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Join Gayle King from +CBS This Morning bright and early at 7:20 am EST (11:20 am GMT) today from their Studio 57 green room for a special hangout. Leave comments and questions on the +CBS This Morning page:
Gayle's Green Room Hangout! TOMORROW: Gayle King will be hosting a Google+ hangout LIVE from our Studio 57 green room tomorrow morning at 7:20am EST.

Don't forget to leave your comments and questions. Her guest is Senior Correspondent John Miller. See you then!
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Who cares about Gail whats her name. Google+ should not get inundated in spam like facebook. Gail just mooched off of oprah anyway.
they remove our comments.. Google+ we dont need or want shitty content!
Yeah, they removed my post too. We do not want spam. This is blatant spam. No one wants to listen to Gayle blab on about how she is oprah's best friend and how great she is. Her show is awful and she is a terrible host.
merle, i dont know who that host is or what program she host and i dont have any problem with her, but that content is celeb spam, they can try it on facebook or myspace :)
agreed. I just happen to also think gayle sucks. She is oprah's best friend and has only got a show on tv due to oprah not her own merit. I saw her show once and it was terrible.
Wow, I'm actually pretty disppointed in this +Google+. I'm an avid fan of your products. I try and show everyone I know how great they are and why they should use them, especially Google+. But when I share a genuine concern about the direction your service is going, you delete my comment, without giving me the decency of a reply?

A lot of people appreciate the way you do things Google, and for good reason. We feel like you're on our side when it comes to privacy and we appreciate Google+ being a place to log on and enjoy a social network that is intelligent, informative, and spam free. We don't want another Facebook. I even went as far as removing my Facebook over a year ago and have been using G+ exclusively since.

Please, understand that instead of following trends, you have to make your own. Don't sacrifice what you've created for shameless promotions and money.
that whitespace(who first use that word?) is cool for us who use google talk inside google+, our chats not popup over stream now.
I am taking screen shots of the posts here to show the world how g+ is censoring conversations. This is heinous and worse than Facebook.
This isn't spam, it's an event happening on G+ if it's not your thing move on to the next post, it's you people that are spamming the comments...
Anyone else reading the "Gayle's" wrong O_O
+James Pakele we speak about quality content what we want see or talking about on here. if google start support these kind of events, we start moving wrong way with this.

Again we have myspace and facebook already.
The problem is that +google+ posted it. If I wanted to see CBS I would subscribe to +CBS. It's SPAM
yes it happen here and im sorry of that, but cbs have their own google+ page, problem is that google itself promote it. we have better hangouts over g+ even right now, why google dont promote these?
It's showcasing that features of Google+ are becoming more mainstream... What's the big deal?
+Janne Granström First who gets to decide "better"?

Second, who said this was about "better", it's just showcasing that mainstream media is using Google+ features, which has very much to do with Google+
#mainstream ... That word I've always known would someday be used to describe Google+, but I've never wanted to see the day... lol.
we want that our mainstream is quality content, not some damn worship celebs and dont use your brains.. we can make change if people want and support it.
+Janne Granström its not celebrity worship, it's Google+ features being exposed to a wider audience... A fact that may very well encourage more quality content here on G+

Also, just because it doesn't interest you does not mean it's of no interest to anyone else...
I agree with what you're trying to say +James Pakele, but at the same time understand that if I wanted to know about Gayle's hangout, I would circle CBS. There's a reason I haven't done so and I'd like to keep it that way... If it's a hangout involving something important pertaining to Google+, fine, but this is just mainstream drivel.
Of course they are, because they're not doing it you're way right? And, of course, you're way is the only and best way...

I'd hate to see what it would be like if you were in charge, oh, this doesn't interest me personally so nobody is going to be interested in that, let's ban that...

This is a page for Google+ and G+ features being adopted by a wider audience is definitely of interest to G+... It may not be of interest to you but then again, this isn't you're page is it?
+Brenden N please understand that I am merely trying to point out the hipocrasy of accusing one of spamming while spamming the post...

Again, if it's not you're thing, it's not you're thing, onto the next, doesn't mean it isn't anybody's thing....
lots of people here dont want see anything like this on google+ and if we can or even trying keep google+ content important and informative, then we doing that.
+Andy Austin so they need to check to see if something is applicable to you before they post?
ahs.. really i dont want to fight with you, i understand your point yes. why you dont get my?
Why can't this just need seen as, cool, Google+ features are getting more exposure?
+Janne Granström so under what circumstances do you think the should notify users that G+ features are getting mainstream exposure?
It's a nationally televised Hangout, why wouldn't they want to bring this to their users attention?
+James Pakele I understand your point entirely. This is a comment section however, that allows a conversation. You may want to look up the definition of spam. This post that Google made is of commercial interest and showed up in my stream. I'm sharing an opinion in the conversation section. There's a difference.

Furthermore, one of the many things that makes Google+ great is circles. Have you heard of them? People use them to follow their own individual interests so that their stream will only pertain to things they're interested in. That way, we don't have to worry about the whole "well just because you don't like it doesn't mean...." argument. We're able to control the content ourselves.

The only reason I followed G+ is to stay informed on how the service is progressing, not to see commercial posts about hangouts with overpaid CBS TV hosts. As I've said before, if I wanted to see that, I'd follow CBS, not Google+.
As +Brenden N I have followed circles that I consider interesting and also followed Google+ for information and news from Google, Google+ Developers, not to be advertized on a Show that is shown only in two or three contries.
+Brenden N I think you've made a few mistakes in your assessments...

First of all you seem to want to focus entirely on the "commercial interest" and seem to ignore that fact that regardless of the avenue it is, in fact, about Google Hangouts getting national exposure... Now, had this post not been about a Google+ Hangout and simply promoted the show that would be a different story entirely...

I like Circles, I've been using them since the first week Google+ was out... It seems that you have been misled as to what Circles actually do... Circles allow you to follow pages and people that tend to post things that may be of interest to you if you follow someone because they post things regarding Android and they post pictures of their kids, do you chastise them because that's not what you followed them to see? I'm pretty sure you don't...

As I said, like with anything else, if it doesn't pertain to you, scroll by, why are they only allowed to post things that you want to see... Have you ever considered that maybe someone else following Google+ would like this bit of information? Or is this all about you?
+James Pakele, you've missed my point entirely twice now, so I'm no longer wasting my time as it is, clearly, a hopeless cause. It's late, I need sleep, so I'm afraid I have no other option but to agree to disagree.
So, Google+ is only celebrity whoring and this has nothing to do with simply advertising Hangouts in general.... Well how about some of their other posts:

This hangout has nothing to do with CBS:

These hangouts have nothing to do with CBS:

This post has nothing to do with hangouts or CBS:

This posts promotes hangouts without anything to do with CBS:

Read this carefully... They AREN'T picking only celebrities, they promote a bunch of hangouts, why should they NOT promote this one simply because it's happening on CBS? It has NOTHING to do with CBS and EVERYTHING to do with the HANGOUT!!!
+James Pakele I see it your way. I like to hear that hangouts are becoming mainstream. Many more people should appreciate and use them. Before long many others will copy and I want hangouts to be the winner, not some competitors copy cat version
Frankly, everyone else seems to get what I'm saying just fine.

Also, about 20 posts ago I addressed your "It's a hangout" argument. I guess you missed that as well. "If it's a hangout involving something important pertaining to Google+, fine..." Leave the other hangouts to their respective pages was my point! Yes, I expressed distaste for this content, but I never said they were only going around promoting celebs. That was the other dude. My point was that if it's a page about Google+, keep it about Google+, not promoting individual's hangouts. Leave that to the individual's page so that people who want to see that type of content will see it and those who don't, won't.

In fairness, you probably would've understood my argument better had Google not deleted my original post, hahaha. I elaborated more on this point.

Now, +James Pakele, my phone is going on silent so you don't disturb me by buzzing it with a response again :D Goodnight!
"If it's a hangout involving something important pertaining to Google+ fine..."

Ummm.... Any Google+ Hangout getting national exposure to a wider audience does pertain to Google+...

Goodnight... ;-)
Ummmm..."EST?" Most of the Eastern Time Zone is observing daylight saving time now. I think you meant "EDT"

But it's good to see G+ getting some more attention.
Why did Google+ remove the critical feature of adding your location to your posts? ... What, you think I actually have friends who are using Google+ or something? I need to post my location to interact with the locals!
esta es la novia de mateo reyes
+Janne Granström Not for Pages. It is now IMPOSSIBLE to add location for Pages, so it is impossible for me to post my blog for my organization to the community. This is really infuriating that Google removed this feature ... absolutely asinine. Google+ is basically useless to me now. Stupid, absolutely stupid ...
Yeah, not sure why the removed locations, never worked for me anyway, but I consider it to be a crucial element. Maybe they're developing it or something. Oh and fuck this SPAM shit. Come on #Google+.
Posts aren't being deleted, they are being 'flagged' by people as inappropriate. If enough people flag a post, and it simply vanishes. I know because I just trawled through the 70 or so posts flagging all the whiney and off-topic ones!
That's the beauty of G+ - it polices itself :-)
Maybe not everyone knows CBS has a page. Maybe people who aren't interested in CBS are interested in Gayle King. Maybe Gayle King has a large audience that would interest Google+ users or would entice people to join so they can possibly talk to her. Even if there are other hangouts that you think deserve attention from the Google+ page, someone else might consider that spam and then the shoe will be on the other foot. Google+ isn't just Google+You, it's +me, +the other guy, and +anyone.
+Brandon Petaccio You know there is a feedback section to report things you are unhappy about that will get more attention than a comment on a post that has absolutely nothing to do with your complaint right?
+Jon Simpson thanks for informing us! I wasn't aware that was the case with flagging. I'm glad Google isn't deleting posts.

+Jon Lambert haha. I laugh because, when logged out, it says "+You" in the top left corner of Google.
Ellen T
hey google+ where did u get the hashtaging idea, hum thats a hard one?
+Ellen T the creator of the hash tag is Chris Messina who works for Google...
+James Pakele And what directions are you following? Did someone instruct you to have a beef with every single person you respond to?

The only clue as to what we're "supposed" to say here is the post itself: "Leave comments and questions ..." I see nothing about being argumentative, contrary, or the comment police. I'm more "on topic" than you ...

I don't know why it's so incredibly important to you anyway. I posted a question (as requested) about an issue that people care about. If you don't care about it, mind your own business and leave people alone to discuss it.
+Brandon Petaccio if you submit your concerns through "send feedback" It will get seen by the team that addresses them, posting it in the comments section of an unrelated post will get you nothing...
+James Pakele Duly noted. And I already did so without your advice. And I posted here against your advice. It would seem you have nothing to say to me.

From now on, we will all be sure to check with you for instructions before posting something where no instructions were given ...
I'm just confused why Google+ hasn't geotargeted their posts like Facebook does. That would undo at least part of the problem.
+Brandon Petaccio

1) The invitation to leave comments and questions was in regards to the Hangout.

2) This isn't the place the instructed to leave said comments and questions

3) Reading comprehension could do you a world of good...
+James Pakele so what is the point of a comments thread if not to comment? Which comments would you like people to post? Just the ones you agree with? Your opinion of how Google+ should manage their announcements differs to +Brenden N / +Brandon Petaccio - I don't know why you have to bang on about being "right". Your comments are just as spammy (if not moreso) than anyone elses afterall.
Thanks +Sarah Moran :) But this really is a lost cause. I gave up arguing with this idiot a while ago. Guy clearly has nothing better to do with his time but be argumentative over the internet.
+Sarah Moran Look back and read... It was a bunch of people telling whoever is running the Google+ page what should and shouldn't be posted, on the Google+ page...

Then someone (me) came a long and started telling them what they should and shouldn't post... They didn't like it one bit and got all huffy, whiny and pissy at me for doing the same exact thing to them that they started out doing in the first place... Ironic? Just a bit... Do I care what they write? Not in the least, but I find irony amusing...
Cause +James Pakele never got huffy, whiny, or pissy ... He's the comment police! It's his job! We obviously shouldn't be posting anything at all, since nobody told us what to post, leaving only +James Pakele to pick and choose for us ...
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