Making It Even Easier to Invite People to a Hangout
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Starting today, it's even easier to hangout with friends in your circles. Now you can invite people currently online and add people by pictures. Once you've got your list of people to hangout with, just hit "Invite" and you'll be meeting face to face to face. /via +Kate Cushing
Google+ Hangouts: making it easier to invite others

Hangouts are great for catching up with the people you care about, and today we're making it easier to invite your circle of friends to join you.

Once you're inside the hangout, you'll see the familiar "invite" dialog on one side. On the other, however, you'll now see pictures of people in your circles:

- Those currently online appear higher in the list, making it easier to hang out right away
- You can also hover over a particular person to see their online status
- Simply click on a person's face to add them to your invite list

Once your list is set, just hit the "Invite" button to invite your friends to your hangout.

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