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The Week In Google+: April 9, 2012

Editor’s Note: We are constantly discovering new people joining Google+ and interesting ways different communities are engaging in the platform. We’re hoping to capture some of this and share it with you each week here on the Google+ page. Look for it each Monday.

Who’s new on Google+ this week:

YouTube star +Shane Dawson, R&B singer +Cassie, +Daymond John of FUBU/Shark Tank. Philadelphia Phillies first baseman +Ryan Howard. Mexican presidential candidate +Enrique Peña Nieto. Brands including +Major League Soccer, +Machinima, +United Nations and the +Human Rights Watch.

Hangouts and Events:

Join UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon tomorrow at 7:30 pm GMT, 3:30 pm EDT for a via Google+ Hangout, streaming live on YouTube at (

All 30 major league baseball teams are on Google+ and started Opening Day 2012 in style. The +Oakland Athletics +Jemile Weeks, an up and coming star, will be participating in his first of many planned weekly Google+ Hangouts this Thursday. Make sure you comment on his post if you want to participate. ( He also posted photos from the team’s trip to Japan. ( +Colorado Rockies outfielder +Michael Cuddyer is sharing photos of his team’s travels from ballpark to ballpark. (

+Felicia Day held a 12 hour Hangout to launch the new YouTube channel +Geek and Sundry.

Google+ community manager +Brian Rose joined the world’s record setting photowalk with #thewalkdownunder, which saw thousands of photos shared across Google+. Staying in Australia, the +Catlin Seaview Survey held an underwater Hangout from the Great Barrier Reef!. (

Japanese pop sensation +AKB48 was featured in a new commercial for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus highlighting Google+. (

Updates from the Last Week You May Have Missed:

We made it even easier to access info from Google Contacts in Google+. ( +Blogger users now have two new gadgets for their blogs, including a +1 gadget and a brand badge. ( And authors of the first featured Hangout applications are live on Google+. (
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The latest version of the G+ app for iOS runs S U P E R S L O W L Y on an updated iPhone 3GS. Just FYI for ya. Trying to @ someone into a post takes forever. :(
+Google+ thanks for posting the latest folks/brands to join. is there a list of all the brands now on here besides using search for them?
+1billion for the 2 above posts!
I thought its a new show from the +TWiT network. Lol. I was like +Leo Laporte don't even like google+
I love this platform but there is some shortage and Google+ team doesn't pay attention to requests from people who love this community.
This is a very good community but +Google+ should hear to good responses and improve Google+
Don't hold your breath; they still haven't given us those overdue vanity URL 's they promised some months ago...
Shawn H
Totally agree 1000% with previous comment... I've been requesting from day 1 that Google Plus Mobile for iOS allow editing of posts/comments directly from the app, but my requests keep being ignored update after update.

To top it off, the latest update results in my iPhone 4 bricking solid for 45secs to 1min anytime I use a plus symbol, ampersand or hash tag. So damn annoying.

Don't understand why you can share a post or delete a post from the app but not EDIT a post from the app.

If the Google Plus Mobile team would only realize how stupid & pointless it is to require the use of a desktop PC to edit something you posted from your mobile phone, they might see more people adopting this app vs the competitors' apps.

The fact that you have to enable location tracking in order to upload photos stored on your iPhone = also retarded.

Google Plus Mobile dev team... Why U No Fix?!?
For those using this post to express your G+ concerns in the comments on it, I encourage you to participate in #feedbackfriday . Poor +Natalie Villalobos's a mountain of a job conducting it.

+Andy Chen , +John Schuhr : I sort of had the same reaction. Mr. Laporte has many netcasts with "this week in..." in the title. I don't know as if he's ever really poo-pooed G+ though, at least not on #TheTechGuy (the only netcast to which I listen regularly). He still posts things on occasion. I must say, though, he has some (how to describe it...) minority opinions. (For example, the only opinion of the Facebook Timeline I've ever heard or read is "I don't like it." It's very notably unscientific sampling, but that has been my experience. Yet Mr. Laporte expressed he rather likes it.)
It'd be a slight bit more accurate to say "is scheduled to appear" rather than "will appear"....for example for Jemile Weeks.

I guess it's somewhat interesting, but I kind of find myself asking, what's the use of seeing that such and such held a Hangout? Announcements of planned/scheduled Hangouts seem a lot more important.
We can only hope that Google are working on it after looking at the data. The percentage of posts made from Mobile vs Desktop is negligible on G+ yet huge on Zuckerbook. That is a HUGE market they are missing out on - as I mentioned in another post last week, when I tried to impress/convert friends from FB to G+ the mobile app was the main reason they said they wouldn't be using it.
Keep improving Google+. Social Google Calendar with Google+ Events is a good idea.
"We're hoping to cature some of this" ... how do you "capture" anything without snooping on people? Is that the part of the privacy policy that was omitted?
Google needs to advertise more. I love Google + but discovered it on my own.
I fully agree with Dan.... not enough younger people have this amazing site yet. People need to realize the full potential of Google.
I agree with all people saying that G+ needs more promotion, some of my friends have an account and I wish they would use it more often 
I keep waiting to for a product commercial on TV where I hear:

"Circle us, on Google Plus... and get a $1 off coupon on your next purchase of yaddah yaddah."

I love the G+ ads on TV, but most of my friends still have no idea what G+ is. 
Who is new on G+ this week has replaced What is new. That's understandable because I have not seen many new features lately. It is also a pity because the list of feature requests is tremendously long...
+Matthew Morgan : some people do realize the full potential of Google...and it scares the bejeebers out of them, therefore they stay far, far away. It's just how some people are. You and me, obviously because we're participating in G+, aren't as worried as them.
+Rebecca Blevins : with? (Unfortunately, as comment lists currently lack threads/threading, it's difficult to discern with what you agree.)
Shawn H
The only thing that annoys me about G+ Mobile is the lack of being able to edit posts/comments directly on your iPhone & the fact that the latest update has caused an unreal amount of laaaaaagggg anytime I use +,@, or # tags before typing something.

iPhone just sits there for almost a full minute before it continues, type another letter/word, freezes for another minute. Type another letter/word, freezes for another minute. Only way to get rid of lag is to avoid using the above mentioned symbols (I'm typing this on my PC right now to avoid said lag).

Once again, defeating the purpose of using a mobile app on a mobile phone if you have to keep running back to your PC to do stuff that the mobile app SHOULD allow you to do.
G+ is a great platform - good potential
Thank you for requiring us to click one time less to switch accounts when using multi-session login. There is however one other thing that bothered me more.

I don't yet give many +1's out there on the Web because the +1 button doesn't support multi-session login. I've set up a second Chrome user profile for my 2nd Google account, but opening a window, dragging the URL to a new tab in that window, just to give a +1 to a web page or YouTube video is in most cases too tedious.

Could you fix that, pretty please? Could you make both embedded +1 buttons and +the 1 crx multi-session-friendly? I'd be happy as a duck.
Please make a blackberry app for google+, I really would love it if it had all the features, please please please I would really be happy
You should make an app of Google+ for the Xbox360! I would be on everyday!!!
How you can choose "First Name" to be displayed on google plus? like +Cassie do I have to be famous?
If you are known to be known exclusively under that name by most people, that should be enough I think. Or if it's your only name, like Teller from Penn & Teller (if he wasn't semi-famous), who literally has no other name on his ID.
1) I do not use chat and Hangouts - remove from layout
2) I like more space - remove from layout obligatory top banner and 3rd column
The new layout is great in my opinion. There's just a little thing. Remove that ugly black bar from the top for german users asap, it just destroys the whole thing. Howeverm the design itself is pretty awesome.
there are not so many kids here - Facebook is something different.
I am not here to find videos etc - I have Facebook, and all my friends refused 2nd network on the same purpose...Google+ will be different or die, because there is no way to make people leave Facebook until it works.
I do not like Facebook (that is why I am here), but there is no one leaving Facebook.
If Google+ becomes similar to Facebook, I will dislike it either and choose the stronger one (where is more friends)
I come here for information, inspiration and cooperation
Jiri. Google+ will never be similar to Facebook. Facebook actually gets their ideas from Google+. In other words, Facebook is trying to be similar to Google+.
+Steven Gomez I can say that I am kind of G+ fanboy (terrible word) but I am really disgusted by this layout - it irritates me so much...I´d like to have possibility of old layout at least (but I acknowledge that left menu is good).
This layout is for kids!
+Surbjit Singh No one is misguided here. Most social networks allow users to create pages nowadays. Not just Facebook. If you look closely, Facebook has most of it's ideas from Google+. Again, I'm not a "fanboy".
wow - I solved problem with top "banner" and loaded white background...:-)
+Surbjit Singh You're actually wrong. Just an example: Facebook has added it's "lists" thing a few weeks after Google+'s beta launch. It is basically the same as G+'s circle system, and they literally copied it.

It's not that Facebook has copied everything that Google+ has done so far, and I guess they would've had such an idea anyway sooner or later, but it is somewhat obvious if such a feature is being released a few weeks after the biggest "enemy" in social networking publishes a feature and you develop a similiar thing soon.

However, it's nothing bad at all... We would still be in stone age if noone copied any ideas ever.
Eric B
Why is there a giant white space to the right? I think they designed this on a 800x600 display...
+Al Lenin but I have not heard anything about "useful usage" and about removal of chat and hangout column!!!
They might do "GoogleKid" for this layout...:-)
+Al Lenin well, it was kind of joke - I meant Google for Kids...but I would not be surprised if this all is linked with their arrival here...:-((
you should offer the possibility to add a headline to an hangout, a subject so the users will see what the hangout ist about.
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What's new on Google+: Removing the ability to add location to your posts ... WTH!?!?!?!
hurted is worse thn wounded
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