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It's #TipTuesday again, and today we want to help you get the most out of your stream experience! 

On your circles page, put your four favorite circles first. By doing so, those four circles will appear at the top of your stream on the home page for easy filtering. 
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+Google+ Thanks, four instead of the earlier two is certainly an improvement.
displaying four circles is new, right? I remember seeing only the two first circles up there.
+Google+ when I tag a name it is replaced with this: +***
When I edit the post the name is replaced with numbers like this +006921958252643765055 any idea why??
the problem is: top filtered users is not equal to the top frequently managed circle..I tend to arrange the top frequently managed circle as the first row/line circle instead of the top filtered users circle
Improve your basic mobile user experience if you dont want to lose users.
Good to know, thanks for the tip!
Thank you, +Google+, for the tip. I did some rearranging just now, so I hope to see some better and/or different stream results.
"put them...." It's not obvious how. just sayin', would've been better to write, "put your favorite Circles first by..."

I think the answer might be, " clicking on then dragging them..."
vinay c
any new plans in g+ to compete with fb graph search??
i think deep integration of g+ into search, maps, chrome and google now will be a great job..
You fooled me with that screenshot... that homepage looked very different from mine! It took me a while before I realized you had been... well never mind, I got it now. And yes, thanks.
Good to know +Google+ . Thanks.

Now if you could focus on the flakiness of the notifications on G+... That would be a huge improvement. 
+Google+ Would be great to be able to do that for Communities as well, so that our favorites only appear in the pop up when we hover the mouse on the button. #featurerequest  
thanks for adding more circles to the top nav... finally! :)
buenos días un día más de una vida más gracias
Buenos dias. Atodos y que dios los yene de vendiciones
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