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Our gif to you. You can now use animated gifs for your profile photo. Never made one before? Let us help you get started:

Tiffany Miner's profile photoThisPoptartHasProblems's profile photoaustin potter's profile photobenard kupalo's profile photo
Seriously, why are we being spammed with this message repeatedly?
Nice. Though I would rather have the ability to add pics to the comment sections in threads ;)
And it'll be randomly cropped in circle-shaped fashion on exactly half the places it appears, on both desktop and mobile. :/
Thanks for not integrating Snapseed for the Android update. I should just make the move to iOS...apps seem to be better, there.
Yea-What the other 9 said -soon to be 900,000 or so -No Thanks!!!
Anton K
Yuck, how cheesy.
I'm going to try this, thanks. 
I thought about making one of these, and then I remembered.....I'm not an idiot.
Wish I knew how to make one.
Wish I knew how to make a non-annoying one.
I'm with +Shannon Gilliam re: pictures in comments and also with anyone who thinks this animated profile pic idea is gross.
Al Hunt
Can you add a feature that auto-blocks anyone with one of these should I be unfortunate enough to stumble across them?
Hi Google. We love which implement you made recently. We will use more for our TV networks Google plus instead of Facebook.
Damn. That's going to get irritating real quick. Can we have an option to display them as static images only? 
+Google+ Could you please also make it possible to disable those from my streams.
you realize that this means a bajillion cat related gifs, right?
Is there any issue on G+ right now? I am unable to acccess any notifications or post any pictures :(
Please, no animations.  They distract from the important material.
Communities are not loading into tablet or cell phone
NO! Animated gif uber-loadage on MySpace is what made people hate it so much!
One thing I have noticed, is that hover cards are loading way slower, I would hesitate to use a animated Gif on mine.

If you want to learn how to use the new cover for marketing, we did take quite a bit of time to produce this HOA, where we showed marketers how conversions can come from new covers.

Optimize Google Plus Covers How To
I find animated gifs really annoying, so disable them using the Opera web browser on my PC.  I hope they don't end up being forced upon us via the G+ Android app.  Sorry Google, it's a big -1 from me.
i used an animated gif i created from a concert i shot on video last year :-D  anyone know the band?
I am thinking about having the most annoying animated profile picture possible, so that +Google can see what a stupid idea this is.
That's so annoying. Instant block from me for anyone in my circles that use it. But the rest of y'all have fun. Really! I'm not being sarcastic. Different strokes for different folks.
+M Sinclair Stevens You realize it only animates if you go to that person's page? And thank goodness for that. I could hardly imagine anything more annoying than my stream being polluted by a ton of animated gif portraits all of a sudden.
Really? This is the next big feature you think Google+ needs?
Hey now Google, you seriously just lmgtfy'd me...
+Johnny C That's your cover photo animating; not the same thing. But even so, the same premise holds true: it's not visible/animated unless I actually actively do something to access "you". I don't see why anyone would have an issue with this.
+Frode Hauge I've seen the animation on hovercards. I read by page that won't help me. But thank Google it's not showing in the stream.
Nice, though I'd rather you'd put simple text copy functionality in first :) 
In the Harry Potter books not only the pictures in newspapers move,  all the pictures do that and also the people in the paintings!
People crying about animated gifs are like the Internet police who  meltdown every time they see a post in all caps. You have the freedom to un-follow or not read anything you don't want, enjoy that freedom.
I'm truly waiting for APNG complete support. Google, make it happen !
+Mike Gentry you are right about the freedom part but I think people are mostly concerned about G+ turning into a retro web forum from the 90's.

Also, not very good for people like me who live in countries where 3G is still relatively new and expensive. Not too bandwidth friendly, this concept.
Next Google+ adds glitter and sound effects... and I thought Google had a clue.
+Mike Gentry - I do exercise that freedom regularly. What I would like is for the browser to allow to me turn them off on an individual basis. Something in the right-click menu for the picture would be good enough for me.
+Eric Hopper I find them as annoying as can be too, I'm just not going to let this drive my blood pressure up. The Internet has become a very bandwidth intensive place anymore, if animated GIFs are pushing you over your limits then, I think you have bigger problems....that's all I'm sayin.
Only missing one really good app from Mr Google to make gifs
You can also use photospheres as your cover photo! Like I'm doing! 
Gah,I thought you were trying to attract people TO Google Plus, not drive them away!
Awesome addition! 
Well some one may add porn or pron some how.... <.<
Don't really want that ....>.>
March 25, 2013 - The day Google+ became the new MySpace,... congrats Google, you took 1995 design ideas that no one wants anymore, and forced 'em on everybody!
So be it then. Create it and they will come I suppose.
Also it is a cute picture of Matt. Can't say they all will be good.
Also lady in the back of him I wonder can get taken out of photo?
I'm hurt at how so many people are throwing Google's gift right back in their face. It was a gift, come on! I don't like gifs, and I think no gifs means more sophistication, but there's no need to be mean about it. Thanks for your gift Google!
As long as I can adjust it to fit me it is a good gift.
+Ned Lexus A gift that lets people actively diminish my Google plus experience isn't much of a gift :)

Now, if it came with the ability to disable animation as a preference, THEN it would be a gift, because everyone would be happy
I find it a bit unnerving... like someone is staring at me and can see me...
I had a dream oddly when I was a child that felt the same way of a moving photo. Though the object had an aware like conversation with me with out being a living creature. Still find that a bit creepy of likeness to the uncanny valley but with that some one is 'staring at me' like feeling.
I'd like to see Facebook copy this feature too... keep up the great work +Google+ 
Was the lady in the back of the video aware she was to be in a gif? I wonder what videos can be altered like that of photoshop for pictures? Is there one way?
Alex P
A moving picture of Harry's parents as a gif...nerdception.
+Cyron Ray Macey Fair enough. I do think people could be a bit nicer though, there's no need to spit in Google's face - an update will probably bring the option to turn it off :-)
This is like harry potter with the newspapers. Lol. 
Relax guys, it only shows up when you are looking at someone's profile, not inline on every post.  Haha, that would be awful!
could it do only once; not repetitive. 
Google if u get this is there any way u could add the Header bar of Google Plus also Google Search/ those 2 categories to Youtube please and so they also have a header?  Thank you!
Who needs Google Reader if you have animated GIF's on Google+?
Yay! Rubbish grainy low-res videos as GIFs. It's back to the 90s!
How to make a GIF without a very expensive Software like Photoshop?
haha hope the gif also will work on G+ Mobile ...

it will be look like Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban ..

So nice....
 Yawn. How very 1990s. :)

Did anybody even realise that Google+ profiles do not support GIFs?

I am unable to find ONE example online of somebody who noticed that Google+ was blocking profile images in GIF format. Not even so much as one blog post mentioning such a feature request. At about the same time, multiple tech websites published articles about this with similar headlines and similar content, and promoted the articles on Twitter, and thus another wave of corporate propaganda began -- it's a familiar pattern. (Mashable, TNW, Tech Crunch, Engadget, etc.) Perhaps more interesting would have been picking up on some of the reports of people trying this and finding that it does not work, e.g. the guy above on his Google Nexus phone.

Let's get real. If Google had not announced this, nobody would even have noticed. A network of websites loyally promotes and regurgitates every scrap of propaganda issued by Google, no matter how trivial.
Google+ is not a particularly successful social network, despite Google working so hard to push it upon us. Even the corporation's own employees barely use it.
PLEASE Say this is an early april fools joke.  PLEASE make this not be true.  I will definitely leave Google+ if they implement this.  This is 20012, not 1980.
Think of this like extension to Google+ not a trend.
I don't really get it-.-
Play and stop doesn't work though so forced to loop animated gif forever, otherwise it could be done tastefully.. (I can't believe I said tasteful and animated gif in the same sentence either) ;)
Yes!  My GIFs!  Let me show you them!  *swoon*
Good, now I can post animated pictures of the default picture guy. Yay ^.^
Playing catchup with Diaspora* are we? Just FYI, gif avatars look stupid there too.
Trying to download tv catchup and it says cannot not comparable with your device in your country .Were do they think isle of man is Tim. Buck too!!! We are British and 70 miles from Liverpool in the middle of the Irish sea we pay to the queens purse.
And for some idiotic reason complaint mail is coming to me!
fix this shit now!!! 
why is mine all fucked up with a "play" button stuck on it?
Well, nice to see that the Google Plus team is making an effort TO UPDATE THEIR PROFILE!
Well, its nice to know that the year 1995 is making a comeback in social media
Animated GIFs are for kids on tumblr - we're grown ups here
Awesome gif... whenever i try to do the same thing, i feel headache.
what's that method ? 
 wow amazing me too use it
+Adam Wright Did you ever find a way to kill the animation? Some of my contacts started using animated pictures and I'm about to throw my laptop out a window…
I dont know how. Dx I don't have my own gifs, but I have a few downloaded on my samsung tablet. Help. 
why does it not work when you upload a gif that youve downloaded? or any gif at all

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