#Collections101 Panelist: +Peter Quinton
Save the date: March 28th, 2017

We are excited to announce our second #Collections 101 panelist, +Peter Quinton!

Peter is a lawyer, a farmer, and a writer. He used to write serious stuff about constitutional law, copyright/digital law, and social change, but these days has more fun writing about dragons and time. He lives in the southeast mountains of Australia: hiking to waterfalls, chasing eagles, and sailing on mountain lakes. On G+, Peter has built various types of collections to help tell his stories and organize his photographic adventures. Peter hopes that some of this experience will be useful for others as part of the learning process around the development of collections and Collections 101.

What is #Collections101?

Want to learn how to create high quality Collections and increase your exposure on Google+? Collections 101 will not only bring you the basics on Collections, but also give you insider tips on how to create Collections that stand out. The event is March 28th 2017, at 9.30am Pacific Daylight Time (UTC -7). Stay tuned for more information about the live-stream!

Leave a comment if you have any Collections questions for Peter, and be sure to check out his breathtaking Collections like this one about the Waterfalls and Cascades of Australia!
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