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Starting today, you can share your posts directly from +Blogger to Google+. As we're deep in the #seasonforshipping, we're finding more ways for you to connect your content to Google+ and share to your circles. That's a plus.
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It's the #seasonforshipping, and we're excited to announce that you can now share your posts directly from Blogger to Google+! Check out the Blogger Buzz blog to learn more about how to get started and connect your blogs to Google+.
Connect to Google+. Back in October we made it possible for Blogger in Draft users to use their Google+ profile on their blog. This option is now available to all Blogger users, and as a result, we&#3...
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"That's a plus."

I see what you did there :)
Reminds me of my intention to write more blog posts ^^
+Sharuque Moideen Yeah as in a separate product. The technology is still there. And it's great technology. Real time typing and what not. I'd like to see some of those features available on G+ too. :) +Stb Hernández
this is perfect: writing public posts on blogger and then sharing everytime here, makes it up for the lack of personalization of the g+ profile! search and find my posts on g+, and then go to blogger to visit "my house". I've now found motivation to start using blogger!
+Sharuque Moideen Yeah definitely inside G+! Imagine if you could share a wave with a certain circle and have a more interactive, real-time conversation with the people in that circle. Or maybe combine hangouts with some of Wave's features?
unfortunately I started using wordpress ...
+Tom Nuorivaara I agree, integrating some of Wave's real time features with Hangouts seem's like a no brainer. Expanding Hangouts from simple video chats to a full-fledged collaboration platform.
Does anyone know comments to posts will show up in both places regardless of where they were made? With buzz this was not the case, rendering the feature completely useless (IMO).
you got a point there +Michael Galassi ... didn't think of it! I hope the comments are linked, at least at some point in the future
Hoping for a Twitter connection someday
Can I send my Google Plus posts to Blogger?
Because the other way, it's not that difficult... one can just cut and paste the Blogger URL for the post.
That's simply great... Keep up the good work guys - let's make everything come together like this!!!
I would still really love a more robust API for this kind of thing. I should be able to authenticate a third-party to see all of my circles and pull posts out based on Circles and push posts into G+ to particular circles.

For example, if I use a social bookmarking site, I should be able to have something like watch that bookmark, see any bookmark with a tag "to:plus" and "circle:friends" and then can trigger a new G+ post to my friends circle that contains the URL as a link post and my note as the comment.

This basically level of functionality is really required to ensure that I can move content conveniently into Google+ as an integrated part of my workflow.
I'd like G+ to link to Blogger so I can show 'public' or 'Blogger' circles in a Blogspot so I can easily tag my posts and have them presentable for viewers.
Hey +Google+ , I'm enjoying the integration of Google apps w G+. Now I need a Google Reader window on the main G+ page. Do it!
Good! Now I can stop +1ing all my own posts...
Be great if I could write my blog content in G+ then have a share feature that enables me to post that content directly to Blogger.
what if my google+ postings are in English, whereas I blog in German? nah, blog stays as it is . . .
sigh that linking failed for me :( I'll try again when I am less tired.
Is there any hope to re-share any post from Google+ mobile app.?
Why is it limited to profiles? I d like to link my blog to a google+ page. 
That's a nice addition, thanks Google :)
How are you going to deal with the international side of things? Because my G+ profile is in English but my Blogger account is in Dutch. And after linking the two I now have my blogs in Dutch but my introduction is in English...
On biz pages, rather than the last comment being shown under posts, can it not be the comment with the most +1s (similar to YouTube)? This way the business will take note of the comments rising to the fore and people reading the comments will see the universally adjudged best comment(s). It would give some meaning to the comments as they all just get lost - no-one reads all of them, but everyone will read the best comment. It would also stop everyone making the same point - and give people a quick way to agree and know that their point of view has counted. It will also set you apart from Facebook. Look at the NBA on Facebook - thousands of futile comments "Lebron sucks ass" "Lebron wud kill Kobe" etc etc... Teenagers trolling. With a reason to +1 it would cut lose the lame stuff. Do it Google - you know it makes sense ;)
please update mobile view
my problems
1 i cant share on my page
2 plz add new features as g+ groups
connect Blogger to Google+ pages coming soon also?
Funny... +Google+ said "That's a plus." I like it. That should be the slogan. Google should build a whole advertising campaign around that.
Is it possible connect google+ pages (local bussiness) to Blogger? it shall be a good tool, not only to individuals as organizations
It would be cool if there's a Blogger Tab on +Google+ profile page. Also a Youtube Tab replacing Videos Tab sounds possible in the future? (because each and every video collected under Videos Tab has already appeared under Photos Tab as Picasaweb albums currently contain both photos and videos) Thanks!
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