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How +HEATHER FAY Transformed Her Basement Into A Live Music Venue
her passion for music knows no bounds

Singer/songwriter and mother +HEATHER FAY was recently featured in The New Haven Register for her use of Google+. "Now, I can put my kids to bed and go play. I don't have to leave home now" says Heather. Add her to your circles to catch her in concert and to participate in one of her many Open Mic Hangouts.

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What a great way to use the Google + platform.
+HEATHER FAY !!!! Soooooo jealous... so completely thrilled for you!!
Can't wait to hang in NYC!!
To complain here might be the wrong place, but g+ please give back the top dark bar (remain stable and always visible) where one left clicks to return to the top of his streams. It has changed to only visible until after that first scroll; it disappears now (scrolls up out of sight); am i suppose to pick up the "Home" key on top left to replace the bar? Somewhere, it turned out to be not such a good idea to have a clickable bar at top? If i could complain at a better place, please let me know; thanks. And thanks for the link / story on Heather Fay. Interesting.
+Danny Baker, just make your window larger.  It stops sticking when you have the window too small to conserve screen real estate.
Not the case Tom; my windows are wide open; large screen monitor too; nothing is compressed differently than before: when the black bar stayed put even when scrolling; ... thnx. I fear we've lost the bar; might be the ole dry principle; i sure do miss it right now however; ...
+HEATHER FAY : Massive congratulations on getting press coverage! You more than deserve it :)

+Danny Baker : When I want the black bar to re-appear after scrolling down, or to stay in sight, I do Command– (zoom out) then Command+ (zoom in), after I've used the black bar, to get the text back to the size I want it at. It scrolls with you if you have your screen resolution at the optimum setting but that short-cut should help, otherwise. I'm using a Mac but I think it's the same short-cut on Windows. 
+Jadey A-S Wilson On Windows, depending on the browser used,  I've found that the upper black nav bar will stop scrolling below certain browser sizes. Take Firefox for example. At a browser size (resolution) of 1024x768, the bar doesn't scroll. To me that's funny because 1024x768 is still pretty much a standard these days and still the Google team missed that. <grin> It appears that in Firefox, the minimal width is approximately is 1069 pixels. This also happens in Google Chrome  and IE at a different size.

This was driving me crazy for awhile as I'd adjust my browser window just a teeny bit and loose some functionality of Google+'s navigation scheme. :) Remember to that I'm referring to browser window size... not monitor resolution. Back when I was a primary Mac user I had to get use to the fact that Windows users mean something different than Mac users when throwing the word "resolution" around. As a primary graphics guy, it often made communicating with Win users difficult. <chuckle>
It's too bad that Hangouts on Air are subject to the same dynamic compression as all Hangouts. It's absolutely necessary for speech with the panoply of mics and setups out there, but for musical performance like +HEATHER FAY's Open Mic Hangouts [], it renders the music unintelligible at its most dynamic moments. The compression should be the default of an optional feature, in my opinion.
Hah! Thanks +Sami Tabla: that's what I was getting at :) At least, in order to explain 'a' cure without making the assumption that 'everyone' uses Macs, I managed to force myself to write 'command' instead of just using ⌘ ;) Your explanation, above, should be helpful to +Danny Baker, I hope!
Haven't tried Google+ in Firefox, which I tend just to use for some sites which don't work particularly well in Safari – there aren't many of those left – but I'll have to check it out. One of these day's I'll get to try Chrome but 'the powers that be' decided not to support pre-Intel Macs. I've had enough difficulty, in the past, communicating with Win users even without being a graphics person ;)
+Jadey A-S Wilson Back in the beginnings of OSX I found Safari to be so buggy that I actually used IE for Mac! <grin> From what I see it still appears to... but... of course you can't tell that to Apple or Mac users. Do give Firefox more of a try or if you remember back in the days when Netscape was a great browser (pre Communicator), take a look at SeaMonkey) It uses underlying Mozilla code also, but is more of a stripped down version of FF that resembles the old Netscape Navigator "Gold" from the mid to late 90s. :)
Depends on the kids, +Jason Porta. If they're born into a  household where parents practise music, they accept it as a normal part of life. You have to be flexible about it, prepared to leap to their assistance as necessary – especially when they're very little. But generally, they'll sing/play along or just get on with their own thing. And, even when they're little, there are always nap-times and when they've gone to bed that you can get on with practise. Later, you can get some practise in while they're at nursery or school – if you're lucky enough to be home during the daytime. Doesn't necessarily require having a nanny but having help from family and friends certainly helps. And being able to do Hangout Concerts from home is a blessing.

That's my experience, anyway, as a musician from a long line of musicians, and a parent myself. And the rare times I could afford a nanny were a helpful luxury rather than an absolute necessity. Parents do a lot of juggling and music practise and performance are just different things to juggle.
Thank you so much, +Marcus Zwolsky +John Layson +ananth v +Open Robotics University and +Daniel Charles!! I really appreciate your encouragement!! XO
+Jason Porta- oh my goodness a nanny would be dreamy!! Unfortunately we can hardly afford an occasional babysitter so a nanny is definitely out of the question for us. I can see how you might be skeptical about my kids' willingness to let me play music but it's the honest truth. I played shows throughout my pregnancies up until 8 1/2 months so I think music is just part of their lives. Me picking up my guitar and playing music is normal to them. Sometimes they will join in and sing or dance along (which I love!) but usually they are pretty unimpressed by me...(sadly). They'd rather play together and ignore Mom! Lol. When I do an Open Mic Hangout or Hangout Concert I schedule it for when my husband is home so he can watch the kids. We have a good system going! You brought up a good question though and if you have any other questions I'm happy to answer them! :)
+Jadey A-S Wilson- I didn't know you came from a long line of musicians!! How cool!! XO
+HEATHER FAY: Yep, I am – and it's a continuing line; as I hope yours will be, even if they don't choose to be performers :) xx

+Jason Porta: I'm sorry to hear that your experience of combining kids and practise hasn't been the same as mine. I'm not saying it's necessarily 'easy', just that it's not been un-manageable. All the best to you. 
+Jamie White: yes it can; but there's a certain amount of lag so it's not really (yet) possible for the musicians to play together, as the timings slip out. The Google+Hangouts teams are working on improvements to this, and there are hopes that, at some point in the not-too-distant future, it will be possible. Some nice effects can be created on very slow-tempo experimental jams, though! Until the lag is sorted (and allowing for all participents to have very fast processors and connections) concerts can have up to 10 performers but playing individually. 
+Jamie White - I'll most likely be doing one this coming week...Wed or Thurs.  I'll add you to my Open Mic circle and let you know as soon as I have a date and time set.  Looking forward to you joining us! :)
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