The Week In Google+: April 9, 2012

Editor’s Note: We are constantly discovering new people joining Google+ and interesting ways different communities are engaging in the platform. We’re hoping to capture some of this and share it with you each week here on the Google+ page. Look for it each Monday.

Who’s new on Google+ this week:

YouTube star +Shane Dawson, R&B singer +Cassie, +Daymond John of FUBU/Shark Tank. Philadelphia Phillies first baseman +Ryan Howard. Mexican presidential candidate +Enrique Peña Nieto. Brands including +Major League Soccer, +Machinima, +United Nations and the +Human Rights Watch.

Hangouts and Events:

Join UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon tomorrow at 7:30 pm GMT, 3:30 pm EDT for a via Google+ Hangout, streaming live on YouTube at (

All 30 major league baseball teams are on Google+ and started Opening Day 2012 in style. The +Oakland Athletics +Jemile Weeks, an up and coming star, will be participating in his first of many planned weekly Google+ Hangouts this Thursday. Make sure you comment on his post if you want to participate. ( He also posted photos from the team’s trip to Japan. ( +Colorado Rockies outfielder +Michael Cuddyer is sharing photos of his team’s travels from ballpark to ballpark. (

+Felicia Day held a 12 hour Hangout to launch the new YouTube channel +Geek and Sundry.

Google+ community manager +Brian Rose joined the world’s record setting photowalk with #thewalkdownunder, which saw thousands of photos shared across Google+. Staying in Australia, the +Catlin Seaview Survey held an underwater Hangout from the Great Barrier Reef!. (

Japanese pop sensation +AKB48 was featured in a new commercial for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus highlighting Google+. (

Updates from the Last Week You May Have Missed:

We made it even easier to access info from Google Contacts in Google+. ( +Blogger users now have two new gadgets for their blogs, including a +1 gadget and a brand badge. ( And authors of the first featured Hangout applications are live on Google+. (
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