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Google+ Hangouts On Air are now available to users worldwide! Now you can broadcast your conversation to the world!
We've launched Hangouts On Air worldwide!
(worth capitalizing!)

a HUGE thanks to all the hangouts on air users to date who have helped us improve this feature and prepare us for today's worldwide release.

when we first envisioned on air, our vision was to enable this broadly to the public. watching the creativity and diversity for how you all have been using hangouts, i'm confident that you'll take hangouts on air to new heights. i can’t wait to see what you’ll do. we'll have to rename it “hangouts in space.” (and now you know why they don't let me near marketing).

go nuts. :)


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Worldwide without Germany isn't worldwide ;)
Hopefully we can use this for a Glenn Miller concert on wednesday, performed by the Orquesta de Jazz del Ecuador! Let us know if you'd be interested in watching the concert live!
Awesome guys, cant wait for the global chatting to start xD.
This is one of those moments that change everything. Sure there have been a few services available previously that allowed you to stream live, but nothing anywhere near as ubiquitous and interactive as the Google+ Hangouts On Air. Joni Mitchell once sang "You turn me on, I'm a radio", but now you are a TV station, a super-station, a worldwide live interactive internet video channel on demand. Democratizing or enslaving? We shall soon see . . .
Is there a way to do this from a mobile phone for a page? +IdeaHack Chicago is helping to organize a civic hackathon on a moving CTA train and I'd like to be able to host a hangout from the train itself. I notice I can't switch to my page through the mobile app?
Oh, my. This media democratization is going to rock the until world of TV industry and journalism. Web1.0 is about information accessibility. Web2.0 is interactivity. Web3.0 is instantability and mobility. If G+ hangout app can be well integrated with the mobile devices including the tablet computers, Google will be like the Amazon for e-books. So far the hangouts does not function on iPad. Good job but please go one step farther, Google!
So useful to be able to broadcast and record your hangouts. Online tutorials become a reality without any special software
Good thing Facebook already has ALL those features and more.
Hm. If you like Facebook so much, why are you wasting your time here?
Now to wish for alpha transparency detection in profile photo and remove border/background for even cooler page look!
I'm from Indonesia, but I can't do the on air hangout ... what am I missing here?
+Liam Newell Failbook Video Chat uses Skype technology, and as far as I'm aware is one to one. This is so far ahead of that it needs a telescope to see it.

One question I have for the rest of the community: how will I know when I'm enabled? Will I get a gmail? Will I just see the check box when I "Start A Hangout"? Give me a clue please :)
Can somebody at Google please explain to me why users under 18 are not allowed to use Hangouts on Air? Users under 18 can use Ustream, and Justin.TV. Why not Google+? A lot of teenagers want to use this feature, myself included. Come Monday I'll be hosting a teen issues show and I would really like to it do as an on air Hangout. At least give me to option to change my age or move my YouTube channel to another account.
hangouts on air not available in Romania. btw about google+ hangouts. why does it show the black screen when I turn off my webcam? can't that be considered a privacy issue. I mean the other person(s) clearly knows that I have a webcam and that I don't want to use it. why isn't there the option to just show the profile photo instead, it's better than nothing at all. I mean to show just as if I had no webcam? just asking.
Its probably not allowed for younger kids because you dont want to broadcast ur face worldwide
This is exciting. While I have yet to try the feature, I can imagine the doors this has opened up. #KeepMovingForward
How exactly do I get this? Still do not have access yet. Thanks.
+Chee Chew wrote: "(and now you know why they don't let me near marketing)".

Someone does need to deal with Marketing and get then to change it to "Hangouts On The Air". As is, the label sounds like something by Adobe using their "Air" Flash product, When referring to "On Air" in conversation, I've actually had folks ask if that was from Adobe. :(
I don't see how is it worldwide if Google blocked a lot of countries.
Great to finally also have it available in Germany!!!
I sure wish we could restrict the "spectators" to specific circles or maybe just our Google Apps domain! Then, we could actually use this within our business setting for town hall meetings, messages from the CEO, or other internal broadcasts. But, since on-air broadcasts are now 100% public, this can only be used for out-bound communications. Why such a limited approach? Am I missing something?
Eric Eldridge: On the next update, it would be great if they implemented your ideas.
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