the coming few weeks with strong similarities to it.
It's horrible. Everything's a mess. The user content is mostly hidden.
It's not "simpler" or "more beautiful".

I wish I hadn't hit the refresh button :S
How do I center my stream for "normal" viewing?? I can understand a "shift over" if I click on something that requires more space but this looks like bloody HELL. Please get some people with a keen eye for design to review before you launch this stuff.
im not a big fan of this new format. now i cannot even tell who is online or not. :(
I'm diggin' it. The only thing I dislike is the excessive white space on the right when viewing on a widescreen monitor. Just put in some user settings to adjust the width of the stream and it would be perfect.
Very Cool, but I would like an adaptive layout to accommodate for wider windows, just like you did for gmail.
Too much of the vertical space is being wasted. The stream or the content should get the centre stage. At least 35% of width of my home screen is wasted. On the photos page is there really any necessity to display the chat window/column?
AWESOME! The new interface is a #FacebookKiller. Keep it up!
Grey on grey, you call it a richer visual experience, I call it stupid
I'm loving this seamless integration with autoupdate :P
Can you tag people you are with in check ins? Anyone know?
Dan O
Anyone there over age 40? Way too much glaring white space and difficult to read grey type.
More space for content, please. But please, there is a lot of clutter and white-space at the same time. Change the screen elements depending on the view (Home, profile, explore, etc). The chat is really not required on the photos page. Give the photos the centre stage. If possible remove the bottom bar below the photo display to allow for bigger photos.
Dear Google,
You have the best search engine in the word. But that doesn't mean you can do everything that do by others. Let Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and other specific services to do their job and do what you really smart. Most impotently don't fu** anymore services like EtherPad and Picnik.
horrible.. just horrible layout.. what's with the navigation panel and chat panel on both side of the screen?? This eats up 25% of the screen space! This is much worse than those lousy adds that appear on the side of any facebook home page.

Just as I was starting to love Google+, you guys had to kill the beauty.
Dear Google+ manager: Buy your employees a bunch of different screens, starting with 1024x768 (iPad) to a 2560x1600 30" monitor. So that they can test what they program.

BTW: I tried a bit with Stylebot to fix this broken design, but the basic CSS is so horribly broken that it is next to impossible.
From a very good G+ right from the start - to total fail with this.. you killed this service too.. gratz.
Btw, you want to add new features to Google+, then please also add a ''-1'' button ... this will sure help with clearer feedback and help improve your products.
With the change to our posts being more like widgets allow us the ability to monitor maybe different Streams on one page. I have enough white space on my screen I could easily follow 2 maybe even 3 columns worth of Streams. Please add some further ability to customize the layout after this latest change.
Too much space wasted in middle, post r aligned to left, does not look good. But nice ribbon on left. Plz remove white space in middle :(
terrible new update. Way to drive the people who stuck with you away
Opinion on the new G+ design:
Good differentiation between content types in G+ with Clearer categories.
I don't like the design. To much like the 'old web' style with round corners, old icon design ex. & too much areas on the screen.
The stream should us screen real-estate (available space) better & look more like Pintrest.

Nice effort. Good direction in general.
I like the new design, well done google :)
I love it. It looks a lot less like facebook and more professional. Now I won't be embarrassed to have G+ open at work.
Terrible design.
Designers and usability testers must head shut in the heads.
what is this bullshit ? it's like it have been designed for kids.for god sake we are fucking adults
UGLY update! Everything is aligned to the left; big white space on the right. What possible reason would you have for making it more like FB?
Eric B
#googleplusupdate Where is the public stream?
Nice work — but next time don't remove the "switch to a different user" from the login/upgrade screen that has no cancel or other options.

Do you guys test this stuff at all?
I wanna give you guys a +1, but i cant find the button
i dont like the update it takes all the space
Would like to be able to add pics/links into replies like fb.
I do not and will not use chat or hangouts. This space is wasted for me. Please allow this to be collapsible thus centering my stream again.
Nick M
Fix this design. Clarity, ease and cleanliness are your comparative advantages over Facebook. Why am I am cramped over to the left with all this useless white space and chat to the right?
+Pablo Pizarro Right above in the comment box below the actual post.with the count, repost and offering to start a hangout about the post...
I have problems reading tiny, shadow letters of new layout - I wear Goggles...:-))
I cannot play DOA game, you took precious space from the screen... whoever designed this new layout, he is paid too much.
Why all the white space? Why can't the feed be wider to take up some of the wasted space?
You know you could at least let us watch tv or do crossword puzzles on the right side. It looks like Alaska over there.
solution to the big whitespace? just open up another window, any window and put it on top of the big whitespace, you can cover the chat too if you want, then use DESKPIN to always keep it in front.
yup, lots of wasted horizontal space for me too. the posts are very narrow and only use a small portion of my screen.

can there be a way to choose which of my circles show up above the posts...

i do like the g+ menu bar on the side. would like to be able to move the menu buttons so i could show the ones i use the most.
+Laura Barba You can adjust the menu buttons to the left...Just drag them out and the "More" icon will spin, letting you know you put something away - to add more - grab them out of the "more" tab and pin them to the menu bar. (Also can drag and drop them to change the order)
PLease get your engineers of those 11'' MBAs, get'em some 27" monitors, so they can appreciate how horrible this new lay out really is. They should make people brows pages like this in prisons to punish them for spamming and stuff. Please fix it ASAP.
So have they "retired" the YouTube tab? I quite liked that and it'll fit nicely in this huge empty space to the right. :)
Switching between saved searches is very uncomfortable in the new layout. I use saved searches or "sparks" a lot and it's really a pain now. Quick switching between saved searches isn't possible. You always have to go back to "Explore" or the "Overview" page to choose another "saved search".
What the heck is the deal with all the WHITE SPACE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PAGE?! You give as much screen space to "What's Trending" and "You May Know" as you do to the entire Stream! Stupid. Just plain stupid.
This "left shift" is probably meant to train you for using new Smart Glasses with only your left eye. Other then that can't think of the reason. Running out of jokes too.
We don't need videos. We need a 28 week college course explaining why everything needs to be updated and be made LESS user friendly, when we've only just got used to it. You're supposed to be gaining more users.
Dear google,
Grey text on grey background is NOT a good idea for readability.
Try it on 1920x1080, lot of blank space does NOT look good.
That is all...
One thing I think needs improvement is comments text. For some reason it doesn't stand out. If anything, the names of people commenting shouldn't stand out while the comments should.
there is a lot of wasted space, and if like me you don't use the gtalk browser client the space is a lot more
also grey text on grey background
Man.. if I wanted blocks, I'd hump excel. Sucky McSuckington of Suckville
new layout seems like Google+ Mobile version...hope to win some price if I noticed first...:-)
Dαn J
Geez you guys really messed this one up. Can't type in the status bar, It's very jumpy, Notifications don't show the full messages anymore. Didn't anyone test this thing first?
Mid gray text on light gray background? Really? You call this 'improved'? Someone needs to go back to design communications 101...
Could you guys find a way to make the comments section on popular posts a little more scroll-friendly? Expanding the comments and then having to scroll miles to get to another post is a real pain.
I have a 27 inch monitor, and my browser window is pretty big, so why am I locked in to having the stream in this little narrow column? I thought you were better at UI than that.
I miss the point in having the profile photo hide 1/3 of the cover picture. The whole of the right half is useless to me as I don't play games nor hang out. And it was practical to have the bar stay on top whenever scrolling down. I don't understand this move at all. So cluttered !
When will the official Google + app be rolling out to Windows Phone devices???
Way too much empty space between the feed and the chat list. I don't really care what's trending, let my feed take up all that empty space.
My primary login account is a professional account that I do not want a G+ profile for. I can no longer do a fast user switch to my personal account at, which means I have to open a separate incognito window to log in.
25" screen and I have 1/3 of my browser screen just empty space. At least make the feed column resizable
Re-sizable fonts and space out the stream horizontally a bit and then perfect!
On high screen resolutions (fullHD and higher) there is almost 50% of blank space between central content and the chat on the right side of the screen which doesn't look good at all.

And that's not the only problem. Central content is aligned to the left side of the screen which creates an unconscious urge to micro-rotate the head every time Google+ page is displayed. There is a reason why the most important content is always horizontally aligned.
i just hate how i got a ...more icon bottom left and in that submenu theres only one icon. why the hell didnt u put that icon on the sidebar instead of the ...more menu? stupid if you ask me...
oh and i want to hide that bloody chat window, come on this is 2012 google what are your people paid for, slacking at the gym?
I like a lot of the new look, but I'm getting a sore neck looking over to left all the time. Why all the white space??
Sean S
+Victor Stan , you can drag and drop the icons into and out of the "More" menu and rearrange the icons.
just integrate twitter like in facebook and I wont use facebook anymore...
I rephrase the best comment I heard today: "Its like facebook gave it an STD"
I miss the Youtube music app on the top right corner. I used to log on G+ just to listen music.
I check into Google+ every month or so....gonna change that to every 2 or 3 months. Nothing happening here as none of my fb friends will add google+. It's quite a boring place.
I don't believe this. Yesterday I closed down my Facebook pages because of the mess they have just made with them and their timelines. Came over here because I loved the look of the g+ pages. Now what do I find but that g+ has also made a mess of their profiles and pages. I am just about now ready to throw in the towel. I despise this new trashy look. Isn't there a way g+ could give us a choice of which look we want?
When are you going to give me an option to turn off "hot on google+" ?
I like the new look. But I don't like that the stream isn't centered anymore on my 24" screen!
i've been trying to figure out how to use this new Google+ redesign myself today. it's kind of confusing at the moment.
Walt R
+Sang Hoon Shin it's pretty easy. Go to the left navigation bar (I'm working with the old version still), and look where your sparks/searches are. Click on "Hot on Google+." At the top near the search bar you'll see a sliding scale icon. Slide it all the way to the left.
dislike the new look. chatbar reminds me of facebook, also cycling through other pages it looks really cramped ... :(
Re-group comments 30 by 30 or 50 by 50 or else posts like this (when you expand all comments) will be hardly scrollable
What the hell shall I do with all that white space on my screen? I want to read posts and news, not nothing!
Looks better --> on the right track but not there yet
Got to agree the white space is too much and the stream needs to be wider.
I like the new interface. Make the center adjustable. Now, if I only had more friends to interact with, I would be happy. Please, please, preeetty please, let people sign up with their own emails. I can't convince any my friends to get yet-another-email-address to test drive g+.
Really like the improvements. The white space is odd, but if you have open chat windows it makes more sense. Maybe it should be resized if you're not chatting?
I personally don't mind the extra space; let's not see it become as busy as that other social media hangout.
White Space idea: bring in some iGoogle mechanics, and allow some columns for customizable content... drag columns, center stream, etc... For me personaly: having my GReader show up in there would be awesome.
My neck is already legitimately bothering me - I sincerely hope I don't have to abandon this platform. Please don't let your ego get in the way of correcting this issue - already the majority of users have strongly spoken out against this user unfriendly redesign.
Overall I like the update. But lots of white space at right, reserved for Ads ?
Do something about the big blank spot in the middle of my 24" screen.

Thank you :)
I did a ctrl + to enlarge everything which got rid of the large white space on the right. Even then the whole page looks a bit lop sided. I can't read that pale grey text very well and the pale grey icons on the left panel leave a lot to be desired as well. The previous look was far, far better. I really loath this new look with a passion.
It has been postured many times that whenever a change takes place, it causes some discomfort to our 'familiarity'. Hence the old line, "There's comfort in familiarity'. Artists have always welcomed change as we change the painting constantly as we work on it to effect a new possible discovery. To those who are not so engaged in the creative and artist process, say those that like the constant sameness of a biblical quote that they believe is a constant to their life and offers security to them, they will find that change scares them or makes them uncomfortable. I believe in certain traditional values in life as a parent and grandparent but as an artist, I love the challenge of an experiment to find desired answers for improvement in the world. I believe that Google has a similar outlook for us all. "Travel, adventure and share it with others" . . . Something good may be learned from these experiences.
Sure it's been said multiple times, but literally half my screen is just a white space. We should at least have the option to have it black to save power, and ease our eye strain. What do you think +Google+ ?
pleeeeaseeeeee, give us chance to choose an old design ^(((((((((
Don't like that the posts, the essence of the platform, only get like a third of the screen width. I want to be able to get rid of the huge chat window and the suggestions etc. I want to read the interesting posts!!
Incredibly ugly. It looks like the bastard offspring of Facebook and MySpace. Remember when Google was known for its clean interfaces?
hate it. before there was an annoying "more" hiding my circles, now they bloody disappear by just reading posts, forcing me to have to scroll up or press home then press more again and again. seriously wtf
Difficult to read comments on the post, its too light. And icons at left could have been better. Its oddly.. even from older version will do...
I love the new design. Very clean, easy to use and makes me want to spend more time here.
Mine are wasted space. I am out of school now and I do not like to do much more studing. Quit changing things.
I like the new design, but wish chat could somehow be collapsed. Also I wish all these posts could collapse.

Maybe you could say info architecture is just the opposite of regular architecture in that things should collapse more :)
I definitely don't like it... I now have to scroll way more to read the posts since they've been compressed horizontally, and thus are much larger vertically. More wear on my mouse arm means me reading less posts, and isn't that really the POINT of G+?
Screen estate should be used for what the USER wants, not all the crud that G+ wants us to do!

Whoever designed this, please go back to school and do 'Web Design 101' over again a few times... Maybe you'll get it then...
Looks more computer-like, less organic. Gray left area for buttons. Looks like it's designed for the Chrome OS. Waiting for the next update with prettier interface!
Would be nice if we got an updated app w/more features for those of us who only get on from a mobile device.
Nice new look, but a thing I miss is G+ being connected to Trakt ( to easily share new movies and shows watched and also look through other peoples movie collections via Google+
Biggest problem: I can no longer use my browser at full screen. The size of my screen should not effect the usability of a website, that is a huge oversight.

If you don't understand what I am getting at, try it and tell me the flow is well thought out.
Why ad banner like display in Explore,Hangouts and Photos ? Taking too much of space..

I've been a Google user since Google was in beta. I was an early Google evangelist and have always loved your products, and I really, really, hate this. Give us an option to go back to the previous clean look! #EpicFailGoogle
As so many have said before and just to add my voice to the complaint: DON'T LIKE SO MUCH BLANK SPACE!

Get rid of trending and put it within Explore, makes sense. If you want to see what's going on outside your circles, you go to Explore and you find Trending.

Edit: Trending is already within Explore so please take it out of the my stream and use the blank space.
Correction, Trending is already within Explore so please take it out of the my stream and use the blank space.
It's a call to all the talented programmers to design an extension which will address the downsides of this layout. Most important to me, making the posts wider = readability
I don't WANT a 'more visual experience'! I don't need to 'pat the bunny' to find stuff. I want a clean, clear, uncluttered interface - you know, like the one I had earlier today. #EpicFailGoogle
Okay Google, I'll use your new UI. Now for the love of ALL THINGS HOLY can we please have a native iPad app?
The whole right hand side of my screen has become redundant because I don't use anything on there except the notifications (waste of electricity). They grey comment writing is really dull & needs to be black There was nothing wrong with the old format in my opinion. There's not one of the new changes I actually like to be honest. Just looks like you've coppied more things from Facebook & twitter. And tagging peoples names still doesn't work properly on my G+ phone app.
I like the new look, assuming they have plans for this excessive whiteness. My eyes are burning.
Few corrections: I'd like to choose what stream to view more easily, without having to click on "more". There's plenty of space up there, so why can't I choose which ones to always show as buttons? And You Tube button was a great idea. I hope it'll be back. Maybe that's why we have white space now - they'll integrate YT videos, or something.

+Sang Hoon Shin You could do that from the day 1. Just go to "Explore" and move the slider all the way left to "show nothing".
Isn't the stream the most important thing on the surface? So put it in the centre, make it broader, put emphasize on it.
Aren't circles nearly most important as well? So give us a chance to switch the streams from one to another by just one click; now we need at least two clicks if we have more than 3 circles.
We all do have circled a lot of profiles and pages. Suggesting new ones (and always the same) is not really useful.
I notice scrolling isn't nearly as smooth.
C Oh
It bugs me that there is a gap between each of the 5 scrapbook pictures on the profile page but the large profile picture butts right up against the last one. It is not aesthetically pleasing, it would be much better with a gap the same size between the last scrapbook picture and the large profile picture. Either the large profile picture would have to be nudged over to the right a touch or slightly reduced in size if it must remain in the same space.
I don't like the new look of G+. I don't like G+ trying to look like Facebook. I liked my contact list on the left, as on Gmail. I dislike the left icons. I dislike the page being half empty.
Why the left-hand justification? Atypical of a screen layout. Not distinguishing, just annoying having to shift focus.
+Google+ I really like a lot of the ideas in the new layout, but what I would really like to see is significantly more robust integration with other Google products. What if I could have a customizable Home stream that included not only updates from various circles but, optionally, new emails to my Gmail account, new posts from my Google Reader feed, and/or new videos from my YouTube subscriptions?
I like icon on the left and the stream. But I don't like the chat and suggestions on the right that take too much place !
i think they need to fill up the #whitespace all on the right. it's annoying.
I absolutely love all the free blank space I get to the right of everything. It's so awesome. It's like looking at a permanent snow scene while having a search light shone directly in to my eyes. Beautiful
My screen is listing hard to port. How do I adjust the ballast to get the content back amidships?

Seriously, though, it looks more like a programming IDE (Panes! Panes everywhere!) than a communication tool or information browser. Study Steve Jobs and learn that simplicity is a virtue. All these4 left bar, right bar, menu bar things? Get them out of the way. Hide them until they are summoned.
Like the new layout, though as people have said before the extra blank space is a bit confusing.
Guess what Google.. you failed. The reason I'm using Google+ is because facebook is garbage and now you're starting to emulate them. Stop it. Now.
I like how the new look is cleaner, however there is LOADS of wasted space. I don't use the web chat plugin, so all of that space is entirely wasted.
then there is another section of the screen entirely wasted on "you might like" and "Trending on Google+"

So in total the bit I care about, which is the posts, is religated to about 1/3rd of the screen.

So, +1 to the clean look -10 for the wasted space.
Go get that GExtend I posted about a couple of comments back. One click fixes the #whitespace issue. ;-)
Php Dev
Good job +Google+ . You eventually enhanced G+ under any aspect with the new design.
Y el botón para ver todas las notificaciones?, y el botón de Youtube? xD
Thanks. Really awesome way how to demonstrate you can easily screw up in one moment. Please, take your UI designers, buy them monitors with resolution higher 1280x800 and show them G+. I guess they either never saw G+ or 1920x1200 resolution before.
Or they are really high and watching white space makes them feel really good.
+Petr Spirik , Vic Gundotra commented on a post that they had plan for this big white space and stay tuned.
Why is this such a big deal? I use the space to leave chat windows opened. If you have a problem, use Ctrl-scroll... This design works for people with smaller and larger screens.

PS: you can resize the chat windows to use the whole area. Go cry about something else...
Seen some negative comments on the new album view in the stream. While some people don't appreciate the first image being partially obscured by thumbnails of the subsequent photos in the album, I feel it's a stylish way of both prompting the viewer to click for full-screen view, but also indicating a full album and allowing the user to start with something other than the first 3 images from the album.

What I'm not interested in is all the white space to the right of the stream. Why not have the stream fill the whole screen, and put the circles suggestions, trending, etc. sections in a pop-out like the chat is at the bottom? IMO, the wider the stream, the less "busy" it feels.

Besides that, I really like the new layout!
This redesign is cool! cleaner with more dinamic elements. It seems made especially for tablets. Here in Peru, most of profiles has been updated and our company´s page has already its new avatar and cover. Regards to you people in +Google+
Amir F
What do you want us to do with this empty space in our stream... sorry but it sucks... every one is teasing this gaff...even the bloody facebookers
I like the direction but something should be done with the white space, maybe when you click on a post the comments pop out in a second stream kinda like WAVE? or just let it scale :)
I basically like the update, but could you give us the option of having no cover photo or no series of five photos at the top of our profile? I much prefer my profile without them at the top!
Love the new layout, but #VennDiagrams for circles please!
The white space will be youtube. Watch tv while you read news. Genius.
does anybody know a reason why a +1 feature would not work? in other words, why can't I plus one this article ?
I noticed the bar that let you play songs from youtube is gone, I hope in the future one for google music is there
Not too bad the new Design but maybe the post are little bit harder to see... Maybe you'll have to do something about it, don't think so ?
Nav H.
google designers need to stop designing on crappy mac laptops, ipaid, and smartphones! my monitor is 1920x1080.. needs a widescreen option.
I hate the new version!!! its so confusing and annoying!!!!!!!!! Please please change it back!!!!!!
It is the worst change since the start of google+ service....
I like the new layout but It doesn't scale properly on higher resolution monitors - there's too much white space. Fix this quick.
remove the chat window from gmail....and keep it in that i regularly open the G+...otherwise it ping in both the and G+
Too much empty white space. There's enough room on my display for another full column of postings.
I have enough empty white space on my screen for another two columns of posts.
New changes and new look for Google+, more functional, more intuitive and visualy more sofisticated. Nice!
its just like facebook which is awesome i love the google+
Also, too much scrolling is needed. I see 1.5 post per page.
"create an even richer visual experience" Yeah... with lots of extra space for new "content".... aka... ads. Looks like Facebook now. Probably brought to us by the folk who did the current red favicon.
Master the New Google+?

Wonder when web designers master "old fashioned" DTP?

To put this into context of the new g+ layout:

1st I like the improved functionality and navigation. HOWEVER

Before my news stream was centered in the MIDDLE ... 1/3 on the left was blank/white and 1/3 on the right was blank/white ... I did not bother as I was able to read all the stuff in the MIDDLE having a centered keyboard and touchpad ...

NOW? the news stream is on the left? 2/3's on the right are blank (besides the contact chat list)? my keyboard and touchpad still centered but I have to turn/look to the left? Is this ergonomic?

Am I the only one using a 16:10 display? Am I the only one reading information on web sites in full screen mode, because cluttering the desktop with windows sucks (and I am using a Mac and full screen there is awesome). I am still reading most of the websites (news websites) fitted for a 4:3 display ratio. While I believe most displays (and in the last x years are 16:10/9). Why does the "news" industry (and I am including google here) still stick to old-fashioned paper-layouts these days, when technology of displaying information and the format evolved in the last x years?

Is it so hard to utilize the blank/white area of my screen??? DTP tradition and the focus on readability is gone in favor for web designers focusing on ease of navigation and "functionality" of web sites. However functionality also encompasses (at least for me) readability of information ...

I wish new web information technology would embrace such an old tradition these days!

PS: Not to mention the available web technology is even more flexible to dynamically adjust information to the area (window size) compared to old papers with a chosen fixed format. We took care of font sizes, spacing between characters or paragraphs, the size of paragraphs and pages just to make words, sentences, paragraphs and pages easier to read. PageMakers we have been! Now just WebDesigners ...
You really screwed up this time. I have to use Internet Explorer to view an album with more than 100 photos. But when scrolling with Internet Explorer the black bar and notifications disappear. Just put it back. Please?
Just wondering, what ever happened to that little Youtube thing? You know, when you could type in a search term and get a playlist for it?

I feel like it's still here and I just don't see it... But if it was taken off... Frankly, that's a little disappointing. I found it extremely useful.
Eric B
Why is there a giant white space to the right? I think they designed this on a 800x600 display...
Talking about bad design!! I think this is horrible... where is the simplicity and minimalism??
I don't there is anything such as horrible in this design... the best thing about G+ is that the voice of users is heard!
After this update I do miss the "photos from circles"... when did it got removed?
Please revert back to the former design. Much cleaner and simpler, which I thought was the Google mantra.
+Google+ Thanks for this post. Have you interacted with anybody who made comments? Are comments being listened to/acted upon?

I ask, because I have to functionalities I struggle with (not the design):
I am struggling with two things and so far nobody was able to help: I have all my explanations in German even though I have my settings for English...have tried several things but to no avail, it keeps switching back to German
The second thing, when I receive mentions (when I commented onsomebody else's post) I would like to go directly to the latest...but instead it brings me to the top of the post and then I have to scroll down....when there are few comments that is not that much of a problem, but some have hundreds...then it becomes impossible. Am I missing something here?
Thank you for listening (I hope).
I have to admit that I haven't been here as much since my screen went left aligned.  It hurts my neck!  

Also I would love to know how I could put my own selected circle tab at the top of the stream column instead of family friends.  I tried adding a circle as a tab but it only 'sticks' for a few seconds and disappears. 

Crossing fingers more is coming
My Google plus was perfect until it changed my cover photo and now I can't change it back to the multiple photos.... It only stretched out one and that isn't what I wanted : [
What a waste of blank screen, more columns, " fill the screen "
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