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Introducing Google+ Events

Give it a try, and invite some friends.
I'm a product manager on the Google+ Events team, and I could not be more proud of the team and the product we're launching today. Events on G+ are great before, during, and after the party. So try it out, invite some friends, and take lots of pictures.

For the best explanation of Events, check out Vic's blog post on the Official Google Blog, showing how Google+ Events help you create beautiful events, use Party Mode, and collect everyone's photos in one place.  Or you can just just watch the video below... Let us know what you think! #io2012  
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Amazing job, very excited to use this feature!
We think this is cool. We just need to figure out the best way to use it.
successfully created one!!
There are some bugs that need to be worked out already
yes even i got the events available waiting for the app to be upgraded :)
Is it posible to change private event after creation to public? The Events looks great, espcially the covers. I love it :D
No event w/hangout? <-- Never mind, I see on air now.
Great work! This is the last thing G+ lacked.
Probably a good idea to only invite people who actually have a chance of attending. Start small. I see several people complaining of being inundated with invites.
I totally LOVE this option.
Now, Google+ is officially better than Facebook!

If only my friends were using G+..... :(
It needs to be fixed to where it doesnt get added to peoples calendars until AFTER they have agreed to go.
This feature is such a brilliant idea, but i have a feeling that facebook will be copying this...
+Doug Maupin I think that's the way it should work. I don't like to have events in my calendar I'm not going to go.
I had ended up uncircled because I didn't know that it posted to peoples calendars regardless of them accepting the event or not.
Great idea, now how do I embed it on my website?
Finally! Now focus on better tasks and docs integration. Please :)
Actually, it looks like the old feature from the Google Calendar packed in the colorful box of G+. Wise move though.
On the events page, when trying to create a new event, the video preview overlaps the popup window used to configure the new event.

Other than that, I've seen +Linus Torvalds have some issues with audio notifications.  

Personally, I don't know that I'll use the feature this much.
is this going to be good enough like facewhat?
Great! Nice integration with google calendar!
Already using Events in Google+ for this July 7 fight of Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen!!!! Awesome!!!....Just that I found a Bug...when try to add someone else when the Event was already create it give me a Bad_Request error....but still awesome
Generally Nice but seems I can not assign the event to a specifioc calendar.  It seems to only go to the default calendar.  Almost there.  Once that happens I can use it.
What a great feature and executed very well. If only more of my friends were on here. Grrr.
Yeah if only if more that 2 of my friends actually used this. >:( When will Google kill Facebook?
"When will Google kill Facebook?"
When we can find out what's happening and where to find it w/o logging onto Facebook maybe? That's the only reason I log in anymore.
Great job!

The new G+ app update is awesome! :-)
i just wanted to say that this G+ Events looks like it will be huge. I can already think of at least 4 events id like to use it at.
Finally! I knew something like this would happen, since that was the one major thing Facebook had that Google+ didn't.
Love the new mobile app... BUT damn it google (and everyone else for that matter) WHY SO MUCH WHITE ALL THE TIME!! I loved the black esthetic... At least give us the option to choose. Way easier on the eyes...
Awesome job!!

**Next step:  Use my event history to give me recommendations on events I should attend**
Love the concept—I'm getting married in a month, and would LOVE for people to use this. Any word on party mode for iOS? I'm trying to test it, but I no longer have an Android phone.
NIIIIIIIIIIICE!!!!!!!! I can also invite people outside Google+. That's simple but AWESOME! Thank you Google. G+ will make it. My Next Events will be planned with this feature.
Nach dem ersten 10 Minuten meint man, es ist ein Google Sport Event Anllas!
Ich dachte es geht eigentlich nach dem Muter wie bei Apple Keynote ab, ich glaub es ist die gleiche Halle nennt Moskau Halle wie Apple immer benutzt.
To be true I've expected a little bit more from the events functionality. 
Due to the fact that still few people use G+ it should focus more on public events.
A good example is the movie program of my local cinema. Till now it can be searched but not added to G+. This would give me the possibility to talk to people who will also attend this event. Same with flights:  It would be easy to add the itinerary to my calendar and share the taxi with someone I did not know before.
love it!  Have an issue with inviting non google+ member were there name dose not show up (reported) and id like to see the ability to do reoccurring events (mabie i over looked this feature)
+Adrian Lempert , I might be missing something--can't the movie theater create events for their movies and share them Public?  Does that accomplish what you want?
I've noticed that when you go to create event, the youtube video still sits over the create event box.
+John Keiser , I have used this example because these events are already integrated into Google search. And I think at the moment it is quite impractical to create and find events when there are so many as in the case of movie theaters. 
My idea for this tool is that ANY event should be in G+. So I think it needs some further improvements. Don't you think?
Ah, you mean the events (like movies and plays) that Google scrapes off the web or gets from its partners should be turned into Events by Google, without the movie theaters having to enter them themselves?  Makes sense.
Looks neat but needs iOS support! In fact a few things are still missing there. Some iOS <3 please :)
A functionality which FB users  will never have ,,,, LOL :)
First great use of this? Google+ Photographers' Photowalk.
I wish this was released a week ago. Could've used it for my birthday. Still pretty awesome!
Awesome idea! Facebook doesn't have anything like this! 
My #1 request on G+ has finally been answered. Thanks++!
I'll be curious to try this once it works. At the moment, all it does is freeze my browser and crash my computer. But if you can at some point get it to actually work, this would be a great feature.
Impressive UI and concept. Loved the stock images provided for composing new events. Creates mood suitable for the event in mind. Option to use own images provides personalization.
Liked how it integrates 'On Air', Hangout and location.
+Vic Gundotra and the team is rocking in style! :-)
"It's about damn time!" ~ lebron
Awesome new feature! I hope it does integrate with Google Calendar.
Como siempre Google+ "le da sopa y seco" a los demás...
Very nice! I like the way you get a mini event pop-up in your calendar as well.
The Events page just crashes in Google Chrome 20.0.1132.34 =/
This new plug-in was really nice. google + 's 250 million members, I am following with interest all the improvements in obtaining google + google + was thanks to the simplicity of the improvements and development projects related to a mine as I have already sent, but before you leave feedback for this project apply to you.
Great Job!
But i miss one thing. I can invinte non-google users. This is great. But they don't have the possibility to leave comments to the event... i have lots of friends, who are not google users. Do i invite them, they can click yes or no, but they haven't the possibility to leave comments. they only can read them.... So, i have to use doodle more, then there everyone can leave comments, when i invite them. Please finde a possibility, that non-google users can leave comments as "guests". Then, google events is realla great. Is that planned?
Collaborative photo albums!! ++++++1
Love the animated themes.
Obby Tt
I suggest google  to rename the "google plus" just as rename android market to Play! ; this name "plus" is nonsense and couldn't appeal to women and no-geek, you know that where women go guys follow to... 
+Zach Yeskel First of all: FINALLY! Great job Google! You showed once more how to do it right  ;-)

Here my enhancements requests:

Location address details is missing in Calendar entry, so it is not possible to lookup the location using Maps when clicking on the event in Google calendar. This is an issue on Desktop and Android.

The Events function on Google+ for Android does show the full address details, but it is not possible to lookup the location on Android Maps. Clicking on the address directly opens Navigation and this is the only option you have. It would be nice, if it would be possible to simply show the event location on Maps without Navigation.

It would be nice, if you could create an Event directly out of Maps when selecting a location. This includes creation of Events in Google Local (Desktop and Android).

When using the Check-in function in Google Maps, it would be nice to be able to create an Event and based on GPS information (Latitude?) do an Auto-Propose of people to invite who are close to the selected location.

The possibility to select the notification/reminder options for your calendar entry, when creating an Event.

Changing of the current default settings on Calendar, that only events I responded to will be automatically added to my calendar. Actually, it adds all events and spams my calendar with events I don't want.

#Events   #googleplusevents   #maps   #latitude  
I have to say that Google nailed it with Events. I created on for an upcoming camping trip with my friends and not only is it a breeze to use but the way everyone can collaborate is fantastic.

The only recommendation I have so far would be a field to add a checklist and/or attachment(perhaps linked to Google Drive). Otherwise...

...way to go Google!
guy yak
+Google+  | babi | now ur showin that u  got skillz | kudos | 
Gee ! I need to go to google+ school as soon as possible ! Techs run faster than my mind to absorb every new product...!
+Benjamin Smith yes, you're right. But in Germany we have the problem, that many people have mental reservation against google. They only use google to search things on the web. only a few people know, what google offers (although they have an android phone). in germany google have the image as a data octopus. So many people not want to use google. so many of my friends are not registrated by google or doesn't use it correct. also we have the problem, in Germany the most use the Iphone... so, when i invite to my party 40 guests, and 35 doesn't use google, the can't take part of the conversation. so i have to use doodle, where everyone can discuss about the event i planned. many people in germany use still the e-mail client, which offers 50mb free space und lots of advertising. many doesn't know, that google offers 7GB free space, without advertising and lots of more things. i try to get lots of my friends to google, but it is really difficulty... so, it would be great, when guests can comment events, too. PS.: sorry for my bad english... what do you thin about Benjamin?
That's cool.

Quick question: is it ever going to be possible to post on the wall of a page, or is there a way to create a forum type something using google+?
(Because seriously that's the only reason I still use other social media sites at all.)
Not allowing addition of attendees by email address.  Major Bug!Not allowing non-G+ invitees.  Asking to "trim guest list" even if only one non-G+ invitee is included.  Link to post announcing Events launch below.  Submit feedback through the gear on the top right, and comment there.  Probably the quickest way to resolution.

Copying and pasting this comment in various threads I'm finding with this solution so we can all force the issue.  Feel free to do the same. 
aya axc
Great stuff, just a little confused as to the differences between creating and editing. eg it seems impossible to make an event public after it has been created- I had to delete and start again...
In an +Google+ Event page on the Android DroidX, comments get cut off and there is no noticeable way to expand them. Also in the Android app, when you are in the Events tab, can Declined Events default to the bottom of the page, or get a shrunk down view.
+Google+ Please, please, PLEASE incorporate this Events scheduling feature into "public" hangouts. I can't count how many hangouts I've missed watching (e.g. like +Felicia Day's awesome hangouts) because they're not at the top of my stream at the time I log in -- we need calendar integration. Although Events has a Hangout Online-only mode, which is close to what I'm describing, I don't believe you can do it without inviting everybody (i.e. it doesn't help with those hangouts where a couple people talk and thousands watch).

TL;DR: We need a button on those Hangout "advertisement" posts which adds the Hangout time/link to our Google calendar.
Damn! It was about time!
Keep doing the good job!
This sucks so bad. I won't repost my grievances here but my biggest complaints are:

1. No choice in which of the MANY CALENDARS I MANAGE these events will be copied to when I choose "yes/no/maybe"

2. No way to export events. Not even ical? No RSS feed? Really? This thing is so unintuitive. You released it too early.

You can read the entire post here. It's constructive and detailed. Promise.
There's a bunch of us celebrating the release of Google+ Events by joining an event started using Google+! It's completely non-exclusive and absolutely frivolous, and if you're interested in joining us, here it is:

So +Zach Yeskel, thanks for leading your team! Without you making stuff happen, we wouldn't have gotten together people from across the world - including  Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Venezuela, Peru, the UK, and the US - all simply for the superficial reason of "because we can!"
I cant change the default theme when create a new event on android 2.3.6 someone too?
Need a way to filter events near you.
I was really looking forward to using events for the first time today. My friends and I met to go and watch the torch relay past my mother in law's house, then walk into the city centre to take part in the festivities. My mother in law stayed behind with her elderly friend, so my friends and I all entered party mode so they could watch the photos we took appear from home. We took many photos, on a Galaxy Nexus, an S2 and an S3. Unfortunately, despite toaster messages saying our photos were being uploaded in the background, none of them did, so both my mother in law and her friend didn't get to share in our day. We were all really excited to be able yo bring them into our experience so were very disappointed when it didn't work. I hope this gets fixed soon as I think it has lots of potential.
I am trying to use this as a platform to share photos from a completed event -- including people with and without Google accounts. Seems like there is a limitation that only folks with G+ accounts can post photos. When you click on the link, it also deny's you access. Not sure if this is a bug or a settings problem, but I can't reliably send this out to my guests. Will look for another option.
+Google+  how can i block "Fun & Interesting" from google+ ? that is very annoying!...
Guys, great idea but works terribly for non G+ guests. Does not display the email address on guest list, guest list number does not get updated. Need some work on non G+ side, not all my friends have been converted (yet)!
Party mode does not work. Photos do not show up on event page. Photos show in personal instant upload, but never on event page? Seemsike it would be a neat future, but it does not work at all. +Google+
I like the new Events feature but am having difficulties with the following error:  "You can't invite that many people. Please trim your guest list and try again."  Two (2) days in a row now, I setup one (1) event with the same Circle as the next.  The Circle has 149 participants, some on Google+ others not, and the first event it works fine but the second it gives the error and won't save nor proceed.  What gives?  I'm trying to organize our church's United Methodist Men's Group activities but this limitation is impractical.
My friends & I tried out the Events function. It's awesome! But the event we created is a weekly one, is there a way to set up an event to be recurrent? Or will that possibly be an option in the future?
I would suggest that Google further incorporate Gmail into the Google+ Events system.  I had a small event I created last month, which was postponed, and now being rescheduled, but of the one non-Gmail person I invited by e-mail, it would only show that one other "no-name" person was invited.  

I decided to perform a test with a friend of fine who does not use G+ nor has a Gmail account.  I sent her an invite via her e-mail and not only did it repeat the same issue of showing a "no-name guest", but I later discovered that the recipient is required to enter their first and last name in the reply.  This is what the person told me.  She wondered why that was necessary and at first I was not sure.  Then I realized that it is the only way that the name of the guest will populate into the event system.

I'm thinking about sending Google some feedback about this.  When I pull down the menu to select people from my circles, I would also like Gmail to be there, including the names as they have been saved in my contact list.
any news on photo uploads working?  Nothing better than outing a new feature that does not work..........
QUESTION: I created my first event yesterday for my son's 2nd birthday party.  I was able to add non-Google+ users by just using their email address, HOWEVER people without a Google+ profile accepting the invitation are just coming up as blank.  So now I have no idea who is actually planning to attend.  Any suggestions?  Is there a setting I can change to be able to view all those that have accepted?  Right now it is just a gray box with an outline of a person saying "accepted" but no clue who that person is.
+Kelly Gibson  I have exactly the same issue right now, it sure would make it easier if we could at least see their email address as we put it in when we invited them.
I'm the organizer of a 500 people conference. I created a (private) event in G+ and wish to invite all the 500 attendees so they can share photos and comments during the conference, but G+ only allowed me to send around 150 invitations. Now when I try to invite more people, it refuses saying that my invitation list is too big. WTH?! Also, I would like to let non attendees (non-invited) to at last see what people are posting but I'm not sure how to do this? I wasn't able to find a way to send the event URL so people can at last "watch it".
party mode not working for me either. photos are uploaded but not posted... -1 !! 
I have an event (a tango class) that I want to invite about 400 ppl to attend.  Unfortunately like +Carlos Henrique above, I can only add 25 ppl to the list before G+ kicks back the familiar message: "You can't invite that many people. Please trim your guest list and try again."  WTF ?!?!!?!?? 
google+, i found your page from a google search. for months i have been getting that "you can't invite that many people please trim your guest list and try again" message ????? and then i can maybe invite one person at a time if i wait a few hours later. if i am able to invite 80 people over the course of a few days one at a time its a miracle. how come other event invites people are inviting hundreds and thousands of people???? super google+ frustrating.
I was trying to find a place for a lunch meeting via Google Maps. Found a nice place, and click on the add event option. Thought it would be a good way to try events. I found that the calendar appointment on my Android phone for the event only includes the name of the place, not the address. Clicking on the directions from within the appointment would have taken me to an entirely different place with the same name. I see this was first brought up by +Alex Reusch  awhile ago.I really can't depend on this for now and risk someone going to the wrong place. I'll continue to copy/paste the address in an appointment.
Getting the message : "You can't invite that many people. Please trim your guest list and try again." Been like this for more than six months. 
It's 2014 now... 2 years later... This +Google+  feature came out in 2012.  So my question is: What's the limit of people you can invite? Why? and how can we get this to work? Should I even bother using this? Every time I try to invite even just my circles I get the classic message: "You can't invite that many people. Please trim your guest list and try again." What's the point?
We only invite people in our circle but still get "You can't invite that many people. Please trim your guest list and try again.". Any chance of getting help?
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