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Turn your +YouTube video clips into gifs for sharing on Google+ at #TipTuesday  
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3 also support YouTube. 15 second clips can be made. 
Ob das Kind ertrunken ist, erfahren wir leider nicht. 

_Whether the child is drowned, unfortunately we are not told._
Why, Youtube video's start playing quicker and with sound....
Nico P
we need  a new animation compresion...
I just use burst mode on the camera, then let Auto Awesome do its thing.  GIF.  Done.  
I can barely trust G+ to upload a video without taking 4 hours to process it...
+Kenneth Knox too bad most of those auto awesome gifs suck.

Bad start/stop points, missing frames. 
This is awesome, im gonna bookmark this.
>7 MB - very good compression ;-)
You should be converting GIFs to videos to save bandwidth, not wasting our bandwidth with even more bloat.
How does that kid get back up so fast?
I thought for sure that Google would go after them for using "YouTube" in the URL...
Hey everyone! We're the guys behind this. We're 3 Harvard guys dropping out to make some internet craziness happen. Captions and Webms coming soon; in the coming weeks we'll be unveiling something that will change the way we interact with GIFs as a whole. Can't wait ^_^
We've used several different methods to create a #gif  on our own, but this is definitely the easiest we've seen so far - great #googleplustips  +Google+ - thanks for sharing!
+Rory O'Reilly I've discovered the awesomeness of WebM over GIF and I just can't go back. I cannot wait for the implementation in +Google+ 
That kid can swim right?
Just wondering....can that kid swim?
Almost done with webM Serhiy. Fastest and smallest size to date. Will ping when it's live. 

No encuentro nada extraordinario en el video
Fun i want to come and play too!!!
Seems pretty cool, but every time I try to use it, the gif never comes out correctly and keeps chopping itself up between the first few frames in the first second.
i wish i could go down that water slide!!!!!!!!!
had anyone experienced problems with auto-awesome videos lately?
Когда дети смеются хочется жить
GIF is less effective low quality format ... why just dont leave it on youtube and share link?
This is pretty Impressive. I'm just digging that 11003 is being represented, good luck.
The joys of being terrified as a kid but breaking that to find a new fun.
baby ,baby so cute
talking about being scared
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