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Look who's new on Google+, and just in time for their new album! To kick things off, +The Temper Trap will be hosting a live hangout tonight at 10pm PST, which will help get you ready for their Youtube livestream on May 31st at 4:50am PST.

#tempertrap #vividlive
Lorenzo and Joseph will be hanging out with the +Sydney Opera House's Fergus Linehan from 3PM-3:45PM AEST to talk about the new album and special live performance on +YouTube tomorrow night. Got any questions for us? Leave them in the comments below, and be sure to tune in tomorrow night at 9:50PM AEST, where you can watch, shoot & share your favourite moments from the gig at
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이긍 딜란님 살이 빠지신듯.;;
So they're in Australia, but Google Music isn't?
anhon ha se yo
chê i rư mưl kennypham i ê yo
pê thư nam sa ram im ni ta
o ti ê so im ni ka
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