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We've started rolling out custom URLs to a limited set of verified profiles and pages on Google+. (In fact, now you can find us at While we're not quite ready for everyone to start claiming their own custom URLs, we plan to expand the availability over time, so stay tuned!
Custom URLs for profiles and pages: a first step

Your Google+ profile is a place for you to share your passions with the millions of people who come to Google each day. Whether you're a clothing brand showing off your latest fashions (, an athlete talking about the game (, or an actor recalling a favorite role (, your Google+ profile helps you connect with the people who share your interests. Today we’re introducing custom URLs to make it even easier for people to find your profile on Google+.

A custom URL is a short, easy to remember web address that links directly to your profile or page on Google+. For instance, +TOYOTA  can now use to unveil their latest models, +Britney Spears  can share her upcoming appearances at, +Ubisoft  can share game trailers and videos at, and +Delta  can help travellers find great deals at

Custom URLs will also be available to people and pages worldwide, so brands like Globo can point readers to, or any of their other Brazilian publications.

At first, we’re introducing custom URLs to a limited number of verified profiles and pages. But over time we plan to offer custom URLs to many more brands and individuals, so please stay tuned!

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sweetness! If you're feeling generous, i'd like to reserve mine :)

also, will this feature be available for our Pages as well?
Should've been part of the Google+ launch. That big long string of numbers is a ridiculous thing. Facebook has been handling nice, simple URLs for years now. It's not difficult.
How do you get to Matthew Inman? ;)
Clearly my celebrity is huge enough that my profile warrants verification. So where do I go to TCB? #kthxbye  
As much as I hate how Verified sometimes gives Google+ kinda an "upper class", it does make sense to let celebrities and businesses get their names first. It reduces the number of serious name disputes that'll crop up.
+Google+ how will someone know when their custom URL is working and available? Will they be notified by you?
Want! For both my personal account and my other page.
+Google+ are there any plans for a native Twitter account tie-in? Currently I have to use a host of Chrome plugins in order to post from here to there and they tend to be hit & miss.
Finally!  This is great news!
I do hope though that it will be administered properly. One of the reasons I left Facebook was because some idiot claimed my name theViceroy was his business (Indian restaurant called The Viceroy) and they locked my account when it was a false claim, I had been called that since the start.

There was no complaint procedure at all, and facebook were not interested in my appeal.

Really spoilt the whole thing, knowing any old idiot could claim you had stolen the name, and that was that, you lost it.
I suppose you could already create/add a domain or sub-domain of your website and change the cname to go to your gplus page or profile with even more control over the name you want.  For example,  I'm not trying to shamelessly promote, but I did this and it was the only example I knew of.
I really hope that there's some way to ensure that this is only rolled out to people who are using their real name.
Sweet! I'll definitely take advantage of this when it becomes available. Thank you.
also, how about an auto-cross posting to facebook, that way i can switch to +Google+ completely and still keep my [noobish] friends up-to-date? :)
Kevin Bae
I think it sucks that this gets rolled out only to high profile users and celebrities before it gets rolled out to all the early adopters of G+. I may not have a bunch of people following me and I may not be the most active poster on G+ but, I was here long before the celebrities and I use this site everyday to follow people for news and information. Occasionally I post and comment.

I understand that Google needs the high profile users to be happy so they can gain a critical mass of people engaging on G+. I get it. But, I'm tired of being relegated to second class status when it is people like me that make a site like this a success.
+Kevin Bae Part of me wants to tell you to "wahhh! get over it" and another part wants to say "you're right". 
+Beto Aguirre I agree with you. Part of me knows I should just get over it but the other part always feels like it gets the shaft.
Giving it some thought, maybe its because if they open it up to everyone, you'll get those morons that will take up celebrity names in order to make a buck by selling it to the actual celebrity. So I see Google actually doing the right thing. 
+Kevin Bae I don't see what is the issue. How many people have you in their circle? How many people have Britney Spears or Huge Jackman in their circle? So that is why they go first and the rest of us later. For example, it makes sense business wise to have a celebrity called Kevin Bae secure that name and bringing his fans on G+ than giving it to you first then have that celebrity being pissed and refusing to come to G+. Just my take on the issue.
+Serge Herve Meny I think I pointed out exactly what you said in my comment. I understand why Google is doing what it's doing. I don't have to like it though.  I just wish sometimes the early adopters would get some of the goodies from time to time first.

Google has, from the beginning, been trying to enforce "real" names on G+. They can easily stop me from using a name that is not my own.
hope to have my +vincentgault soon :-)
+Mia Pulido  when you switched from the scrapbook to the new cover picture you lost the ability to switch back, there was a warning that if you switched you could not switch back
They will probably let people and pages who have a verified profile use it first, which makes a lot of sense. I bet it will be at least a few months until it rolls out to everyone.
This is/was a major impediment to adoption.  How can a business say "Join us on Google+ at"?  It'd be about as memorable as saying "banana left hook heart dash 22."  Considering two other major social networks have linking right past the domain level (hint: one of them limits messages to the size of an SMS), a lot of people would tend to tune out mentally right after hearing "u slash," even if they were to rattle off the opaque number that follows.  Because I like your service, sorry to say, you've lost a lot of ground due to this not being implemented at launch (hopefully you can make it up, and quickly).  Now, for example, it'd be much easier to say "Join us at plus dot Google dot com slash W B E N nine thirty" or similar (for WBEN-AM Buffalo).
I look forward to seeing how this pans out for apps accounts - perhaps the option of
I'm a heavy +Google+ user!!! However, I'm not verified... where's the love???  I want a vanity URL please!
+Google+ can you guys make a video on how this is going to work. I don't understand how this is going to work, and I want to learn more.
+Efrain Martinez it is available only to a handful of people right now. Google will probably release more information about it when it is released to everyone.
I hope gmail email addresses get preference.  For example, if I own, I should be allowed to get unless I opt out of it for some stupid reason.  I can see this becoming a mess.
I have a sinking feeling that Google Apps users are a vocal minority. 
I'm happy to see this happen, but the implementation reminds me of Animal Farm.  All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.
William, in the real world where people are honest and not politically correct, we're not all equal.  That's reality.
Yeah, finally for the celebrities, but how much longer for us 'common' folk?
I am sure they will. It just would have been nice if they made it available for everyone at once. Anyway, better late than never right......
Ooh. I was hoping Google+ would allow YouTube users to start with their channel URLs, to keep those in sync.
Hope this will roll out internationally not only US !
I'll be so pissed if they give my custom URL to the porn star with the same name!!! :(
This sounds like an arms race to me. +Google+ a lot of great ideas have been put forth in this post. Just make it work.
geez who do i have to plus around here!?!
We should be able to use the same name used in our gmail account as our Google+  url...
#HugoBoss   was a Nazi.  Maybe you could have chosen a better example.  Just sayin'.
This is interesting. Not only will the first round of URLs be full names, but that means the second round will end up with URLs with numbers... ugh. Just let us choose our own URL.
Its really good move, am sure, everyone wanted to recognize their profile in text instead of numbers; but I've been again asked for verification and not sure, how long I'll have to wait for it. #googleplusupdate
It's not fair or right that you give it to higher up people first. This should be a social network, not an advertising network like twitter/
Hello, i need the url +dieeventfotografen ;-)
Custom URLs should be first come first serve. Facebook did this without any issues.
A long time coming, but a welcome addition. We look forward to claiming ours. Thanks Google!!
been waiting for the move for a while
It's quite poor that you are so elitist as to only verify certain people AND then only allow those people to get a custom URL.  I'm sure we will all get one evetunally but let's be honest, it is the people who have made G+ not all the 'late to the party' celebs.  Shame on you +Google+ +Saurabh Sharma   I've been here since the early days of G+ and I am still a nobody in Google's social vision!  :-)
seems I'm not famous enough, can't activate it yet
I have a verified account so where will I find this feature? Is it automatic or do I have to do something to enable or choose my url?

Great. So now I get to fight it out with the 70+ other Jeff Schneiders on G+ for my vanity URL. 
Does this have anything to do with the Oatmeal????
I think it's just for public figures and companies, not everyday people like us. :)
It is good Google is going slow and steady with everything on Google+ which is a good sign as rushing things has not worked in the past. 
Eh, if you own a domain, this isn't such a big deal. One quick line in your htaccess file and you can get something like this:

You're not going to be able to get much shorter than that.
This was a feature promised to us right after G+ started, I have been upset that my Picasa links all ceased to work since G+ changed my address to be a long number rather than my email :-(  can't wait to be able to pick a name finally
Hey #Google , I verify that I am me. Can I get my custom URL now?
You should roll out these "Custom URLs" to those that have been with Google the longest, then then go from there... I signed up for Gmail back in mid 2004, then Google+ when it first launched.
FYI, just because someone has a verified profile, doesn't mean they have a custom nickname.  

My profile is verified, because I've been with Google since near the beginning, was a beta tester on apps, and been an avid follower of Google products.... but just because I'm verified, I'm not a Celebrity... I was just smart and did it years ago.  

Downside... I still don't have access to the new Nicknames and if I do... I am not seeing anything that shows me how to claim one.  As usual, I wont be rewarded, because I'm not famous enough and I probably wont get the best nickname for my profile.  
I want domain mapping....
When and how can I apply for my favorite Custom URL? You should annouce it soon and practice a fair procedure.  
How does a person or company know if they are one of the "limited number of verified profiles and pages" that Google talks about?
when will this be available and how do I access it?
our dream is:                                                  ❤
So it looks like this is being selectively rolled out. I'm verified, but have no clue as to how to set this up.
Finally! =D
I've been waiting for this for a long, long time =)
Awesome news. Can't wait. :)
Жду с нетерпением когда появится такая возможность!
I saw people starting to post their URL earlier this morning and got excited.... disappointing individuals can't claim their personal URL now. 
I so wish that we could reserve a spot in the proverbial land-grab . . . sign me up!
Can anyone from +Google+ let us know if people with Google Apps accounts will be included in this?  
Way to pick and choose who is important...
How do i get a verified profile? I want my custom url :'(
i tried searching this question threw Google search and this is where it took me to so i will post the question here i had tried to post on a thread on Google+ just a few minutes ago and i got a little yellow message at the top of my page stating i was not allowed to post in that thread so i am wondering what this is about and if anyone is wondering yes i am over 18 and everything and no i haven't done anything wrong all i ever do on here is play games Ive only made maybe 3 or 4 post on here in the whole like month or so that i have been here and again because i know someones gonna trie to say something i know this is off topic but this is where Google brought me to when i searched about this so this is where it got posted thanks to anyone who has an answer for this...
Checking back. How is this moving along?... I would love to get mine.
I'am still waiting. Can you offer me a vanity (Dario Salvelli)? Thank you.
+Google+ give me my verification now, I have been on here from the start, promoting +Google+ since the beginning and I deserve My vanity profile to be verified. 
what can i do ,I need a short Url, please give me that . much obliged. .
Looking forward to the developments on this too!
Too funny...I came to comment on vanity URLS and what a necessary idea they (that long # now used is a bit archaic), and as I wondered whether I would get one for my name, I see +Richard Cummings 4 comments up who has been on Google+ since the beginning.  Well, I guess he is slightly more deserving :) 
+Google+  I see the FAQ where the lower limit to the google plus custom URL is set to 5 characters, but how long can be ? 20 ? 100 characters? Is there an upper limit?
Thanks !
I guess its the usual Google sucking up to their chums. Given that some of us actually spend money with Google (maybe not quite a $million), I find it odd that they treat customers so poorly. 
the rich always get to go first you know that
Looking forward to this. Any update on the date when we all get this?!
A recent post stated that Google+ was now the second largest social site behind Facebook. If Google+ wanted to be #1 all they have to do is offer custom URLs. If you have every searched for friends on G+ you discover that 90% have not posted anything yet. I would have to say that a big factor in that has to do with the fact that people can't just tell their friends a simple URL!!!!  So where are the custom URLs. I could do so much more for my business if I could tell my customers a simple URL that matched my business name and they could remember it. I have a verified business and have been waiting forever.
how do I set my url on my cover image It currently shows work,school where I live and circles
+Google+ , I have to say that this whole #CustomURL  / #VanityName  thing is an interesting move for #googleupdates  . On the one hand, your public announcement of Google+ #CustomNames   was premature, since it was only being offered to a select few people - thus, the rest of the masses fell into the state of #GooglePlusSulking  . On the other hand, Scarcity is a powerful persuasion/marketing tool and thus, the early announcement coupled with the fact that it was only available to a select few was an ingenious marketing tactic.

Therefore, I have to say that, in this matter, I both approve and disapprove of the way in which Google+ released the news about Google Plus Custom Name URLs. 
I’d like to join the “limited set of verified profiles”, please.
this is really a biased model of selection which  i wouldn't actually advice and am really disappointed by Google.of all the approved profiles,all are either famous celebs or rich people or both,so what Google is trying to say is that if you got nothing in your pockets you are actually a nothing ,to me personally i dont agree with this,coz i think everyone is equal and no varying degrees of ones financial status should act as a stratification basis to bias persons,what google is trying to say...i short what am saying is that this aint fair a bit and google should at least revise this...its actually bad PR
Since it has been almost a year and still not released publicly, is there a way I can get added to the test group?
+jimmy cliff - Actually, Jimmy, (although I do agree that there are a lot of rich people and celebs being given the vanityurls) I that it is more a matter of their true identity being easier to confirm and validate. with People that have tens of thousands of circlers or a famous celebrity, the odds of it really, truly being that person are higher and therefore +Google+ feels more secure in giving out that particular vanity url.
+Joel Glenn Wright  I understand that it is easier to confirm and validate celebs, but come on. I've been on google forever.

Google knows what I eat and search for.

They know what I blog and what kind of toothpaste I use.

So... Yes I AM Theo van der Sluijs !!

Just give me that nice Vanity Url!

+Theo van der Sluijs +Joel Glenn Wright  i agree with theo google has also many other services which they would validate someones true identity,come on...if i have a valid ad-sense  account dont you think google accually knows me well enough if they can send me cheques?
Agreed, twitter, fb, linkedin, youtube all have vanity URS's.  IT IS time that G+ did too!
Still waiting for mine too
So many comments and we still think that people at google really care what we have to say here.

Common people google is to big to care. And Google just do what they think is right.

They dont listnen to some google+ fans about what they want.

Google wants to make money, and the way they do that is all they care about.

Which all companies would do to stay healthy.
And yes I want my vanity url to, but waiting is the only thing to do. 
+Seun Tayo-Balogun thaanx, i was looking 4this and got really upset when i found this Google+ post...I need it right now to put it on my personal business card :)
As much as I want a +GooglePlusCustomURL, I did my own thing.  If you own your own domain, you can do what I did. is THE most vane URL you can get.  LOL.
+Lauren Helms I read on another post previously around 1000 followers.   Not sure about "Personal Pages" though...  Hopefully a lot less, I want my name -_-
still waiting on the business page :(
Is it possible for me to get a personal URL +Google+ ? pretty please :)
One reason why Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn work better. I don't know why you can't let us have simple URL's  Really makes you look backward.  And why we are at it, why don't you have it tightly integrated to  blogs?  Twitter is much better.

I am still using you but I don't put it forward as much as facebook, twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn because of the hopeless URL's
well when will it be available for the individual profiles ?
+Tuan Do that is not what many people are asking for.  Who wants to have to create a "page" when they want the Vanity URL for their profile.  
Customs URL is taking a long time to be available for everyone. It doesn't seem to be available in the near future though :(
verify mine already sheesh +ErikaMiller :)
why it takes so long to release this convenient feature!
Please Circle me! ;) I will Circle back you :)
This post was made almost a year ago - Why has Google not implemented this yet... We shouldn't have to use 3rd party services to make it easier to share our Google+ Profile.

When using Facebook; I was able to prevent my name from being found via the friend search.. this allowed me to give out my "vanity" url to only those I wanted to find/add me. 

Another things I'm sure that keeping many from making the switch from Facebook to Google+ 
I can't wait to get a shorter link for business cards and social media posters
How to get verified name for my profile on Google+ ??
Looks like it still doesn't work :/
Anxiously awaiting my custom link Google+.. Let's start BBQ'ing, and stop Mildewing!! 
Really looking forward to this and to start posting on google+ under my URL. Please do let me know as soon as this is available. For now @milestimothy 
It's really cool feature that I have been waiting for since I've been in Google+. And I hope sooner it will be for public. Thanks!
It's been a year!  What's happening with this feature?  We need to print out leaflets & business cards for one of our sites and this long number URL is not helping!  Is there any way we can claim ours?
Ra g
I want my profile url.. pls help with link, i need Claim URL button or link..
M Zuhri
its been a year since this post... and????
This is stupid.
Curious as well would love to snag a url to go alongside my linkedin / twitter / facebook.
Will I be able to take advantage so I won't have to be that long serial number anymore?
Yes, this is bit important and hot topic. 
i've been wondering when this would come around. glad it's almost here. any timetable for when this will be implemented on a wider scale?
How can I get my page to have a unique URL? 
That's a 1 year old post but I have to ask, Is this now available for all Google+ pages or there's some condition to get your id-free url?
Why not you customise url like facebook or twitter ?
Any update from the folks upstairs on when any gent off the apple cart can customize their profile link?  :)
For a page known as "FooBar", I'm only offered the URL Foo-barDE.  For my private profile, I'm not even offered to change the umlaut ä in my surname to "ae". That's ridiculous.
What about those who don't have texting on a mobile phone? Is there any workaround on that? +Google+ Help 
This is all good except the part where I have to add additional characters to make my url unique. WTF google? If it's not taken why should I add more crap to it? I don't want my url to have useless letters and numbers. This will only make more people go to facebook and not use your products. Very stupid of you!
My custom URL  (+guykirkwood) has not been taken but it is still asking for additional letters or numbers . Would it be possible to register my custom URL as +guy.kirkwood as this refelects my gmail account? Thanks

I have the same problem on a professional account. The custom URLs we wish to get (+Eisenberg) ou (+eisenbergparis) are available, but we have been asked either for additional letters, or we are said that the url isn't available.

It there any solution? Thanks a lot.

+Google+ Help 
so +Google+  whats the deal on getting a url if you page has been verified, you meet the terms and still not been offered a vanity url? is it true that if you have a subdomian listed as your web address that +Google+ wont offer you a vanity url?
+Google+ ~ +Doyle Industries is a paid enterprise subscriber: We were offered "DoyleIndustries" (capital D, capital I) as our Custom URL - we got "Doyleindustries" (lowercase i) ~ is there even anything at all you can do to remedy your error??  [Urgent]
Support on this for Business Pages would be Very Helpful
I am setting up a new political campaign in San Francisco, and registered a Gmail account, to set up a YouTube channel.  I then went to create a business page for the campaign, but when I got to the custom url.  We own the url, facebook url, twitter url, gmail account, and youtube channel, but we cannot get the google+ url.  
+Richard Doyle You should be able to edit your custom URL with any variation of capitals and lowercase as you see fit - as long as the URL contains the same letters in the same order!
Still Cannot Register Custom URL

The problem is that it says that my custom URL is unavailable, because I registered the Gmail address and the YouTube account before setting up Google+.  If I go to register a Google+ for Business Page, the option there to set up a custom URL is to set up a Gmail account, which I already have.

If I set up my Google+ page from within YouTube, from the Gmail account with the associated name, it still does not give me the option to use my gmail account slug as my custom URL on Google+.  The Gmail account does not yet have a Google+ profile associated with it, because it is for an entity, not a person.  It does not give me the option to set up a Google+ for Business page from my existing Gmail account.
+Google+ have choose me a url and is approved the only problem is they add the city where our office are at this time after my name. We are moving our office in a different city in couple of days and i dont want the old to appear after our url.. Can I change something
Unfortunately, the only way I have found to deal with major Google+ for business support issues is to join Apps for Business (at least as a free trial) to be eligible for support for 30 days.
NO! It is a complete and insane crap. Google FORCES the choice of the Custom URL for a page. What you state "A custom URL is a short, easy to remember web address that links directly to your profile or page on Google+." it is completely false because my URL you would force me to use is composed of 40 characters and it is NOT shor. As company we chose a custom url for every social like facebook and twitter is composed by 13 charactes but the one Google proposes is forcing us is unacceptable.
I wonder how comes that lately Google is having so many messes.
I was offered the custom URLs for my YouTube and Google+ a few days ago.  I went for it as it seems a great idea.

Now my YouTube won't link to my Google+ any longer so, once again, I'm unable to comment on YouTube videos.

Please advise.
Pakistan dir upper sharmai 
foro io
why is not possible use dots (.)? 
Add a comment...