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Google+ and the Create program are happy to announce a new program for Community owners and moderators - introducing Community Vanguards!

Vanguards is a supportive network of Community owners and moderators on Google+ interested in learning about community management! This private Community, moderated by the Create team, is a space to share best practices and advice on running successful Communities and to ask for help with a range of issues including how to boost engagement, writing Community guidelines, and mentoring new members.

If you own an active Community on Google+ and would like to join a group of dedicated, supportive Community owners to learn more about community management, then Vanguards might be the right program for you!

Apply by filling out this form:

Check back in this Collection to learn about Vanguards members, the Communities they run on Google+, as well as our tips for running successful Communities!
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Why did you let us lose our notifications and our followers like that
>Actively trying to marry Google+

ok then sure
This joke has gone way too far
+Google+​ Quiero que vuelva la campanita!!!! De el modo en que se ven las notificaciones no me gusta y aparte es incómodo y lioso!!por favor ponganlo como estaba antes!!!
Please +Google+ moderate this post!!! +Madeleine DeRome  or +Sophie Bonnet  can you see all these comments? I really wanted to share this post but I can't do it with all these nonsense comments here. I can't imagine the ones not in the pubic view.
Wow. Sounds much more professional. I'm not sure I will be having community. I have enough to read and answer . Enjoy my dear friend. You will be fantastic. 
+Margaret Siemers This is a post I would really like to share to encourage other community owners and moderators to join the community but I simply can't share it like this.
Can I get intouch wit any pretty baby here ? Pls
I thought I could have an idea but seems difficult, I may have enough time reading
So I'm trying to apply here since my original "create" application didn't lead anywhere. But the post says "moderators and owners" while the survey only mentions owners. Which is correct? I applied anyway, but I am curious ;-)
I can't remember if I applied ... 
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Not to be in the morning and I have a nice day and besh
I am 35yearsold and will be able to do it for you 
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