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Today, we're introducing an option to make phone calls from a hangout, so you can dial people into an existing hangout, starting with calls to the United States and Canada, free of charge. More from +Jarkko Oikarinen below.
Jarkko Oikarinen originally shared:
A new extra for Hangouts with extras: make phone calls from inside a hangout

We are constantly listening to feedback so that we can make Hangouts even better for Google+ users, and we're excited by the really cool ways people are using the product. Today we’re making it possible to make phone calls from inside a hangout, so you can dial people into the room from wherever they’re at. (Helpful for party lines and conference calls alike.)

This new feature is initially available inside Hangouts with extras (, and we currently support calls to the US and Canada (for free, in fact). The steps for adding a telephone participant are straightforward:

1. Click Invite at the top of the hangouts with extras window
2. Click the Phone tab on the left of the window, and enter the phone number you wish to call.
3. Click Call now.

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Again US Only... I will kill U +Google

Ohhh.. U must be thinking this time u made it to CANADA... but what about others U Fool...
G+ keeps getting better and better
nice that will make me want to use hangouts even more
Ummmm, WOW. That's amazing! One question, is the user limit still ten if some of them are on the phone?
I have seen this feature during testing and it is a wonderful addition. Glad they got it out quickly.
I'm for it. Great enhancement Google! How soon before slideshows from Google docs can be presented and annotated to the folks on the hangout?
Is there a way this can be integrated with your Google Voice account? So when you dial out from the hangout, it shows that number?
This is awesome!!! I just hope it stays free, not like gmail that started charging :(
Gmail? Charging? I guess Google doesn't favor Guatemala much... o_o
Brazil is in luck! Ha ha guys, nobody charges nobody. May be he had Google Translate API on his mind when typing :D
Can we get the ability to share YouTube videos added back to hangouts, please?
who is sponzor for freecalls? CIA, NSA? :D
+Google+ How about you find a way to only share these announcements to the people in the country's that are getting to have the new features?
Let the UK & rest of Europe folk know when they can join in.
Can I possibly +1 this exponentially? Woot!
Awesome...! This is going to be a great way!
Can anybody say crank call hangouts? :D
+Google+ We need it in the UK. why is Google Voice still not in Europe. Is google only for the US GGrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It looks like the service might be overwhelmed right now. I wasn't able to get it to work for a local Minnesota number.
+ScheduleHangout I was going to be upset with the obvious sales pitch but then I looked at your site and it looks pretty good and useful. :)
Extend this into mobile Hangouts and then we're talking.

Android voice/message should be IP by default. Get on it Google and turn telephone companies simply into mobile ISP.

And consolidate all the different messaging platforms you have going on since going lean was like the mission G+ was set to spearhead.
+Jonathan Kaiser I made a call from a hangout to test and I'm pretty sure it was indeed my Google Voice number that showed on the caller id of the target phone.
John, I'm sure they'll include the rest of the world after they see it is successful (assuming it is) ;) . Everyone has to have a trial run and even Google is doing that. This time is our time and next time is...
Thing is that for now Google is set to focus on America then Europe and then major Asia and then some hotspots it has a lot to do with internet access, laws of the area and localization of the service.
I'd would be cool to do true visual voice mail thru google + hangout technically apple would say its just sending a voice mail but visual voice mail like if you were doing a surprise party or you need to do a quick meet and greet you can send visual voice mail to one person or group regardless if it's through google + or gmail 
This is an awesome feature that will help with teleconferencing! I had a meeting in which we used Hangouts, but one member was only available by phone, which resulted in having a phone on speakerphone during the discussion. Glad that this will combine those two! Keep up the good work!
The idea for a new feature in Google+:
It would be interesting to be able to share files in Google+ in our stream (like photos, videos, content and links now). You only need to integrate Google+ with Google Docs.
+Google+ I understand that Google+ is still in beta form and is still being improved as we speak. I don't know if this is being worked on or not, but how can we post messages on other peoples profiles similar to writing on peoples walls on facebook?

My thoughts were that either (a)we put the person's name, alone, in the share box while posting on our own page or (b)we make a post in the circle that they're in and then tag their name (+[name]) within the post.

For example, I wanted to post this on the Google+ page as a public message, but as you can see I'm just leaving a comment under an existing, off-topic post.
+Thomas Loncar You can't input your content on other's profile in any way
But if they decide to enable it the "Send a message" button appears under their profile photo
What about the possibility of keeping the dialpad open? In case you have to enter a pin or extension once the call goes through?
I'm waiting since years now for Google to make that available for European users, too (and of course at least a few major Asian countries would be nice too). It's never going to happen though it seems, so Google Voice and calling into Hangouts wil continue to remain an US & Canada - internal experience in the near future.... :-/
+Lukasz Szeremata: a) you can't be adressed by most users using the "+" operator if you continue to use this unusual form of 'L' in your first name…. b) I'd prefer if the Google Docs team would focus their efforts on allowing us to edit docs offline …
can i get a number pad please
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