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The incredible 7-game World Series between the +St. Louis Cardinals and +Texas Rangers ended just two weeks ago, and we true baseball fans are already eagerly awaiting pitchers and catchers reporting to Spring Training this February. +Natalie Villalobos may love the +San Francisco Giants and +Louis Gray loves the +Oakland Athletics but we're both passionate about baseball.

All of +MLB's 30 teams are already here on Google+. It's Opening Day for baseball season here on Google+, so step up to the plate and take your cuts. Your favorite team is already here. It's going to be a long cold off-season, but we're looking forward to what's on deck. Play Ball!
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Shit just got real.
Alright Google, how much are you paying all these people for making their Pages? ;)
Well done. Let's get our English Premier League teams too. I have some questions for Liverpool!!
Wow, now I get it...please share NHL when available
We need similar circles for all major sports, including soccer/futbol and rugby.
Very cool post, +Google+! Could we get these teams verified as well as other pro sports leagues? I am hesitant to add some until they are verified. And yes +John Breen, I want NHL too!
This is very cool, +Google+!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
Dan - Yep, I was born in the LOU. I bleed RED. Go Cardinals!!!
+Dani Wexelman
NFL, NFL, NFL! Please. =)
That's great that you are publishing circles like this to publicize how Pages are catching on, but could you just set up a Pages homepage that has a directory of all brands/organizations that are up and running???
When will you be getting all the "official" NFL teams?
gosh, who cares? it's not like it's
NFL and Football(Soccer) please
That would require F1 to actually be cool on it's own...
I've seen some NHL team's show up. Not all of them yet.
It would be nice to see other Sports organizations on Google+. I did a search for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and with 6 pages, none seem official. Do pages have some sort of VERIFIED indicator? If not, they should.
I was going to watch some MLB, but then I remembered I could watch some paint dry instead. Go watch a sport that has a modicum of excitement
Ha! WORLD Series, it's not even an American Series. We call it rounders here in the old world.
+Brandon Erickson - If you don't like baseball, why bother posting here? Just to insult those of us who love the game?

Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one and they think everyone's stinks but theirs.
Is anybody else noticing that since Pages started, if you click on a shared circle, and try to add one or two pages, rather than the whole circle, you STILL end up adding the WHOLE circle? This is really annoying, as I do NOT want ALL MLS teams in my MY PAGES circle.
the black icon on the G+ was so good. Why WHY did you guys change it???
NFL would be awesome :D
Great work, G+! I've been waiting for pages to liven things up.
Go Tigers and/or Jays! What? I can love two teams!
Guillen - he gone! Not sure if i'm excited for next season baseball.
I don't understand this but it looks cool.
100 days until pitchers and catchers report.
Would be great if google could certified those pages... and the NHL ones.. just for the mopntreal canadiens I found 15 official pages...
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