Gain the support you need to run a healthy Community on Google+!

Apply to Community Vanguards to meet other community managers and learn more about running Communities!

What is Vanguards?
Community Vanguards is a supportive network for community owners and moderators to exchange best practices for running successful Communities on Google+. Our team here at Google+ moderates the private Community and works to promote Vanguards members’ Communities here on our social page (see the other posts in this Collection!).

We are looking for people to join our growing network of Community managers in Vanguards. To qualify, you must:
- Run an active Community on G+
- Have at least some experience as a community owner/mod, though you don’t need to be an expert
- Be interested in exchanging tips and tricks and fostering a supportive dynamic
- Maintain an active presence on Google+ and in your Community

What are the perks?
- Gaining a supportive network of other community managers
- Profile verification
- Getting promoted on our social marketing channels
- Access to helpful discussions and resources shared by our team and other members
- A direct line of communication to the Google+ team
- The chance to join Google+ Create, our network of top content creators
- The chance to join Early Access, our beta program where members can test upcoming features and share their feedback

If you qualify, apply here:

If you haven’t started a Community yet and want to learn more, check out our Best Practices guide:
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