Three weeks ago we launched Collections, a new way to express and explore your interests, and the response has been fantastic. As we continue to focus Google+ on helping you connect with people around the stuff you love, it’s become clear that while social networks are great for sharing images and video clips, they’re not where most people want to store all their private, personal photos and videos.

That’s one reason why Google has been hard at work building an entirely new photos experience from the ground up. One that works for the photos you want to share, as well as the ones you don’t. Read on to learn more about the new +Google Photos.
Introducing the new Google Photos

Earlier today we announced Google Photos -- a new approach for storing and organizing your photos and videos, built from the ground up. Google Photos is a standalone app that gives you a home for all your photos and videos, helps you organize and bring your moments to life, and lets you share and save what matters.

If you want to give Google Photos a try, it will be available later today across Android, iOS and the web.
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