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It is now even easier to tag photos of yourself and your friends, thanks to a new feature we are rolling out called Find My Face, which will help your friends tag your photos if you are in their pictures, and help you tag them if they have activated Find My Face. Of course, you can always approve or reject those photos where you are tagged. So as the holidays approach, and you come to Google+ with your best photos, documenting who did what when is even easier.
Making photo tagging easier with Find My Face


Hi, I’m +Matt Steiner, Engineering Lead on the Google+ Photos team.

Around the holidays, many of us get together with friends and family, and if you’re like me, you take lots of photos! Tagging those photos can be a lot of work. So today we’re launching Find My Face, an easier way to tag photos of yourself and your friends.

By turning on Find My Face, Google+ can prompt people you know to tag your face when it appears in photos. Of course, you have control over which tags you accept or reject, and you can turn the feature on or off in Google+ settings. (https://plus.google.com/settings/plus)

Find My Face will be rolling out over the next few days. We hope this makes tagging your photos much easier, so try it out! And as always, keep the feedback coming.
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