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New Effects in Google+ Hangouts
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Hangouts can be serious, but they can be fun too! You've seen mustaches, reindeer and antlers, and now there are some brand new effects we bet you'd like. Check out the post from +Amit Fulay to see some of the experiments, then fire up a hangout to try them yourself.
Hanging out with friends and family using Google+ Hangouts is always fun.

In the past, we’ve introduced effects like mustache, reindeer and antlers. Today, we’re experimenting with a few more. Just click on the new mask image icon to cycle through these new effects. (see screenshot)

We hope you have as much fun as our designer +Beck Park and engineer +Jeremy Ng had in creating these.

Note: the effects are being rolled out, so if you dont see it at first, give it a try in a few minutes.
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Ooh, I like these!
I never even got the reindeer nose thing. Maybe this is a Windows-only feature?
Cute, I wish I could do Hangouts, but I don't have a webcam
I would like too see more effects like snow, rain, falling leaves, thunder, clouds or maybe hands of fire. Those will be cool to #hangouts.
Cool. More tools to wow my friends when showing off Google+.
Yeah that's so cool, thanks guys ! Would be awesome to have some backgrounds and some more effects that could be mixed up with.
Anyway, Hangouts are just huge ! The whole team has done an amazing job in that department, thank you !!!
How can I use it in G+ on iPhone?
Ali Ali
Just join google plus and trying to learn how it works, but so far it looks great
You know what would be nice? Scroll able comments when you expand them. It is a pain having to scroll the entire page to see the first and in between comments of anything that is 10+ comments.
+Harri Smått Yes, that second suggestion would be nice. I do get the notifications but when you go to them it is nearly impossible to find them unless you have time to spare. It should all be there without having to do anything else to find them.
My students just showed me this feature. I can't wait to try it out and see how I can incorporate this into my classroom.
Alice H
i cant find use effects for some reason? what do u need to use it
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