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Add people to circles from Gmail notifications
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In case you missed it, on Friday, the +Gmail team made a small tweak that makes it even easier to add new people who follow you on Google+ to your circles. Just mouse over the Add to Circle button and put them in your circles or create a new one. Go forth and circle.
Add people to circles right from notifications in Gmail

We've made a small tweak that improves Circle notification messages in Gmail. From now on whenever someone adds you to a circle, you can add them back right from the Google+ notification email. Just mouse-over the "Add to Circle" button and pick the circles you want, or create a new circle. The button will show you if this person is already in your circles. Check it out and let us know what you think. #googleplusupdate
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i caught that last week. clever. :)
I would be interested in hearing about how this is working for Google+ Page owners/managers.

There is currently a report in the Google+ Pages Discussion forum where the G+ Page owner is not having the option to add the user back to the G+Page's circles. He reports that the options in the drop-down list are for his personal profile instead of the Google+ Page.
The relationship with a personal page and a public business page is a bit strange. I can never remember which affects which.
Why would anyone have g+ send them a gmail about notifications? Between the big red notification button at the top off Gmail and the mobile device notifications, isn't that enough?
Agree with +Shawn Medeiros. There's more than enough notification methods already in my opinion. I've had to turn some off already.
Misread the post, sorry. Actually think it's a neat tweak. :)
Nice addition. +Google+ +Gmail I have another feature request, one that me and some friends +Jason Parthum have been hoping for and that is the ability to put pictures sent to us by email directly into our g+ photo albums. That is say right click on an email attached photo and have this same functionality except we woud be picking a g+ photo folder to place the photo in instead of a circle.
Nice add!
Just a demotivational aspect: nobody here in #Italy is on g+... sigh...
Guys, I do not know how do you try to improve google+, but I really hate the last changes you have made. I can't use my account posts information and every time I have to open a new window to see my profile. Dislike!!!
+Stella Gassaway I'm with Stella on her comment about the relationship between the personal and business pages. To me it' clumsy and I so far I don't get it. I asked +Chris Brogan (when the incredibly busy guy has time) to write about this. Chris personally responded back that he will. Chris's brief but valued comment was to look at it this way:

1.) The personal account is you.
2.) The business account is a business card/billboard.

spend more time on 1 than 2
I wish that when I add more photos to an album / create an album and share it via email the link will show the post to the people instead of the album.
g+‘ Gmail notifications is bad,buzz’s Gmail notifications is better。
wish i could add the sender of a message directly from inbox to a circle if there could be an add to circle button in the reply options list
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