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The NBA's 2011-12 season starts on Christmas Day, with a five game schedule of televised contests, kicking off a 66-game season. To stay on top of your favorite team, or the league at large, look no further than Google+. 29 of the league's 30 teams, and the league itself, have Google+ pages, so you can stay on top of the league from opening day through the playoffs here.

Below is a shared circle of all the teams, and the league's, verified pages. Follow all teams, or just your favorite. Tip-off is just days away.
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No offense to hoops fans, but I can't imagine anything I want to do less than watch the NBA. This is why I'm glad there only a couple of weeks between the Super Bowl and pitchers and catchers reporting.
Hey +Google+, while your partnering with pro sports organizations, can you please create Google Fantasy Leagues? I'm pretty tired of my running fantasy football through
Hey +Google+ when are you gonna fix the Messenger notifications? They have been pretty slow since the Hangouts update yesterday...
+Google+ , Can similar things be done with all major football clubs of the world?
+Chirayu Kapadia I presume you mean by "football" what the people in the US (and hardly anyone else :D) call "soccer"?
Either way: I'd think it's the job of the clubs to create a page for themselves, a circle is just collecting them
Oh, and what do you mean with "major" clubs? How do you define "major"?
+Brian Anderson & +Brian Yacono, agreed. I'm surprised Google Fantasy hasn't been done by now. What's more Googley than crunching data and presenting it in a user-friendly way? That's all that a fantasy service really is.
It's shocking how much attention these greedy pricks get.
why always NY nets??
+Google+ and when NHL circle will be available? :) Many people really need NHL circle as well :)
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