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Making It Even Easier to Invite People to a Hangout
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Starting today, it's even easier to hangout with friends in your circles. Now you can invite people currently online and add people by pictures. Once you've got your list of people to hangout with, just hit "Invite" and you'll be meeting face to face to face. /via +Kate Cushing
Google+ Hangouts: making it easier to invite others

Hangouts are great for catching up with the people you care about, and today we're making it easier to invite your circle of friends to join you.

Once you're inside the hangout, you'll see the familiar "invite" dialog on one side. On the other, however, you'll now see pictures of people in your circles:

- Those currently online appear higher in the list, making it easier to hang out right away
- You can also hover over a particular person to see their online status
- Simply click on a person's face to add them to your invite list

Once your list is set, just hit the "Invite" button to invite your friends to your hangout.

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Kenny I don't think until Google makes the iPhone app IPad compatible these features will come about.
Hangouts is just great on my #GalaxyNexus.. Thanks Google :-)
Native Google+ app on iPad?? No? ok thanks bye :)
Won't work on the Motorola xooms either! Any suggestions?
Hangouts are way better than skype. I use multiple cameras, laptop and phone, so I can show gma and gpa what the kids are doing. Kind of like a roving cam while the kids see gma and gpa on the laptop. Just great.
xoom won't open those programs

This is a privacy issue. I don't want people to know when I'm online. If this matches my Google Talk (Chat) status, then it's fine.
Gus O
Totally agree with u kenny. I should of checked out what worked with xoom tablet before purchase. I was looking forward to using hangouts on my xoom tablet. HOW WRONG WAS I!!!!!
Kenny agree with you 100%! I wish I could get my facebook friends to make the switch and once google works on all devices there is no doubt that it is so much better than facebook. So much cooler setup like circles plus no advertisements. Hangouts is or will be the icing!
+Kenny Whetstone I don't have any sales figures so I can't refute or confirm your 8:1 claim. And I certainly see your argument in terms of a monolithic one-model sales model and the consistency therein - trying to figure out the user interfaces between various Android models can be daunting for someone with low technical skills, and even makes some of us who have been around the block a few times pause and say "huh?" occasionally.

However, I think the Android universe shines because of its inconsistency, not despite it. I can choose low-end Android tablets starting around $100 if I want a decent e-reader that can do some web browsing.

"Everything should be Pure Google" misses the point of the Android universe and its intentional competition. If I want a high-end device that competes with the iPad, and I have that kind of money, I can certainly buy one. The $400 Transformer with its $150 docking station is a great case in point.

But not everyone can afford a $550 convertible or a $600 tablet, so the fragmentation (or competition) in the Android space means I can go out and snag a Kyros for 100 clams and have a viable little tablet for surfing the web, reading books, and doing some lower-end tablet-y things.

I'm quite happy with the Pandigital Novel I picked up used for 20 bucks recently. It's got a 400 mhz processor, enough battery to run all day long, a bright 7-inch screen, and runs Eclair so most of the apps I'm going to want to run on a low-end tablet work just fine on it. It's not an earth-shattering device, there's no camera, no GPS, and it's very slow... but it also cost me 1/30th what a new iPad would have.

I prefer the confusion of choice. I'm not claiming that's the right answer for everyone. But most everyone I know carries Android tablets - the Galaxy Tab seems to be a popular choice - because you can get a lot more hardware for a lot less money.

I know a few iPad owners and they are thrilled with their purchases as well, so it's all good.
It's not easy for me because I'm not able to participate in a hangout since I don't have a webcam
zz yang
Google+ could use Hangouts launch some interactive game. #GooglePlay
I've been having major problems with hangouts lately. The google talk plugin never initialises and I've tried everything short of a full system wipe. But not willing to go that far.
I think hangouts could be better. Why can't I just start a hangout and allow my Friends&Family circle see it if they happen to be checing google+? Why does google+ have to be send a notification that i'm hanging out? I don't like that. That notification should be up to me. When I share a post to my friends, they aren't all notified unless I choose to notify them. They check google+ and see my post.
It would be much better if Hangouts worked the same way.. Example.... Sign into Hangout, pick which circles can see you.... No notification sent to the cicle(s) you chose to hangout with. If one or more of the people in your cirlce check thier phone or sign into google plus they could see me hanging out in their stream.
I would turn on my camera and hangout more but I don't like that +Google+ sends out a notification to everyone in the circle. It would be much better like said... if they check google plus they can see that I'm hanging out and join if they want. Let me chose if I want them to be notified that I'm hanging out.

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cc +Louis Gray
+Andrew Banchich that isn't true. I'm with +Connor Macleod on this one. If I start a hang out and choose my family circle, everyone in that circle is notified via google+ notification that I am hanging out. there is no way to stop that notification from being sent to them. He just wants them to see it in their stream if they happen to check google+.

+Kenny Whetstone
He is not talking about private hangouts. He just wants to control the notification that goes out to the circle(s) when he turns his camera on and choose to "hangout" in google+. Google+ sends a notification a to every person in the circle(s) you choose to hangout with. Connor just wants the option to hangout and if people check google+ they will see you hanging out in their stream and hangout if they want.
If you want to personally invite somone(individual) to a hangout, that is when a notification should be sent by google+.

The reason I know this is i started a hangout last week and just choose my family cirlce. My sister jumped on within seconds saying she got a notification to her phone that I was hanging out. i looked around but I don't see where you can shut that off.
There are many issues in Albums and Posts, please take care of them as they are much more "Basic" than hangouts.
People don't use Google+ because of that.
Is it possible that the on-air feature of hangouts can be switched on for teachers? I'm 'flipping my classroom' for my history exam classes. And the resulting videos have become quite popular outside of the school as well. 2. Eindexamen geschiedenis - dekolonisatie en koude oorlog in Vietnam - dekolonisatie Indochina

I'd like to do a weekly exam chat with colleagues and students and communicate through + or twitter to answer questions running up to the exams in May. To allow a big group of students to participate I need On Air. I'd like to share these on YouTube as well. Any help here? Google is very hard to reach on these matters.
I'd like to be able to notify people of hangouts via email. Most of my family that I've tried to hangout with doesn't know how to use Google+ so trying to get them to find my "hangout" is a difficult task. It'd be nice to have the option of email notification or a more in-your-face notification like skype...
+Oliver Acevedo if you added the person to your circles by using their email address.(even if they don't have g+ yet) They should get an email sent to their mailbox that you want to hang out with them if you put their name in where is says "start a hangout"
Thanks Shawn. I thought about that but didn't seem like they were getting it. If I put a circle, would it email everyone or it only emails if I put them in individually?
I believe you have to put their name in. It not like on the desktop when you add a post where you can click on the "family" circle and then check the box that says "Also email the 2 People not yet using google+"
please tell that Google + can't stop me from getting their questions in my gmail without stopping each and every one of them
Is there any way to have your online status hidden from circles that aren't close friends or family.  See I don't mind having my close friends or family start a Hangout or that they can tell when I'm online but my Circles that I created from Online friends I don't want them to automatically be able to tell when I'm online.  I recently accepted on my phone a couple of invites to hangout now these people who I only know from online can tell when I'm on.  The only way is to block them in G+ I think they are okay people and I don't want to block them I just don't want them to know my online status.  My Close friends and family are able to Hangout while my G+ Circles are send request.  It just appears that after the initial accept those users can Hangout anytime aftward.

I also use other apps like Apple's Messenger to remote with my family's computers using the same Google Account, so now my buddy list in Messenger is showing the names of the people who I accidnely accepted the Hangout, .  For those online only members I have been sending private G+ messages or chatting publicly in communities that we are both a part of which I'm okay with, but not Hangouts.
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