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This weekend, some of the best bands in the world will take the stage at +Coachella for a weekend full of live music. Even if you’ll be watching from home, we have a surprise to bring you a little closer to the action.

+CHVRCHES, Zedd and other artists will jump into fans’ Google+ Hangouts live from backstage. Check the schedule on the Coachella YouTube channel below for artist meet-and-greets. Start a Hangout with your friends, and when the time comes, it may bring you face-to-face backstage and directly into the Coachella webcast!
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Danna S
I know. Wish I could be there.
Their dance was beyond the most AMAZING Argentine Tango I have ever seen out of all Argentine Tangos. This is what I would have said to Len before their dance " He's our man,he's our man if len want give Meryl & Val a 10 we will chunk him in the garbage can"
Does that rhyme a little bit ???
wow...such a!!!
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