Halloween is a mere 13 days away, and although this day traditionally conjures up costumes, candy, and other commercialized elements, there’s a lot more under the surface.

In America, we all have different relationships with Halloween and acknowledge it in varying fashions. Internationally, Halloween may not exist or have a vaguely similar equivalent (Dia de Muertos in Mexico).

With such a diverse group of talented and creative users on Google+, we’d love to open the floor for you guys and gals to share what Halloween (or its equivalent) means to you. For the next 13 days, we’ll highlight several themes, topics, and vantage points that encompass different aspects of Halloween.

Photographers, pumpkin carvers, costume designers, make-up artists, designers, writers, or even parents who give their kids healthier options instead of candy, you’re all welcome to participate in this series. Whatever your personal experience with this day happens to be, share it with us using the hashtag #Googleween13. Non-creators, you’re free to participate as well by re-sharing things you’ve found on the web (be sure to give credit!).

We’ll be looking through your contributions and sharing the most unique entries.
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