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The excitement around Google+ pages since launch this morning has been incredible to watch. Of course, as this project is new, many of you have questions about what's next. +Dennis Troper wanted to update you and say we are already working on multi-admin support, ownership transfer and page analytics.

Stay tuned. We've got much more in store.
Dennis Troper originally shared:
It’s only been a few hours since we announced Google+ Pages and the response has been amazing! We're listening to all your comments and feedback.

A few of your top requests we’ve already started working on, such as multi-admin support, ownership transfer and page analytics.

You can look forward to many more features and improvements in the coming weeks and months. This is just the beginning! Keep the feedback coming :)
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+1 on the multi-admin support. We set up our page this morning and it took about ten seconds to notice this was missing. Excited about pages, this feature will just make it better!
Awesome! Was just searching for info on multi-admin support. Question answered. That was easy!
Those are my exact 3 requests! Great work, it's so impressive to see this rollout with virtually no hiccups.
Release fast these improvements please! We need it.
Well thank you, it's quite amazing actually !
Even better than I expected !
Very easy to use, intuitive and useful !
With the improvements you're working on right now, it'll be perfect !
Awesome. Getting better every day.
I'd love the ability to email a news story or status
Awesome! To help you out +Dennis Troper, we setup a page and then needed to transfer it almost immediately. So, we had to delete the original. Now, in searches the deleted one shows up with errors all over instead of not showing up at all. Just FYI. :) (I'll submit normal feedback, too, of course.)
Glad to see G+ pages go live!
What a difference. Someone is listening. Go for it. Love every aspect of it.
How about easier URLs? This number thing has quickly gone out of hand!
Admins? Excellent. We need forum-style moderation around these parts.
Yea......not launching with more robust administrative features was a bad idea.
Great point, Drew. I'm just getting started and the the long urls was one of the first things I noticed.
Thanks Google+ This is really improving. I love it.
i would like a custom url for google pages and also one plus one for webpages and google pages that way people dont have to like both of them
The Fun is increasing by the day Bravo Google +!!!
Sounds like all of the features needed, can't wait to see what else you guys have for pages.
G+ suddenly became alive. Love it
I'll mark "Google+ Day" as holiday on Nov 7
My Google plus feed has exploded with activity today. Rock on google
G plus.. or multiplied ?? .. (: love it
Multiple admins would be perfect. Also, converting a current G+ profile to a page would be extremely useful.
Coca-cola page lol - there's already hundreds - how will you be handling issues like that? 
If you have feedback for Google+ Pages.... don't forget to let us know with the "Send feedback" button. We're already working on multi-admin support, ownership transfer, page analytics, and "pretty" URLs, but for anything else, feedback away!
When google+ pages are created, can viewers link/trace them back to the original account holder? What if I want my page to be anonymous?
Yeah, there are a few Google+ pages with "Verified names," but otherwise, legitimacy is still a problem on which we're improving.
facebook must merge with google. Please Mark Zuckerberg, make it happen
Yeah G+ is 100x FB and I hope that is doesn't turn into FB. It will shine with awesomeness and destroy everything in it's path.
I guess my sarcasm radar is off today....
sarcasm doesn't really work on the internet usually. lol
so can we or can't we? a simple yes or no would suffice.
As pointed out by some G-plusers, after the G+ pages I only have one thing to say about G+ Custom URLs
Yeah custom URLS would be nice after everything is implimented I mean all these randomly generated numbers are pretty hard to remember.
Will Google+ pages be available on ios devices?
or a better question, can those in my circles see plus pages I've created? I don't want people in my circles seeing side projects I may be working on.
+Joseph Buchanan: I would be very careful about trying to use Google+ pages for anonymity. Although we don't (currently) draw any connections in our user interface between you and your Google+ pages (AFAIK), there are no guarantees that that will always be the case. Anonymity and pseudonymity will be addressed with a different (better) solution, later.
+Gabriel Rodriguez: The "verified name" badge is the best indicator, although it's relatively limited in its pervasiveness. There's also the follower count, but that's less reliable, since it's not too difficult to fool a bunch of people at once.
Multi Admins. real and customized URL;, Ability to see who following page not only see numbers, Ability to customize page styles! :) That will help google +
I understand, I guess my question should have been, "How can I verify my page?". But thank you for the help.
Forget, Also ability to add or invite people to pages.
Would be great to be able to put contact info somewhere other than at the bottom of the Introduction. If it's a long intro it is well below the scroll and I would like people to have access to my contact info more readily... Under my profile pic maybe???
I know you aren't trying to be Facebook...and why would you...but one thing I do like about their pages is the ability to add custom tabs. Will that be coming...some way to customize our business pages? Just a hint...making it easier for us than using stupid iframes would put you WAYYYY ahead of the game as far as I'm concerned. And yes...custom URL. lol
Group chat between group's owners? When multi-owners is applied.
I see the stream updating as it grows when in my stream. But it seems it is not so when I go to this page and keep watching. Is that the expected behaviour? Am I mistaken?
+Alexandre Xavier: Profile pages do not (yet) support real-time updates. You'll have to refresh the profile page, unfortunately. :-/
oh ok. so, it does in my own stream. it is ok I suppose. It seems though a bit more intuitive that it would eventually do the same in the profile page if not too difficult or confusing.
I would have a suggestion based on this current experience where the streams update so quickly one can actually chat with other person. There might be good to have the option of inviting people commenting on the same subject for a hangout.
Are you going to be able to make slide shows with google photos like you can with Picassa offline?
I'm glad this is being worked on. BTW is it possible to make it so that shared posts from a page have the same comment thread?
Great update. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but I'm really looking for discussion group functionality of some kind. Any chance that's coming?
+Dennis Troper It would be great to know how many pages were created on the first day, first week and first month after the launch!
Google groups for Apps should be linked to the Google+ page so that members of that group can access by default the page. If they are group owner there are admin here.
Yes, API is as critical as the app itself...
when I typed my post about merging doesn't mean "I'm serious"....of course the two sites won't let happen
Any plans for something like Facebook Social plugin for comments? - Using the commenting feature here to power comments on our blogs? like TechCrunch does with the Facebook commenting system?
That's great. Now, lets have Polls and invitations/evites turned on!
Great work guys ... really fantastic!
I think you should put page support for the iOS and android mobile Google+ app.
+Ramez Sayed I hope so - otherwise will have to use Facebook comment plugin whilst using google+ for everything else? don't make sense ...
If you could merge some of Google Wave ideas into this new G+ that would be fantastic. Thinking the Wave Robots type ideas, mini applications that will run inside G+ itself ?
Anyone know how to move an existing Picasa web album from my personal profile to my page? I already have all the pictures I want for my page in one of my personal albums, because they have come from Blogger.
+Google+ when will be full support for pages on Android? Because of a temporary lack of computer, the Android is my main way of accessing the G+. And, as far as I could see, there is still no way for me to follow a page on Android.
Yes, for example, it's possible to auto-sync a page with a RSS of a belonged blog? I use the page for such purpose and it would be very useful.
Question what do you do about fake companies. How are they verify?
Will we able to access both our personal page and other pages through the Android app?
G+ is amazing, I have been saying that for months. The new logo is bland and red and generally boring-looking therefore should be immediately fired from a cannon into the center of the sun.
Great so far! So businesses won't be flag for having a personal profile linked to biz page like Facebook? Another vote for vanity URLs. Nice job!
Polls would be a great update! And cool stuff on the pages deal!
Can you remove the ability to +1 your own comment? I find this obnoxious.
How do you view the followers from the Google+ Page? I see the count but I don't know how to view who they are :)
I've created mine... I'm looking forward to what's to come from G+
Check my page out... please :)
Eric K.
I agree; the old logo was AWESOME!
ISSO para a google a pioneira na web. sabem atender aos pedidos de seus usuarios. nao como o faceboog
Really looking forward to the multi-admin support! Way to go so far! The pages are looking very cool and I love that we can interact with our members now in a way that the other social networks have not allowed in the past! You guys rock!
+Ramez Sayed: * word * = word

Just do it without the spaces. Also, _ word _ = word and - word - = word
I agree about the logo, too. Back to black!
- multi admins
- Names
- auto circle migration
- Circles within circles :)
- analytics
+Dennis Troper and +Google+ you guys are amazing! Within hours you are already working on the things we have requested. amazing! Best customer support ever. Goodbye Facebook!
Please no circles within circles... KISS.
Guys I've got a question. How do I manage the page I just created ??
Question: What's the disadvantage of creating your Page in the wrong main category? Is there a way to change that without creating a new page?
The red icon is terrible.
I don't like new red favicon.
the collocation of the red icon with the black numbers is terrible.......................
I don't f***ing like the new boring icon. your designers are bipolar
hmm.. the new icon has a 70s feel... not sure if that's good or bad, but I did like the old one more.
I agree to the voices shouting: back to the old logo! It was much better! And it did definitely fit better to google.
old logo personal pages and new logo for brand pages :c) maybe?
Some suggested feature for G+ mobile app:
- Ability to add people or pages directly from phone
- Ability to initiate Hangout from phone
- Search feature. You are a search company after all !
Oh, please change the logo back to the black one. I can't dig this.
Keep on rocking +Google+ team !
I agree with what +Huy Nguyen said also please add the functionality so that when someones +1's a comment you make, there is a link or some way of quickly viewing the comment they +1'd
I am ok with the fact page cannot circle people who doesnt circle page. However it would be nice if I can share circles from my personal page with page. I would love to reshare msg from a page too.
There needs to be official app for Windows Phone and Google+ page should have name in address
We need google page app tab, like facebook. facebook is awesome 'cause app tab feature.
boo Jay
Please bring back the old icon. The new one is trying too hard to be like facebook.
could not agree more +boo Jay the old icon was so new and original, we don't want to copy our terrible past, we want to stay innovative and fresh
G+ pages are great! But can you introduce a default circle for pages? or make some options like no shared update will be available to pages. Now i need to be more cautious about share something new with my friends or family so that it will not be published in pages. Previously "your circle" works fine. but now??
It is Eid here and G+ pages have arrived as an Eid gift. Although I have so many questions but they are not necessary for now. Thank you Google and Happy Eid.
The only other suggestion I really had was custom URLs, but I see the g+ team already responded to this just hours after it was suggested by other users. Now that's the real difference between Google + and Facebook. An actual response within hours not months :) 
I created a few pages and now I'm getting an error message. is there a maximum number of pages a user can create? (or ist it just that I can't create more that fast?)
Hi team, I got my Pages after it opened but hope Pages will get theme and apps soon. Especially, Pages need statistics controller also.

Thanks for your works.
Google+ pages: great work guys, thank you. One question: will it be possible to offer the pages (and a users profile to) multilingually? Specially things like the intro field in someones profile or something (this couldbe interesting for posts to...)
+Google+ My page followers are not visible, how to made them visible?
Can i add another admin to my page?
Looking for limited adminship and more unlike facebook where original admin can be removed
Hope they will add that feature soon..
What should I do to connect with Page? +1, or "add to circles" ?
May I now more than ever recommend adding the option for nested circles! With the introduction of pages I'm sure everyone would like to be able to see feeds from their pages and feeds from friends/colleagues/aquaintances in separate feeds, but would still like a combined feed of all "people" without having to move everyone into one common circle.
what's the motivation for pages not being able to do hangouts on mobile devices? One of the ideas i have for my page (+Tulane University Marching Band) is to do a live hangout session during our football games, parades, or rehearsals for broadcast to our fans or to our students' parents, but not being able to use hangouts as the page entity on a mobile device severely restricts this option.
Please sort out the linking of content between personal profiles and pages otherwise they're going to be just as much of a mess as Facebook pages. G+ profiles are linked to Picasa so why can't my pages access my Picasa albums? It's a bit of a kick in the nuts for all of the photographers that have been posting regularly and drawing people to G+ that now have to upload everything again. It also means that Google's storage will have to increase to accomodate all the duplicate files.
It would be great to post updates to our pages via the mobile app and how to do see who's following your page..there's no email etc like the profiles
Just created a page for my cooking blog +Zero Cooking :) Gonna try to do live cooking session with hangout! ;)
Dear google+ and @dennis troper, how do i link my youtube channel to my google+ pages. As i don't want to upload both video in youtube and google+ pages twice...
Very useful tool! Great! I wonder if it's possible to change your page url from"11111111"... to other name of our own choice. Like the name of the page itself... Please think about it or - if it's already possible - tell me how.
Thanks and keep up the good work! =)
also, is there a way to change the category of a page once it is created, like from "other" to "pet services" for instance?
+Tong Yun Ling I forward that request that too. I'm concerned with re-uploading videos to google+ pages as I may be accused of copyright for my own content as well as creating duplicates which does waste space for no reason.
The Brand pages are great but..... can we please PLEASE get a pages tab so that our main stream isint filled with brand stuff? There are alot of pages I would like to follow but want it seperate from my primary stream. Till this is added I wont be following but a few pages. I refuse to have another facebook feed of death....
Maybe someone has asked before but... are pages gonna be verified?
Auto-response, I see G+ page is verified, so I guess the other pages will be verified too ^^
I agree with Stipe Gbric.
When will we be able to post comments on people's walls? And what about private messages? I don't like the fact that they're on MY wall and shared with others. What if I write something and then somebody sits next to me? I can't check my page because they'd read it!!
What we desperately need now is to be able to mute circles in the Stream.
I have added several pages to my new "Pages" circle and they (Google especially) have really clogged up my stream. I want to keep a circle of pages without necessarily having to look at all their posts unless I specifically want to!
Thank you thank you thank you. This is a very welcome feature.
+Google+ Come on to integrate Blogger and Google +!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i don't know what you guys have planned, and you guys definitely know more about business than me, but why'd you change the g+ icon?

the + with the RGBY tabs looked way cooler than this g+ with pale red background.

just saiyan. i really liked the first icon better.

+Bernd Code
I like the new icon g+ icon! Way better than old one.
+Javier Mulero


i dont know. it's probably the way i have my pinned tabs.
i have g+, gmail, and gcalendar.
the old logo looked way better when it was the + with black background.

now it looks terrible next to gmail.

yeah. it looks pretty bad.
just trying to see a better side to it, but i really cant.
+Arel Christian Tanio I don't know why, but I think this new logo it's more corporate. The old looked like a button or something without personality.
Cool.. its awesome! Created a page for +Fotopep
But wonder why the page is not allowed to add anyone to circle unless the other person adds +Fotopep page to their circle! Wish you guys allow the page to add ppl into its circles.
Anyone got the link to the "create a button for your site" page for Pages? I got offered a link to it at some point during the Page creation process, had to restart my browser, now I can't find the page anywhere.
Having slight issues with adding people to circles from my page.
Note! +Sushmitha Salian If you add a person in a circle of a page, you will receive all the messages of this person, which was made public or to all (extended) circles in the stream of the page. Therefore you shouldn't add any person to this circles. Only if you wish to have the same contact as you have in your normal circles of your private profile. So my experiances.
My expectation was, that if one person which follow this page, is added to circles there, this person could share content also public on my page. For communication to custumers is this also not a useful functionality, because ALL public stuff of all customers are run in the stream of the page. I don't know, how this should work in practice .

Could you, +Dennis Troper or other Googlers explain this to us?
Leo Tao
not really related to google+ pages but I think it is a good suggestion. Allow people to share links like youtube/images from google+ to Facebook. Just to stick it in their face :) and I mean honestly google+ could do with some advertising by users on their facebook wall..
Google+ has been amazing and the new features are making it much better. But two things which I think will definitely improve Google+ more are :
a) Communities (Like in Orkut) where people can join in and discuss.
b) Vanity URLs for both the profiles as well as the pages.
+Google+ Google pages need following improvements:
- better managment instruments;
- structured comments with collapsing branches;

Coz it's depersonalised business, mass-media, bloggers etc. pages with potential >10k followers/commenters and some versatile news etc. Also, if you fix this functionality, it can replace Bloogger service (after integration al blogs as "google+ page").
It's a bit confussing, for users who want to follow a page, and people and pages are mixed. On Facebook, some people can't tell the difference between a page and a profile, and maybe here it's going to be even more confusing for non-advanced users
+1 for multi admin and ownership transfer..
I tried setting up a page from a Google Account that we use for a campus club, and I couldn't because the name on the account isn't a real name. It'd be nice to be able to set up a page and use that as the whole Google+ Account, rather than having to have a user profile associated with it.
I have already created two pages and will create at least 10 more in the next coming week.
+1 for pages, red logo, youtube playlist...
hope to see more big changes soon!
Is it possible to post from the main account to multiple pages?
Is it possible to move a circle from the main account to a page?
Why can't I add people to my circles on a page as they did not follow me first?
Sry folks, but its not practical to have only one admin for a page.
Please offer multiple admins for pages asap. Thx.
+M Johnson I know there are a few different ways of doing what you suggest. heck there is even an filter extension for chrome for this (plusminus). BUT it should be built into Google+ and the respective APPs for mobile access to be able to mute circles when you want.
can't wait for multi-admin support, but apart from that, well done!
EMERGENCY!!!! You desperately need to introduce HUMAN READABLE and SIMPLE URLs, e.g.

How do you expect companies to put their URL on their posters, ads, clips, etc? Didn't you recognize that this is a simple but powerful advantage that FACEBOOK has?

Truely, you've got to stop thinking less geeky and more social & business-like in order to make pages a success.

O, btw, human readable URLs for private pages would be a great thing too. FB has got this simple feature.
+Emil Georgiev Thanks for the advice, I don't think, this is good enough. Too many disadvantages:

1. It is NOT associated with Google
2. It's exactly ONE step too much.
3. In particular, it is easy to "steal" a companies name :-( The URL must be verified by Google
it will be nice...if u guys develop a directory for those brand pages...just saying... :-)
Multi admin is a must! we want to own our business pages, but rely on other people to do our CM...
Events are a must too ;)
Customization would be very well received too ;)
please get rid of what's hot on google it does my head in and has content i don't want to see.
Dear Google Plus,

We want to see our favorite posts in one place.

Please add a link to the left which I can click on a see a list of all the posts here which I have +1'd.

I'm getting tired of asking. Yet you seem to keep adding things which people are not asking for. Like the 'What's hot' link and the YouTube 'kind of playlist' thing.

You are called Plus. We Plus things when we like them. We want to see them again some day. Give us this very, very easy-for-you-to-implement filter link for the left menu.
Ability to share a post to a "page". Advanced sharing options. Thanks!
+Emil Georgiev Sure. For me as a private user, I'd work, too. But always consider the needs of a company or Google'll loose this competition.
+1 for multi-admin support. Absolutely need that feature.
Great start - The ability to pull your YouTube videos into videos would be ideal as well vs. having to re-upload.
Hey you! You could make something to hide/collect news from pages at one's annoying to scrolling down all over the page...

@People:+1 if you want it.
I'd love to see the ability of having pages with limited visibility. Our company uses Google Apps and I'd love to use a page for projects so that various members of a project can collaborate without having to have each member of the project team create their own circle. Just create a Project Page and publicize it to those involved in the project! Some project pages could be visible to the whole company. Others may only be visible to select people within the company.
Change the g+ icon for the website back to the multi colored one. the red is not nearly as creative and it's kinda of simliar to facebooks logo.
All for the multi-admin support. My company is currently looking to get multi-admin going so we can add G+ to our list of available support media for customers.
please use the old one logo for google+!
+Peter Wagner are you kidding bro? i hated that old one... this new one is awesome... infact, that old logo was the only thing that i didn't like in the whole G+........
Can we have an 'Event' facility so we can organize trips, parties, meetings etc. with our friends please? A GoogleMusic function would also be nice just like what you've done with YouTube. I would actually close my Facebook account if this was to happen
I think there should be circles for pages, and circles for profiles. The problem with Facebook is that some people create a profile instead of a page, and I think that mixing profiles and pages in the same circles is going to confuse users more.
Can we get notifications for our plus pages?
Thinks that i want form google+ pages
Link the account with an organization email that way photos, documents and all that stay in the same account instead of using my personal email for the page. Right now if i want to add a page to an organization gmail email i must create a profile with that email which would be against g+ policy. Multiple administrators, the ability to subscribe yourself to a specific circle within a page to get the updates you want.
Nice to hear. I think this will be a good move and help businesses get their pages started and managed.
Please multi-admin + URL !!! Gracias!
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