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Calling All Android Users!
New Google+ for Android: polish and performance

We continue to work toward a simpler, more beautiful Google, and today we're accelerating these efforts with a new Google+ app for Android phones. The update includes lots of highly-requested features—like the ability to start a hangout on the go, and to edit posts inline—as well as a stream that celebrates the rich content shared across Google+. In all cases we're building for a mobile future, and we're excited about what's ahead.

Start a hangout from anywhere, and ring the folks that matter most

With Hangouts we want to help people connect face-to-face-to-face—at any time, from anywhere. Of course, there's really only one device that's always by your side—your phone—so we've invested in mobile hangouts since early on. Today we're adding another important feature to the mix: the ability to start a hangout directly from your mobile device.

To get started, tap “Hangout” in the (new) navigation ribbon, add some friends and tap “Start.” We'll ring their phones (if you want), and if someone misses the hangout, they can ring you back with a single tap.

Share your favorites, and feel awesome afterward

When you share with your circles, we owe you an experience that's both intimate and immersive. Your time and your relationships are precious, after all, so your posts should make you feel proud. Today's new Android app takes this to heart, with full-screen media in the stream, conversations that fade into view and instantly-touchable actions like +1.

Do more, in less time

We think you’ll find today’s app nicer to look at, but we’re also making it easier to use. Improvements include:

A navigation ribbon that slides in and out, providing quick access to just about everything.

The ability to download photos directly from Google+, and turn them into wallpaper.

The chance to edit posts inline, in case you make any mistakes while on the go.

The update is available now from Google Play (version 2.6), so we invite you to download Google+, and let us know what you think!

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Confusing and unclearly arranged :-(
Not only works, as it looks amazing.

PS:Now Facebook, could you please just make your app WORK?
Ben Ford
I'm sorry that you android people have to suffer through this UI too.
horrible on a tablet.. almost all images and video thumbs are huge and in extremly poor quality. There is so much better overview like it is on this webpage, why not just use that? -1 the previous one was way better, especially on a tablet.
Sam Wong
looks cool.. but I don't really like it.
Why am I not seeing any of the fade in animations on my Galaxy SII?
Looks good in portrait, but pretty lame in landscape. I use a tablet. Come on guys when can we expect to see G+ HD? And YOuhave to get the photo picking thing right. Awkward!
I second, that the tablet work is needed soon.
Also, what's with the low resolution/smooshed aspect ratio on some pics (especially for posts sharing camera pics, but not limited to these).
bad UI for tablet...
Wooooooooooow amazing job +Google+ . Now thats whats i'm talking about: delivering the goods and enhancing them always with simplicity and great UI. Moving forward, thats the way :)
Windows Phone app PLEASE!
this is awesome news, now if only we could save images directly from the app .....
looks great, beautiful UI, but i hope the google plus for ipad and windows phone can be released soon...
I really love the improvement on my phone. But for the life of me I can't figure why the tablet experience remains such a low priority (or not a priority at all - do no developers think people with Android tablets use G+?). To be sure, it is a huge improvement over the previous version on the tablet, but considering how slick it is on the phone, it seems like a similarly huge waste to not have the ooh-aah experience on the tablet as well.
and text on random image backgrounds are pr.def hard to read any way you slice it, its a really poor design choice, the little dark gradient does not make up for it. to many font sizes, not enough space between stuffs, some images are just behind other images, white text on white backgrounds does not show clearly. To many non-streamlined elements together makes my head hurt ^^
loving this new app update, runs perfectly on my Droid Rezound especially now that i'm running ICS
For those of us with older phones and don't wish to upgrade, is the new version heavier than the previous version?
it should be able to work on all android devices
Love the added features but the layout looks bad. I don't enjoy that my stream is now a wall of pictures with hard to read text overlaying it. I'd like it if you just used the layout of the normal google+.
Tengo un celular android de dos chips, tengo ya dos dias en modo avion y no se puede cancelar ese modo me pueden ayudar
seemed to flow better on my HTC Desire (original) than the previous, but it looks and works horrible, this is the first time i actually complain about an update like this. Its just stupid to put text on images, what about images with text on it from before? it just looks terrible.
Basic app for Windows Phone would be sweeeet.
I'm sad. G+ is not Instagram, we don't share only pictures here. On my feed, 80% of the pictures shared with posts are logos taken from web pages and there's no advantage having them upscaled. Moreover, text displayed ON pictures is hardly readable.
Old version was better. I can't tell where one post stops and the next begins. And I don't like having to click on each post just to see what it's about, because I don't get more than 2 lines of text.
I'll have to join the list of people who do not really like having image backgrounds for the posts. The result looks very restless, made even worse by some of the pictures getting scaled in a way that distorts them horribly.
I'm quickly starting to like how photo/video posts are handled, but text-only posts are ridiculous. The font is huge, and therefore only the first few lines show up. A font size option would be welcome.
the distorted pictures really bother me too, it really makes the whole thing look amateurish.
I like the redesign.
Ben Ford
+Leigh Sales I don't. I've almost stopped using g+ on my iphone because it's so unusable. I can't skim the stream anymore. I have to look at each item one at a time and the context is terrible. Just the first line of text overlaid on an image? Gross.
People moan to much, it's a free service guys, get over it!
Post editing from my phone - Thank you! I was just complaining about this lack of functionality yesterday.
Very nice! Glad to see the android app joining the party! :)
Screw this. It looks just like the unusable G+ app they rolled out for iOS a week ago. I made the mistake of installing that on my work iPhone. I won't be suckered into installing this trainwreck on my personal Android phone.

Sticking with the old app, thanks.
Where is the option to switch to your Brand Page?
Where is the Hangouts option on the ribbon? all I have is Messenger as before?
+Tony Phipps: Sure, it's free and Google is likewise free to do whatever they want with it, but based on things like the existence of "Send feedback" option on the application itself, I'd assume they are nonetheless interested to hear (constructive) feedback.
Mixed feelings. Artistically, it looks cool. Yet... it is somewhat cluttery and inefficient. Pics in the stream are often distorted and pixelated. My poor human eyeballs have to spend a few extra seconds to determine where one post ends and another begins... sort of blends together.
+Leigh SalesYes, but I don't hear many iPad users singing its praises! Tablets apparently aren't in Google's mindset yet. Maybe when they release their own.
Photos: I still feel that those narrow, centered, horizontal album thumbnails look very poor. My album covers looks like a collection of people's stomachs.
Yay, it's here, using G+ more and more these days, maybe the mobile aspects may get a few more people over.
I don't like the gray bar :s
meh and the send feedback button does not even give you the option to write down what the feedback is ^^
Nice update. Thanks to developers. Now app has everything that I need.
my brother just downloaded it and he says it's not as nice as the version the iphone has. unfortunate :-/
I like it. Far less dry than the previous version. Maybe some black shadow for the white letters on pictures? Or at least analyze the picture if black letters would be better readable, and display accordingly!
Ok. I like it more! Will play with Hangouts this afternoon! WooHoo!
Another very annoying thing is having to reach all the way up to the upper-left corner to open the Overview menu. There should be a gesture for that.
Chrome for Android has nice swiping code for this. You really have to start the swipe at the leftmost side of the screen to activate tab switching. Use this code :)
Performance improvements? This stutters way more on my Galaxy Nexus when swiping between streams. I long for the day Android has a UI as smooth as competitors!
New interface is extremely ugly on tablets, had to rollback to previous version. I mean, seriously, you promote G+ as a good place to share photos and then just stretch them horizontally, so they'll fit the screen? WHY? New stream is a mess of colors and it's hard to see where one post ends and another one starts. Nearby stream is still teeming with check ins, which you can't filter, making it impossible to read, as there is like 90%/10% check ins/posts ratio.

Also, it looks nothing like screenshots in this post.
this is not a good version of the google+ app for android. The google+ app is too busy, slow, and just out right chaos
Google please go back to the previous interface of google plus on android.
I don't like any of it. Difficult to read. I have grown to hate overlays that are covering things I want to read. It's just too cluttered
Maybe my experience with Google is limited, but it just doesn't seem to mesh with what I've liked most about them. is a clean simple interface. is also clean, with each post in it's own space etc... This just seems so foreign it will take some getting used to. I do miss being able to read a few comments and part of the post without having to click on the post. Sadly this is one of the first apps on my Nexus S to cause it to stutter and delay.
how about the ability to switch between personal pages & business pages on mobile?
For the record ,I love the update. Much more engaging experience from the improved UI.
How about the ability to be reading your personal page and share a post to a business page... on both desktop and mobile... That would be really useful!
This Google plus update disappoints me.
So, to be serious.

1. Still wish there was an option to turn off posting thread images in the background of the comment boxes on stream view. Perhaps instead an option to see an image icon in the standard text box to denote if we click through there's an image there? I like the focus to be on the text, not the images.

2. +1 and similar overlay graphics have a nice drop shadow here rather than the old gradient glow effect. Thank you for updating this on iOS as well!

3. Overlay post text from threads on the stream photos are bolder and actually white when overlaying a background image as opposed to the think text they were. Thank you for updating this on iOS as well!

4. You can switch between stream filters from the top here. Want this on iOS!
Three things I noticed, the last two should have been caught in testing:

1) Still can't reshare or post to a page (as opposed to your own profile).

2) Text directly on the photos makes for unreadable text if the image is light in the area the text is. If you're photographing Portland, Oregon, this is a serious problem as the sky is always white.

3) Images get resized to fit width instead of scale. This makes photos with a narrow aspect ratio look horizontally stretched.
I, personally, think it's spectacular. It is a bit buggy on my Galaxy Nexus, however I'm assuming its just first day gitters. :) . It's a larger emphasis on photos and art work. Kind of leads you in the direction of wanting to have images with most of your posts just for the lovely and vibrant layout alone. It's a smart idea and it sets Google+ apart from the rest. Very important. I expect people to not like it. There will always be those of us who have a difficult time with change, but as always change is good. This change gives our community a rich vibrant experience, an experience we deserve. That's a plus! :)
I can compare this and the old one to a glass of water and softdrinks.
Swedish translation is broken, labels hang outs as photos. Also the sleek design breaks when in landscape mode. But that's two minor issues in a superb update. Good job Google!
Wow. This app makes my face look pretty. Thank you very much Google!
brian m
The new G+ look is very very nice. Now we just need to get all the INTELLIGENT FB users over here . Google you need to make G+ more high profile on all your sites. Your promotion of it is far too subtle at the minute.
Looks like Google hasn't tested the new stylesheet on enough devices—everything's crammed together and overlapping on my LG Optimus S. Basically unusable until that's fixed.
I'd really like to see that beautiful home-screen the iPhone user's have. Maybe with that ability to choose how the app will start. Either with the home-screen or right at the stream.

Also the grey space between posts in the stream does not look good. It's to big I think.
We'll get used to it.
Just installed it. Entries have a nice, crisp dark grey/black on white look. In settings, we get white/grey text on black, and blue text on black for the actual selections!

So we have actual contrast - it's easily legible and it actually looks better than the full browser version of G+, which (still) has practically invisible light grey on slightly darker grey menu options.

Can you please get whoever designed the Android app assigned to your main design team, please? And give them a raise!
UI is impressive! And the speed! This time you guys really did a good job.
The post stream UI is awful. I care a lot about the text in the posts of my friends. Your UI minimizes it in favor of any available pictures. I find pictures to generally be useless. I do not approve at all.
Interesting...It'll take a bit to get used to it. Much more graphical, and harder to read any text with it being in front of images. Perhaps have more area in the scroll to show the text; best of both worlds, see the images larger, yet still see the text... I don't mind scrolling up/down for text. I do like the larger images though since they were always hard to see in the main scroll before. A lot of them have their aspect ratio changed which I would rather have it cropped instead of skewing the aspect ratio. The addition of the option to choose the circles I can horizontally scroll between is fabulous. I am still unable to join or start a hangout from a myTouch 4G Slide which I find surprising. I can of course follow the link to YouTube to view a hangout. Still cannot lock a post from mobile. Thanks for improving +Google+ and for improving the integration between +Gmail , +Google Drive Tips & Tricks , +Google Calendar,+Google Pages for Business , Google Places, +Google Maps, Google Adwords, and +Google Analytics. You're all doing a fabulous job! -- Correction, I found the Hangout option in the main menu... I'll give it a try! Thanks for adding that +Google+
Visually the layout is horrible. It is cluttered and unreadable. There is no distinction between individual posts.
Well at least the mobile site still works. I can only assume that's what Google wants us to use since they made the Android and iOS apps so unusable.
+Andreas Zehetner: There are 6.8 billion people on the planet. 1.5 billion are Android users. 1.2 billion smoke tobacco. 315 million use iOS. Want to know how I know you picked the wrong platform?
Too Fisher Price. Don't like any of this new update. Why does it default to my stream. Miss the opening menu. Junk. I will read my g+ on Opera. Post using sms. :-(
Do someone notice the update make the whole plus look horrible in tablet (10 inch) in landscape mode?
Yuck. Is there a way to rollback?
I wonder if a black glow under the text might make it easier to read when over a white image.
Holy crap! I usually don't complain about social media user interface updates, but Google screwed up big time. It's barely legible on my phone.
Reinstalled the previous version. The latest update is unusable until the oversized pictures on the streams are corrected.
Um... Google? This is a step backward. Depending on the accompanying images, it may be impossible to read the text in a post.

And this doesn't bring the one feature that I really want, anyway: the ability to manage Pages from my phone.

I agree with many of the people above me. -1
Love that I can finally start a Hangout or save an image, but the new Stream display is HORRIBLE, especially on a tablet (not a big fan of it on my phone, either) . While Streams may be prettier (debatable, and •not• prettier on larger screens), the real problem though is it has lost all useful infos (especially larger amount of intro text, and first few comments). The full-ribbon for poster info/byline ('Elena Kalis' in the example above) is awful, too; in an app in which data is navigated vertically, this strip increases the travel required and, more significantly, •greatly• reduces the amount of information available per screen. The older "dropcap" style byline was much, much more efficient. If G+ is still intended to be a microblogging, informative social hub, go back to the previous post layouts; if it's being repurposed as an image sharing site, as it feels like with this update...well, you should be able to buy Instagram for pennies-on-the-dollar in a few months anyway ;)

Hangouts and save image: +1
UX from data perspective: *EPIC FAIL•

Rolling back to previous version, even though I'll lose my 2 most wanted features (Hangouts, image save). The ability to see and parse more information in the old (and perfectly balanced blend of info/gfx/navigation,IMO) is more important to me.
Come on... This is about content. How did things like white text on images, oversized pixelated images and just first ten words of text appearing on post even passed the brainstorming phase? This is not something I expect from Google...

I am not saying it is a bad design (it is good for posts with photos; but do not oversize pictures because it is really ugly). Consider people who are more interested in the text content of posts and imagine the trouble of clicking every post just to see if it is interesting or not...
I think it looks great. Congrats on the hard work.
Does not look right on the Galaxy 10.1. Hopefully they will fix it soon.
Unbelievable.... you still didn't fix the landscape keyboard issue. Why would anybody not want to use auto=predict on a landscape phone? +Vic Gundotra this is getting silly.

The whole app may be 1000x better, but if I still have to type everything portrait, I wont type too much!
Looks nice on Galaxy Nexus. But please, put a black shadow on white text overlaid on pictures. That'll make the captions much easier to read.
This is definitely a mixed bag. Many of the features added are good, as is much of the UI, but the changes related to posts and their content are a negative.

It now requires two clicks to look at a photo, and there is no indication if there is one photo, or many photos attached. The content text area is much smaller, so some posts that I used to be able to skim and determine whether I wanted more info, now I must now open.

Where can I send a complete list of pluses and minuses? Will I ever get an acknowledgement of gathering such a list?
the ui will take getting used to, it's a little cluttered, inline editing is good, hangouts are good, the nav bar looks a little too much like facebook for android...
Sorry guys but you really messed up. Now all I see is photos and I can't see any content at all. Even post requires me to click on it to figure out if I want to read it and when I'm mobile that is slow and painful. I can't even read the text that is there half the time because it doesn't stand out from the photos. Please, please, please can I have the old UI back or some serious remedial action (see my G+ post on this topic). I've stopped using the mobile app for now, I hope this wont be the case for long but as it is the app is basically useless to me.


A loyal, but unhappy user.

PS. Thank goodness I was able to revert back to the old 2.5 version using the APK Top site. Detailed instructions here:
what a mess!! it seems like a chinese site full of ads. totally different desing from all other google products.
I am using android G+ latest version and i don't see much difference from the previous version. Its still far behind FB's mobile app. Hope to see better noticeable change in coming days.
My stream now looks fugly. I can't champion this service to my friends and associates with a ui that looks like my five year old designed it. how exactly did something like this get released to the public?
stream looks dreadful. the rest of it looks nice.
have already uninstalled, what a shame!
I don't think it looks good. The photos are zoomed in which ruins most of them and by showing about two posts per page you get some very bad looking clashes. If you want to use this format you need to just show one post per page and expand the photos. I have a Galaxy Note and I still prefer to look at the web version of g+ where I can zoom in and out and watch embedded videos on the site.
Just downloaded on my HTC Wildfire S and I really don't like the fact that the text is overlayed over the pictures, makes it very hard to read. Also no hangout feature might be the wildfire is not good enough tho?? so I am getting rid of the update. It is not a benefit of any kind to me, Shame like G+ generally
(Update: Cant get rid of the update, now stuck with this lame visually harder version) :(
Hi there.
I've got couple of bugs. On my phone (HTC One X)
I.E. when I press Circles I get photos, or when I press photos I get Start hangout and when I press Stream I get my Circles list loool.
At first it was funny to me how's it been mixed up ,but it annoying now :)
This update is sort of okay on a phone but on a tablet it looks very amateur and really does not work well at all. I thought this was supposed to be the year of the tablet for google? This upgrade is big step backwards no wonder people keep buying ipads! Very disapointing, you NEED to develop a tablet version quickly.
I had to revert back to the previous version. It seems that Google has shifted too much focus to photographs. Now it's impossible to read my stream without clicking on every post. Completely impractical to only display the first sentence. Even then the readability is hampered because it's displayed over the image. Purge yourself of those new designers you hired Google.
Belo trabalho, adorei.~
Próximo passo pc :)
The new stream is way too cluttered/loud.
Colors everywhere.
Impossible to read text.
The big pictures are a distraction, and make it hard to access the full text of the post, which is the important part. Don't like it; I will now prefer the desktop interface; I used to prefer the app.

The other changes, especially the +1 button and counts, are improvements.
What I don't get is why would you take something that was working SO well and gaining popularity SO fast, distinguishing itself so wonderfully from the sheeple networks, then jump the shark so completely trying to be like those you were so strongly and successfully standing out from? <<confused>> If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
Does anyone knows utility/program/extension that would sit in my windows notification tray and notify me if someone is trying to contact me through Google+ Hangout (even if my Chrome browser is closed)? Something similar to Gmail notifier.
No update here :( LG O2X with 2.3
Stupid design, slows down the usage because I have to click on every post to see whether it is worth reading. Depending on the pictures text is unreadable. Font size is too big, IMHO. Previous version was much, much better!!!
Seems like a nice rich experience on a phone and very welcome update .... but still not an optimal experience for a tablet ... just scales up .... development and deployment needs to be more nimble .....
Marc M.
The Idea is really nice, but sometimes the Text of a Post is unreadable and it takes a long time to load the Posts on a mobile connection (no WLAN). I like the idea, but i would like to deactivate it or add some "shadow" behind the text, so the text is readable on all backgrounds.

Update: Downgraded the G+ App to 2.4.1 since the new layout (2.6.0) is horrible. Posts are difficult to read, pictures look strange, the design is chaotic. The latest update of the G+ App is awful!
Looks great on my Galaxy nexus..but the design is not optimised for the tablet...i have asus transformer and its horrible...please run this once on table and check for urslef...i know we cannot change it over night...hope the compatibility to tablet will come soon
This is shocking. The fly in animation is completely stupid. The white text over the graphics is often illegible. The DROP shadows WHHHY?

Oh yes also unsuprisingly this all makes it performs much worse on my device. Lag for one. Also on a long scroll you get things loading and randomly loading and jostling the screen around.
I think some of the updates are nice, however there is a bit of a readability issue with the white text on each post. On busy images and light images, the text will blend in with the image. The fact that I could read the entirety of a small post without opening the post itself will be missed as well.
I don't see a Hangout option in my navigation ribbon....
It looks cool and amazing. But I agree about the readability issues. Perhaps if a black border is added to the white text...
Aspect ratios for photos are hideous. Downgrading until fixed.
Ok, now I think I know what is the plan. Google is launching a FULL G+ API at Google I/O, so they're ruining their mobile apps to promote the development of third party g+ clients. That's so clever!
It looks beautiful.
But its less informative.
There's pics everywhere but I have no idea what any post is about until I click on it. I can't go clicking every single post just to figure out what its about. This is highly inefficient. Please fix this quickly. The update has drastically decreased the usefulness of G+ due to inefficiency.
What about IOS devices ?

I was informed that the only update on G+ for iOS is ability to download a photo from someone post to the camera roll< is that correct ?
Finally! What took so long? And why is iOS always getting a G+ update first? Looks great! Tks
If original photo contain text, put additional text on photo would make it look confuse, hope will have option to switch between current view to a seperate view as before.
Holy crap G+ after the update is awesome! Now to force my friends to drop FB...
Sean G
Great Job... Work on pics, agree
Can we have an option to turn off the images in the streams?

Sometimes I can't read the words due to the picture overlay. Plus all I get now is maybe 2 posts max on my Droid X.
Why the meaningless default +1 on everything?
Kinda hard to see white text when it's displayed over a white background picture. Looks nice, but not easily useable in a lot of cases. :-/
The ribbon is really good but the all circles view is just ugly. All I see is stretched pictures with a (small) title floating above it. In order to view the contents you have to open the post. Can you give an option to get the old view back? #googleplusupdate
Sadly the new interface crops images so vertical images look horrible in the stream and posts since they are cropped to be horizontal. Horizontal images are even somewhat cropped. Also the galleries pages are ugly on devices with larger screens, especially in landscape mode, since for each gallery it makes the cover image super wide but skinny. I still don't feel I can use Google+ on my Transformer Prime tablet.
Images look terrible, and posts with multiple images don't get thumbnails. You can't see in a post that it contains multiple images. The client needs an option to make the font smaller, and turn of the hideous feature that sets an image as background (not scaled right).
+Google+ and +Vic Gundotra the new release on a tablet is terrible! What have you done?
Mobile phone ok but the tablet interface is virtually in unusable!
In my eyes its a complete fail!
Yes, please, go back. New UI (phone) is horrible.
It is a break with Google products I'm used to (and fond of), which are so sober.
Overlay text needs improvement. It is not readable on bright images. Low res images look crap (distorted, pixelated,blurry) if thats fixed, it will be nice :)
Cool update but depending on the photo the white letters are a little uncomfortable to read...
Is it possible to change the "source" of What's Hot? I mean, my Android is in Portuguese (from Portugal) and so is the Google+ app, however, What's hot topics come from Brazil. Can I change it to Portugal or even worldwide?
It's awesome.... But we need more celebrities to follow. Pls invite more celebs to google+
+Google+ I will have to agree with others of the poor design on the tablet. I also think the UI is a bit busy (such as others have noticed) with all the pictures. The current layout work very well for sharing pictures (Instagram anyone?) but not for sharing large amounts of text and other information. The older layout works better.

And, I am not very fond of the white letters on top of the pictures does not work well (hard to read) as others pointed out as well.

Some of the new nav is much improved and gives easier access to every part of the program.

Just a few thoughts on the new UI. It is, however, is not a bad attempt at a new UI. However, let's remember we are not Facebook or Instagram.
Still missing sparks!!! I love the sparks on the web version, whens its gona come to the app!?!
Still Missing Pages! As a business owner I want the ability to update my audience of company goings-on on the go... I'm still yet to be able to... That little space below everything on mobile makes me hopeful that it's for pages... I hope I'm right.
Can you please add a new feature that will all us to start a g+ hangout from android contacts (people app)
love the new look for Google+
Hate the white text above (often deformed by streching) images. If an image is bright or even white the text is absolutely unreadable =( "Great" job with this...
Wish there was a way to tell that there are multiple photos in a post or not. Also, I'd also like fewer clicks to reach full sized photos.
1. Cropping or stretching a photograpers photo is breaking basic design rules! Stop raping fine art!!!
2. I still can't access my Saved Searches.
3. Still no Live Search (only standard search).
It seems impossible now to see how many images per post without clicking on the post twice...
This new update makes Google+ unusable on my Galaxy Note. Don't know if other platforms are getting a better experience. Must be judging by the positive comments. Can't believe anyone seeing what I see can be positive. Please don't role this design concept out to the web version as that would really be the end. I was looking forward to using Google+ on the move but will have to stick with desktop access.

I used to feel I was at least partially in control of what my stream looked like in that the look and feel of it was provided by the people I circled - artists, designers, photographers and illustrators for the graphic content and writers and commentators for the information I wanted to see. This new update has rendered it a homogenised eye sore that is imposed on me. It didn't used to be - it was excellent before. I can't tempt friends onto this platform with this UI. Sorry. Very disappointed.
+Paul Thomas +Geoff Lynas I agree!! I uninstalled it and reinstalled the previous version on my EVO and my Galaxy Tab. If this is not correct it will more than likely result in deactivating my account since I am primarily a mobile G+ user.
I like the look. But, i would prefer if the tiles were made smaller so you could read more posts per page.
I really like the new layout, but I'm still not getting notifications on my phone for G+. I'm running it on the HTC Evo 4G.
I'm gonna have to agree with the people complaining about the ineffectiveness of the photo stream. The accompanying texts are indeed pretty hard to read which makes the experience quite annoying. It's just fairly impossible to read this new stream without having to stare at the message, or the number of comments and +1s for that matter. Hopefully this will be improved soon.
Enjoyed reading all the comments on my phone using the 2.5 version of the app, thank goodness it was possible to downgrade (see the link on my previous comment or on my profile post).

Having read all the comments to date it is clear a) the tablet version is seriously borked in the way it displays images (haven't seen it myself), b) most serious users of the phone app think the conversion of the stream into a photo stream with text snippets is a serious step back in usability and often viewability, c) many people say that superficially it "looks better" but that says nothing about usability for what G+ is all about - sharing content.

I really hope the G+ team take note and do something - a UI makeover is fine but don't make your tools less useful or people will stop actually using them. Skimming through my stream every day enjoying the photos does nothing if I dont actually interact with the content in some meaningful way especially if the photo was just an auto-added aside to text content in the first place.
I don't like it. It seems much more of a bandwith/data hog with the bigger images now than before.
Needs to recognise that it needs to use black font over light pictures!
+Dan Bissett This won't help against checkerboard type images or images with a black-to-white gradient. Even a drop shadow won't make every text (consider a very noisy image). Fainting the image to half white or half black (i.e. semi-transparent white or black rectangle drawn over it) may work. The current setup just doesn't.
Cannot read half the posts at all! And all that black black black space which is really a waste of space!
I love photos (why I have Flickr and Picasa) but this is beyond what should be a social experience - not a poor photo album!
Soryy rant over +Vic Gundotra !!
I have to admit the new interface is growing on me. But there seem's to be a problem when tapping a post, the picture sometimes does not show in it's entirety on the first tap. Needing to tap the picture again for the full post. For me that is one tap too many. The full post should be shown on the first tap. A second tap should only be made if you want the full resolution of the post so you can pinch-to-zoom the post for better details.

Also, can you fix a annoyance that I have been dealing with the interface. To go from my Circles, to What's Hot, & Who's Near By, you side-swipe the main window. The problem with that is that I keep on accidentally side-swiping it to the next column. To fix this, no longer able to let it side-swipe on the main window. But only side-swipe from the top bar.

And talking about the side-swipe. I believe that side-swiping through a feed is a lot better than scrolling up & down it. To me, it's logical to follow. When you want to go through the comments then you scroll down it. Side-swipe, scroll-down. Side-swipe, scroll-down. It's more natural & to the point with less tapping a post.
Did you bother to see how messed up this very post renders in this app? On my phone the white text of the screen shot overlaid text "Would be grateful for title ideas, thank you" is right underneath the "Calling All Android Users!" overlaid text, making both unreadable. That double overlay fail sums up half of what is wrong with this new version (screenshot here

I'm trying out the mobile browser version for now (not too bad so far, but no easy way to search other than googling searchtermsblahblah?), and uninstalling this app if it isn't fixed within a month.
Still not impressed. I'll try each new version, but as long as the pictures continue to make the body of text-intensive posts hard to read, I'll revert back to the old interface.

It's too bad, because I like just about everything else in the update, except the big pictures.
Miss the old Android message stream. The new layout is messy and images are cropped.
Massive minus 1 for new mobile look.
In order to see image, I have to click it two times now!!!
Unseen. :(
I really like the menuing structure for this. How is this best achieved on Android?
You know what Brian? I totally disagree with you. You don't know nothing about change whatsoever.
Next, you should add one touch hangouts from the favorite contacts widget. Skype has this feature and it is a great shortcut!
Am I the only one who hates this new app version? The older one was so much simpler... this one sucks.
has anyone had trouble getting the "ring" function to work?  Will this also "ring" an iphone or just an android?   Love the new app...sometimes the txt is hard to see if the pic has a white background...took some getting use to, but I think it is definitely a large step up!
The layout is terrible - need three taps to see the image - unthinkable disadvantage.
I don't care at all for the new new look with gobs & gobs of wasted white space and the goofy looking pictures in circles instead of squares/rectangles.  The old, darker design, shown in this post, was beautiful.
Why can't I zoom in on pictures? Its quite frustrating...
I have to comment becauce?.Android survival depends on what?.Thanks a lot Amanda.
Thanks for the updated experience +Vic Gundotra . One thing that I noticed and liked alot: If you select "Find People" and then select one of the proposed user profiles, the ugly grey bar (used for new post, add photo or add location) has been removed. Instead, a smaller version of the icons for "Add Post" and "Add Photo" have been integrated into the top bar. Wow! This is nice! Now, please make this change consistently throughout the whole Android client! This would be awesome :-)
Lisa M
thank you...much smoother :) 
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