Showcase content in Hangouts On Air

Hosting a Hangout On Air is a great way to connect with your audience. While viewers are tuned in, this is the perfect time to share or promote something related to the conversation. Using the new Showcase app, hosts can now direct viewers to websites, merchandise, YouTube videos, your Google+ profile and Google Play content, all in a rich display on the right-hand side of the Hangout broadcast. 

Now, anyone can host a live conversation and connect their viewers to a variety of related content. Take a look at how the cast of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes used the Showcase app to link to exclusive footage, movie tickets, and more ( Also, check out how Common used the Showcase app to promote his new music video and to drive fans directly to the Play Store to purchase his new album in real-time (

There are all kinds of ways to enrich your live conversations using Showcase. We’re excited to see what you’ll share in your next Hangout On Air. Give it a try today:!

Update: For quick tips on how to use Showcase, check out the guide: 

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