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Google+: A Circles Love Story ... That's a Plus
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This is the good one.
Gary Odums
I still haven't made it to the creepers circle.. sigh
guys are really simple minded, aren't we...
Awh that's adorable :3
Tad Dicks
Sorry I find that vapid. Seriously? Kind of demeaning to both sexes.
I will eventually make it out of that creepers circle. Just you wait!
Hey I saw a Google+ commercial during the Packer game today!
Lisa is a materialistic bitch. Other than that, I liked the ad airing during the Packers/Lions game. ;)
Typical female
"ew what a creeper...oh wait he has a nice car.."
a good one ...
All girls reading, please let me know if I made your Creepers list yet ;-)

P.S. I have a car :P
Love this one, hope it gets aired
Liz A
A note to all guys, According to this to go from "Creeper" to "Keepers" you have to have a Car, a Ski house and be all about the Book club. I think miss Lisa need to re evaluate her priorities in a match.

it's a cute video but not sure I'm cool with the message.
holy fuck, a b-side Gorillaz song. I think it's physically impossible for Google to do anything that isn't awesome.
I do love these google commercials. So much better than any of those they normally air around here :)
It was a awesome Google+ Video to me. That was excellent! Thank you sharing your video, +Google+! I'd enjoyed it and I'd liked it very much indeed. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holiday to you, +Google+! Good night!
And women keep telling us that money doesn't matter...
Thanks Google for unveiling the truth!
The best thing is it was love at first sight for him! Yay! 
Hmm I need a date *now going through my circles o_O
That IS Touchy. But It Gives Ground For Humor Too.
Imagine Kyle Circling Sarah ? :-)
+James Hart Yeah, it's like they mean G+ is for idiots. Both "love of my life" for someone you don't know, and "guys with cars" are so stereotypical of the kind of people I don't want to meet in G+!
Nobody is perfect...not even G+! :P
Is any of you, by any chance or "accident", perfect? We all have prejudices and we all easily jump in hasty conclusions about anyone before we know more about the other(s).The idea is that eventually we learn (how) to know ourselves better, then we learn (how) to know better those around us, either in real life or on Google+ .... and so we give ourselves another chance...maybe?
haha the she never moved, but he evolved from creeper to keeper. This was nice.
Hey, +Google+ - if I have someone in two different circles, and I post something to both those circles at once, will that person see duplicate posts, or just one post?

Have been wondering this for a while now...
I have to admit that I have "looked" at the full picture...the details always make me lose the track! So, apart of the fact that this add was, maybe, conceived by someone who we usually call "a nerd" , the main idea remains: we can change our minds, we can become better persons with better feelings...we can improve ourselves! That's all!
Happy Thanksgiving!O(∩_∩)O~
Will this be a commercial on tv too?
right people,right place~~good
fix "whats hot"stream same stories for 2 days!
right people in right place. right place with right people. :D
and yet people call it 'ghost town'. I think people who call that name definitely needs more friendly friends than acquaintances and followers.
Nice ! Question : I have a Gmail account (for personal) and I also have a Google Apps account (for business). Is it possible to merge the two Google+ profile ?
No, i don't think so. But, i can make a Page for you Bussiness with you Personal Account like me +MD SOLUTIONS
"That's a Plus" ... god save us ... who came up with that gem?
Lol... That's funny. Good one guys, and gals.
guys with cars??.. i don't have a car and i don't even know how to drike a bike :`)
There has been a nice romantic g+ ad airing in Brazil too... love is in the air... <3
excelente se pasaron son unos genios google :D
i guess i gotta get a car...
wow i love that comestible that describes Google+ so well. I keep struggling to explain to face book people what G+ is about and its hard because its not about friends is about passions. I have been a closet photo person for year going thou Google image searches and even 4chan. but G+ relay got me passionate about the people who make the amassing photo's and music and news. It has connected the news to the people who give me new's i love. ( i have add the new brand pages to my G+ for news but i still feal that news i get direct form the authors i can trust to be better then form a faceless new's servece.
Awkward for that other guy in the maybe circle...
dag zok
She got some mileage.... Hey did the other guy had ski house
So, what I think, ALL GLOBAL SETTINGS ARE MODIFIED BY SKYPE APPLICATION, BY SKYPE SERVERS, BY SECRET SUPERCOMPUTERS, UPDATES ARE BLOCKED, AND SECRET STRUCTURES ARE TAKING ALL CONTROL OVER ANDROID DEVICES ... AND OVER ANDROID-USERS-LIFE BY THE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE INSIDE SUPERCOMPUTERS WITH ALL GLOBAL MODIFIED CONECTIONS !!! I told you, Google, in information, you must have everything for provide real security: servers, antennas, conections, supercomputers quick running artificial-intelligence-software, for identify any global-IT-insiders !!!
+ioan dumitru That was a joke right? I struggle to comprehend arguments when people are shouting at me.
+ioan dumitru look, caps lock is like shouting as you should know, and you don't need to repeat identical comments. Flagged 3 of them, left the last one 'for great justice'. Also, please, take your however... thought-provoking?... conspiracy theories to more appropriate posts. OMG why am I even discussing it? XD

Anyways, this ad is OK if the intent is to show that people mature and grow and understand better and G+ lets them, OK, but I see sexism here. She's depicted as shallow and as the one doing all the growing up, he's just stuck on this 'love of my life' fairytale. G+ , I honestly expected better from you! You still rock though =)
The best would be to add a circle into another circle !!
To have a kind of hierarchy :) ...
it can let us sharing with a circle that will automatically includes others circles ...
I like the circle in circle idea, would stop me having to add people in multiple circles....
Happy to see i'm not the only one dealing with this lack of function :)
I really like this one! :)
Nice car... skii house... high paying job... buys jewelry... rich parents... hot best friend... careless with PIN...
Oh... Keeper"s". He needs to make an all-out effort. :D
And after that .. girls are looking for guys with more "stability" .. :/ !?
Come on Google Plus. Do you not see your own downfall there. That amount of circle organisation is insane. When you share content you have to spend as much time checking and choosing circles as you are writing out the content. Simplicity has been the hallmark of your products but suddenly it's not anymore.
+Marco Kellershoff search for things you are interested in and you will find plenty of people to follow who should make g+ a lot more interesting for you. I thought the same thing as you until I started to follow +Robert Scoble and I really started to understand how powerful g+ can be
Google can make really good commercials ... That's a Plus
This is brilliant. Keep it up!
That chicks circles screamed "hoe bag"...
haha too good how the girl is a bitch and totally superficial. and the guy is like true and likes her from the start.
Cute but the ski house & car circle is a bit lame. Maybe just have a "has a job" circle and other interest type circles.
Any idea who Lisa Gordon and Kyle are?
I don't get why she even has a circle for Creepers. Wouldn't blocking them be a better idea? If they're creepy? Is she into social network roulette or something?
We love sharing Circles on our Page!
Yes, but unfortunately I think that's how our brains work, whether we like it or not.
I'm posting all these ads on Facebook! Haha! Bring them over!!
A nerdy way of seeing things:

That says... Girls are constant but boys are variable .... lol :D
hahahahaha, thts kinda weird but cute :)
- I think that Google could have Plus themes.
- Place the popular games of Orkut on Google Plus.
- Place a security scheme to Google Plus before the coming of viruses and scripts.
- Make Google Plus advertisements, like Google Chrome does.
- Making a warning about Google Plus on Orkut.
- Add to Google Plus applications, put applications like Facebook and Google Chrome, This makes it less cloying. (But does approval of applications)
- Extend the limits for unlimited friends.
- Integrate twitter. (The twitter was bought by Google)

- Eu Acho que o Google Plus poderia ter temas.
- Colocar os jogos famosos do Orkut no Google Plus.
- Colocar um esquema de segurança no Google Plus antes que venha vírus e scripts.
- Fazer propagandas do Google Plus, igual faz do Google Chrome.
- Fazer um aviso no Orkut sobre o Google Plus.
- Colocar aplicativos para o Google Plus, colocar aplicativos igual o Facebook e o Google Chrome, Isso torna menos enjoativos. (Mas faz aprovação dos aplicativos)
- Estender o limites de amigos para ilimitado.
- Integrar ao twitter. (O twitter foi comprado pela Google)
hello im new i just got google gmail i got it for my old email it got hack google rocks!
Most amazing ad seriously shows how simple and elegant social networks can be to find love

Google Shows us How to Find LOVE on Google+[Viral Video] #Google #Google+ #Love #ViralVideo #LoveonG+ #Facebook #Social
How about the ability to change font sizes? That way I can read more posts @ once. {{-_-}}
Can the developer made some new inovation like to save a diffrent font or character.. , like on blackberry messengger.. ,to make google talk more fun...
Yay! Now maybe more of my friends will get their butts on here so I can stop talking to myself all day!! :)
it is really good commercial. from creppy to keeprs!e
Really great! Not the same level as Parisian Love, but really solid.
Cool video! You guys always have the best advertising campaigns, keep fighting the good fight!
Since switching to Google Chrome, I cannot access my bookmarks. Please tell me what I need to do to restore them.
And when exactly do you want to open up Google+ for younger people?
Man... Lisa sure does sound superficial. "Guys with cars" ... classy.
In the past 30 mins I have seen 2 of the Google+ commercials on TV. I gotta say that I love them. They are very good. Google+ is the best social network I have ever been on. Long live Google+.
Regarding the Circles subject, I wonder if it would be possible to filter people in my circles using conditions.
examples: I want to select everybody from all my circles except from 3 circles... or I want to filter only those people that are simultaneously present in my circle "Not English Language" AND ALSO in my circle "Likes Photos", etc
Thanks, google.
I appreciate what you were trying for +Google+ but I found it a real turn off rather than romantic or cute. The woman comes across as very shallow.
Wow...makes her look like kind of a bitch...
+Nicholas Layton Do you really think it's a true story or just marketing drek? I <3 google but not pandering to stereo-types.
I am glad Google put this song in a commercial because it's one of those non-mainstream songs that are really good. Thumbs up to google! If nobody knows the song, it's Gorillaz-Stop the Dams.
AT LAST! A pro-stalking commercial! It's about time we gave up the illusion that women don't LURV being stalked endlessly by creepy guys who can't take a restraining order for an answer.
Social fail.
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