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Some highly-requested improvements to Hangouts On Air

Have you ever missed the beginning of a live Hangout On Air and wanted to rewind? How about viewing and sharing your recording right after your broadcast, versus waiting for "processing…"? Today we're launching these, and two other features, to improve your Hangouts On Air experience: 

- Rewind live broadcasts. Regardless when you start watching, you can always go back to the beginning.

- Access recordings immediately after your broadcast. Once you're no longer On Air, your recording will be waiting for you on YouTube.

- Watch higher quality Hangouts On Air on the go. If you're tuning in from your mobile device, you'll notice better-looking video.

- Start live broadcasts without having to refresh. When you visit a page with a Hangout On Air (like Events or YouTube), the video will begin playing as soon as the show starts -- no refresh required.

As part of these enhancements, it may take longer to set up your Hangout On Air. For example: the 'Start broadcasting' button may be grayed out for a bit, before it turns red. Nothing to worry about, this is just us getting everything in place before you go live.


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Now, if only I had a way to convert from a non-On Air Hang to one On Air, for those times things just evolve.
And I think 720p video would be a nice addition also.
Nice improvements. One more thing it needs: we should be able to choose what YouTube account it posts to. 
Oh yes I can rewind now. So great. I never make it in time for the beginning. 
Not sure if this would be the place to suggest it, but an improved annnotation system would be a great improvement for hangouts on air.
each person should have on its profile the ratio "+1d comments / total comments made" to see how interesting he is to follow on G+, that would boost the usage of G+ DRAMATICALLY.
I like the immediate accessibility after broadcast. Excellent updates, thanks!
Great improvements! Just finished doing a hangout on air less than an hour ago!
I watched my first hangout on air yesterday and though, it would be great if I could rewind to the beginning. Thanks 
Great updates!  I would like to see HD hangouts in the near future as well!  Even 720P would be a huge improvement for showing graphical information.
So glad to see these updates. Not having to refresh is a big one for me. I don't know how many beginnings I've missed because I forgot to refresh. Duh!. 
Being put on YouTube is actually why I do not participate in Hangouts (yes, I am not young, tech savvy, nor cool).
Hangout is very unreliable compared to similar tools. there is always someone dropping out. the inconvenience of starting a hangout and invite others is the biggest barrier for me and friends to use it.
Why YouTube is the default storage for hangout ? There must be an option for where to keep hangout .
Is it possible to record a hangout, have it recorded, but not automatically put on youtube?
I smell that there would be some awesome demo of Hangouts + Google Glass + Driverless Car in IO's keynote. ;-)
You know what what would be great +Google+ ? If my ARM-based Samsung did NOT restart when I attempt to do a google+ hangout on air all the time.
+Ian Grainger The recording is saved on YouTube privately.  It's not public, so you can download the highest quality version from YouTube and delete it, thus giving you a recorded file of your Hangout.
Sean G
Always trying, to make things Better! Thanks +Google+
This will be Great for any type of Meetings. Hopefully stuffy meetings change to be more laid back. & we'll say. Let's Hangout....

I just want to see more in business. Schools, etc. No more minutes... Just Hangouts.
That way you can hold your Bosses to their word. Ha. Teachers don't need to repeat themselves. Going to be cool to see how far Hangouts go...
+Google+ Since today there's a bug when posting a link. If I want to delete the picture of the link, the whole link disappears.
wow you guys are outdoing yourselves with these updates... Keep up the good work guys!
That's great, thank you. Do you think there will ever be a time where we can record and share hangouts privately rather than publicly? Or record privately then share with just circles or communities?  That is something I would like to see. Thank you.
did it well
keep it up like all the time :)
por favor, cambiadle el nombre en español. "Quedadas" estaba muy bien; tertulias, charlas, encuentros, citas...
I know there's an app for this "comment tracker" But how about being able to view the comments on YouTube in the chat window natively?
Amen!  Now if we can get the occasional clicking noise out of the audio and reduce the bugs and or difficulty with newer people getting into a hangout it will be a perfect world!   
Speaking of requests, +Google+: Can you give a popup warning when we change the name of our page saying that it can only be changed 3 times?

I did a test-run, thinking the changes were unlimited, and then I ended up with a name I didn't want to stick with.

Can you help me change the name one last time?

Thanks! Google+ is constantly amazing!
Ref privacy issues and the fact some people are shy and don't want to be YouTube stars - Is it possible to record the hangout to YouTube but initially have it set as private so that only people invited to it can watch it?
I need to check one these out. I hear about them all the time but have never experienced one. I am confused how they are organized and where you centrally see a group of all the hangouts. I am also unsure of the major industries are that host these for the most part, but I do know some. Would be nice if underneath this there was a discussion about new google hangouts that I should attend. 
This will be great in my chemistry lessons.  I create a hangout for demonstration videos that uses multiple camera angles.  Students can rewind and pause demos right as they happen on their own phones or class ipads!  a quick 5-minute demo is now an asynchronous replay for students at different learning levels.  It frees me up from doing more explanations so that I can walk around the room and give direct assistance or informal assessment time.
There is NO Start BroadCast Button and I have a LIVE Team training; WHAT Did you Guys do?????
yes simon, I have the same problem. I used to hit the little video camera button and i'd get a box where you can enable Hangout on air, that button no longer is there and it immediately goes to invite people. I need it to be the way it was. And than I click live broadcast and it counts down 10 seconds til its live. Thanks, Terry
Yea Terry, Exactly what You said - we Cannot be the only ones having this problem --- Why is there no outrage about this? I had a team call yesterday and I couldn't do it; I love the hangout; how it allows for screen share, as well as others getting on to add value as well; share their screen -  it's an awesome tool - but I'd love for it to work like it used to. Thanks so much.
Is the Rewind feature the cause of the broadcast delay, i.e. the time delay between when something happens in the HOA session and when the audience watching via YouTube actually sees & hears it? If so, then it would be great if broadcasters could be given the option of whether to use the Rewind feature.

This change has effectively ended the ability to have a live interaction with a viewing audience, which was something that meaningfully distinguished HOA.
It would be great if you could create an event for a hangout on air, it would make organising them much much easier. 
Amazing how far Hangouts have come in two years.
Good news!
Now +Google+ we need chat synchronized with video during the replay and the chat should be the same you can see in your text-hangout AND private hangouts recording, that you can decide to broadcast later on YouTube or to share privately with some circles only (or in Google Apps Edu with groups (classes) or the whole Google Domain).
how about allowing us to start a hangout without having to 'share'?

The last 3 shares I've had are how crap a setup it is.
I don't get it....My Youtube account has my real name (b4 it had a username). Doesn't it mean Google+ and Youtube r connected? I did the connection from youtube. I went to your products page and clicked on youtube. I arrived at my homepage. Doesn't it mean they're connected? Why I need to 'provide' a cell number in order for the broadcast of the hangout works? I tried provided several times a WORKING CELLPHONE NUMBER and you didn't fucking recognize it. Why don't you do a list of the companies you work with?
I will ask the same question posted  by Jerry Buckho:
"Is the Rewind feature the cause of the broadcast delay, i.e. the time delay between when something happens in the HOA session and when the audience watching via YouTube actually sees & hears it? If so, then it would be great if broadcasters could be given the option of whether to use the Rewind feature. 

This change has effectively ended the ability to have a live interaction with a viewing audience, which was something that meaningfully distinguished HOA."
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