#MyToughestShot: Hiking up Mt. St Leonard in a blizzard
My Toughest shot 1
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I have selected 3 images to show that sometimes you need to go the extra mile to get just the right image. For my first image I present a photo that I call "The boulevard of broken dreams". The name comes from an image that I have seen of James Dean from the 50's where he is walking down a street in New York all hunched over with a great coat obviously feeling the cold.

On this particular day a friend of mine decided that we were going to see some snow (we don't see a lot of snow in Melbourne) and to take some photos. What he didn't tell me was that he had timed our arrival to coincide with a cold front and we hiked up to the top of Mount St Leonard in the middle of a blizzard. The attached image is a picture of my friend taken while hiking back to the car. This image to me is all about why you should go out in all weather to take photos. Sometimes you come up with images that are extraordinary. I have placed​ a link to the GPS location in maps for those that may be interested.

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