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Get a look behind the scenes of the +Google Self-Driving Car Project this Friday as +Make: takes you on a #makercamp virtual field trip.

Click the Q&A button below to ask the team your question. Don't forget to RSVP and share!
Friday at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern, we buckle up for a field trip with the +Google Self-Driving Car Project team! Google has been developing prototypes of vehicles that drive themselves—just push a button and they'll take you where you want to go! Join us during this live field trip to learn more about how the cars work, and what the team has been up to recently. You do not want to miss this Friday at #makercamp !
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Make: . The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Field Trip: Google Self-Driving Cars!
Fri, August 1, 2014, 2:00 PM
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Is this car navigation will be done by map read in real time, or more precisely, whether the map will direct scan actually seen exactly a few minutes ago? What will be so time difference in reading  and processing data needed to drive a reality. I do not think that this car had a human reflexes.
Great question +Jacek Partyka! You should submit this question by clicking the Q&A button in the event above so the team has a chance to answer it during the Hangout.
+Google+ +Jacek Partyka Yes! Save your questions and ask them during the live event on Friday in the Q&A section.
+John Dietrich Thank you! Hope you join us for the field trip! Get your questions ready :)
Q) Why are you focused on personal transport instead of commercial transport? Isn't there far more to gain in converting semi-tractor trailer fleet to autonomous vehicles?  No driver exhaustion, potential for 24/7 utilization,  higher efficiency/lower energy use driving... etc...  
Google, your doing it wrong. This needs to be built into a black 1982 Pontiac Trans Am.
+Jon Brown Post your questions to the Q&A section during the live field trip on Friday please :)
+Jon Brown You must crawl before you can walk, and walk before you can run. Consider size, weight, and the pivot point at the leading edge of the trailer add significant complexity.
James P
Alternatively, visit Manhattan's Ground Zero on Friday and guess what kind of "future transportation services" the U.S. Federal Transit Administration has planned for downtown NYC.  
Can't wait for the day I can take a nap while my car drives to it's destination. 
Question for the Hangout:  We know and use Google Maps extensively worldwide for amongst other things getting from point A to point B.  Google has huge server farms to cache this information and make it readily available in real time over the internet.  Please explain exactly the difference between what mapping info Google has about a particular city or town (including Mountain View of course where trials were done) today and what it needs and how soon and easy it is to collect this mapping information for Google before even a trial can be launched.  And how will Google keep this information updated in real time once self driving cars are a reality?  Will it use mostly its Street View cars or will it use drones, robots and satellites to keep its data fresh and in real time?  And of course how will its self driving cars navigate over roads that ''change'' (eg snow and heavy rain for example)?   Finally, when can we expect an announcement that a major car manufacturer has joined Google in its efforts to build these purpose-built cars in large numbers with Lidar, radar, sensors, etc at a reasonable price point?
Question for the team: Have there been any perceivable fuel economy improvements so far, just in the testing phase of this technology?


Photo Albums on Google+ are all bugged out, there is no way to sort it out, pls fix! 
Should be nice and simple! 
Hey Guys :)
I hope you are aware of this right now, but , we're not winning over any naysayers with the car's looks... Will we see a collaboration with other OEM's soon?
Sorry I missed the event but can someone answer my question
Will the car have a keyboard so you can tell it to goto McDonald's etc or
Will you be able to upload your itinerary from either a computer or tablet
Or smart watch 
I'm sorry I missed too. Question +Google+     What would happen if two or more cars where together? Would be any interference between the lasers or radarof a car on the other cars? :O) Love this work and all others!! And hope to see it in my Country during my lifetime... :O)
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