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Learn more about the new Google+ Local

Find the pitch perfect place, whether you’re looking for a quick bite or hoping to impress a special someone with Google+ Local as your guide. Places you'll love, from people you trust.

We followed +Eve 6 on their national tour to find out what local foodie spots they discovered with the help of Google+ Local.
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lo que hace Google + local, aún no por favor ayuda
why does it keep saying i'm in Kissimmee? I'm no where near there. How do I make it not have my default place bee 700 miles from here?
Can I check in from the desktop/laptop location still? I can't find it anymore.
Great idea, but how to I get Google+ to recognise where I am? I'm not using a mobile device, and it doesn't seem to take on board the default location that I've set in Google Maps. It would seem that my IP address is being used instead, which gives me results from about 100 miles away.
+Google+ Local thinks I'm in a state at the wrong end of the country, ha!
Same here. My local is not local on my desktop. How do I correct it?
Hombre Grabiel, no te preocupes, solo es para que le digas al mundo que trozo de terruño ocupa tu sombra en cada momento...
Solo si lo deseas pregonar a voces; supongo.
yep how do you fix your locality on it, also would be great if it included services in the area ie. electrician, builder ect.
Can't you just type your location into the second box, the one right next to the search button?
+Gerald Hines Yeah, that works, but having to do that each time is really annoying. I'd rather set a new default location like all the other Google services allow you to do.
Needs pseudonyms before I'm going to publish my reviews to the world.
its just wonderful , so marvelous
Sean S
+mathew murphy , agreed. You used to be able to post as a nickname. I don't want to write a negative review of a restaurant and go back to the restaurant where the owner have read the reviews.
Sean S
Google should buy urbanspoon. Urbanspoon is nice but it is lacking. It has a bad layout. It could use the help of Google.
+Google+ Can you grade a place without having to show your profile photo and name? Other people showing Google user only. I don't like my name and profile photo showing.
Google+ is so awesome, the only thing which is missing are the users :/
I hope you can fix this bug!
yes its only that we cant find our lovers and friends , but we still can invite them ^^
+Ernie Braganza totally agree, it just seemed like people were saying it's unusable as is.

I'm really digging how +Google+ is integrating all of their products into one tab in the browser. I think their goal is that eventually you'll never have to leave, and I can see that happening for me before too much longer. Just need to get my GMail and Calendars in there.
Is that going to be available for mobile as well?
Sean S
+Andres Araujo Azua , I disagree. Knowing that the owners can see who reviewed their business, I will be less likely to write a negative review. So I'd only post a review on the business that I like. Being anonymous, I can provide an honest review.
I love this new function.
it is like Foursquare, but then all together with the good functions from Maps.

Wow, this took long ;-)

Many thanks Google, I thought this will never happen. Now the next enhancement: Combined Event function with Calendar, to invite and schedule events. Also include the new "Local" to this Event function and you have the perfect solution!

Next step after this: Combine all the fuctions with Hangouts and GPS Geo Data ;-)
Emory L
Why is that, +Sean S? You can post a negative review if you have a negative experience, what are the owners going to do? Threaten me for not liking them?
Sean S
+Natalie Villalobos , by pseudonym, I think +mathew murphy means being able to write a review anonymously. You used to be able to write a review using a nickname and not having it attached to your G+ profile.
+Sean S, first off, I don't go to any restaurant where they know me by name (except a local bar), and if I did have that kind of relationship there I would give them feedback to their face, rather than posting on the internet.

Secondly, anonymous reviews are horrible, IMO, because then people feel free to tell lies and half truths. Not that I'm accusing you of that, but I don't have a lot of faith in an anonymous review, there's zero accountability in that. If you're going to say something, you shouldn't be afraid to let others know that you said it. And if a restaurant is bad enough for you to write a negative review about it, why would you go back there anyway?

Plus, if you know who actually wrote the review, you can contact that person for more info, particularly if it's someone you know.
+Jeffrey Fina You can leave feedback about Google+ in either gear icon > Send Feedback or by clicking the gray text, "Send Feedback" that's at the bottom of column to the right of this.
Wow, putting peoples' names on reviews is a pretty bad idea. You should be able to use a (consistent) pseudonym to avoid retaliation.
How can you get Google to change the "At a Glance" - the ones listed for my businesses are wildly inaccurate
Why are people worried about whether your name is attached to your review? I have nothing to hide with my fact, I want people to know my opinion.
+Google+ combines an event function with Google Calendar and a group function for communities with Google Groups. I think they are the only two functions that are missing.
TWiT already uses the tag "...from people you trust." The whole tagline that TWiT uses is, "Netcasts you love, from people you trust."
Sean S
Photos uploaded to G+ Local should be in it's own album rather than "Photos from posts" album.
When will be implemented on mobile G+? It's interesting to know about it because I saw a hidden tab on the mobile G+ menu and know I see this and I can't think in another thing that is to implement this new feature (hope you understand my English)
Hi Google! Please allow for the users to upload their pictures in choosed photo album in the next release! It would be a big help to share my pictures from my mobile!
google+ Chariots of Fire is playing in the background for you!
Anybody else notice the notifications button is square rather than rounded at the corners at the start? Or are all your buttons like that?
When you write a review, is it visible to everyone on the web or just people on G+?
So... now... Google has 2 tools to review places. Google Maps and Google+. ¿?¿?
+Elías Poveda I wouldn't worry too much, the two will most likely continue to get closer and closer together anyway. Plus I'm pretty sure that when we review on one of them (maps for example) it will go through to the other (local)
+Danny Groot what are the advantages of Messenger over Talk? I never use Messenger. Talk does voice, video and chat. Messenger only does chat and seems redundant to me, unless I'm missing something (which is entirely possible).
Would love to see a way I can save a place I find
Really very good and necesary implementation for the social network.
+Danny Groot after posting that, I thought maybe that was it. I'd much rather +Google+ add that feature to Talk and get rid of Messenger altogether. It just creates confusion.
I don't want everybody to know who I am when I am having an opinion on a certain place. Dear Google, why don't you distinguish between the circles? My friends should know my personal attitude, but not the shopkeeper!
google should know that in some places there r not a real map or a detailed map. just telling...
Sean S
What determines what goes into the profile photo area of the page? Some pages have photoss and some are streetview images. I uploaded a photo but it doesn't appear in the profile photo area.
Why are you guys worried about using your real name to post a review? If it was bad, you won't return. If it was good, maybe you'll get a free drink.
What's wrong with being upfront and honest anyway?
+Gerald Hines Talk does video? What the what? I didn't even know that and I use it everyday. I guess my wife is about to see my face in a few minutes.
+C. Paul Courtney Talk is the shiznit. Apart from Maps and Google+, it's my favorite app. You can do video from phone to phone, phone to computer, computer to phone, and computer to computer. And that computer can be a Mac or a PC. And, like I said, you can also do voice only or text chat.

I encourage my family to use Talk instead of text; if you send me a text, I only get it on my phone and, especially if I'm at home, I might not have my phone on me. But if you send me a message on talk, I'll get it at the same time on my computer, my phone and my tablet. Much more likely I'll have one of those in front of me.
+Google+ There should be a way to set the location for Local. Every time I click on Local it brings up a city that I'm not in. I've checked the city that I have set as my base city in Google Maps and it's not using that city as a reference point.

Even better if it would let me set up a list of cities that I frequently visit so that I can click on a city of my choice (one of them being a default city).

Not very useful if I have to go to the top of the screen and type in my location every time I use this :-(
Sean S
+Richard R.,
Same here. It's set to a nearby city but not my city. I have to always type in my city. I've seen others having this issue as well.
I applaud the effort but it seems like this would be better served in the mobile app? I'm assuming it is coming "soon"?
Nice, but it's no good if it doesn't reach many people.
Checking in no longer posts on Google plus... Actually it does for about 3 seconds then disappears. It shows up in Local under the Google plus tab???? Weird. Seems some bugs are here.
Nice addition to the best social network on the planet. Keep the updates coming!
Bueno supongo que esto esta muy bien,y realmente interesante, pero creo que para funcionar necesitamos que más gente en esta red.
now google+ even better. its like facebook with no ad, and foursquare all together!!
Why wasn't this rolled out to the mobile app? Most people I know don't lug their laptops around to find a local spot. You GPS it.
Good job. It helps when traveling, and even seeking out some new places to try in my home city.
Seems the Android app does not support it yet
Thanks +Jehuda Christ ! It was sitting there in my apps the whole time and I never realized since I'm always in the regular G+ app. Awesome!
i have that in my Iron Man Suit, mark 3
In regard to previous posts about not being able to review anonymously: I agree that reviewing publicly with your real name helps insure honest reviews.

However, while I don't think writing a bad restaurant review is anything to worry about (I doubt a restaurant will wait for your return to pee in your Cheerios.), I can understand some folks hesitating to write reviews because it may reveal a person's favorite places to hang out.

Anyone having stalking issues can probably no longer use Google to write reviews.
¿Alguien puede decirme cómo demonios funciona esto?
Can someone tell me how the hell this works?
This is awesome, our Google+ page and our Google Places page was picked to make the changes so that people can see what it looks like, and how it works. I am not exactly sure when it is being rolled out to the public. Add us to your circles and let us know what you think.
+Gerald Hines my wife and I use Talk quite a bit. I'm trying to get my kids to use it more. I don't know how to use video phone to phone.
+C. Paul Courtney well, it's not through Talk per se, if you want to do video on the phone you either use the video icon in the Google Messenger app, or you start a Hangout with the person through the Google+ mobile app. On the computer you can either initiate through your Google+ chat window on you Google+ page, or by installing the Google Talk app on your desktop.

But it's basically all the same thing, and it's your Talk contacts so I tend to just call all of it Talk.
+C. Paul Courtney:

Actually, I totally spaced that; you can start it through the Google Talk app as well; if your contact is on a device with a front-facing camera (computer or phone) there should be a video icon on the right hand side of the app. But sometimes that gets sketchy and it doesn't show up for some devices (my ex-wife has a Samsung that never seems to be available for video chat despite having a front camera, for example), but it does usually work.
I have spent 10 minutes trying to get to a "contact us" option. There are some crucial things that could be altered to make the experience of all, and especially those that in psychological terms, are "somewhere on the spectrum" work better on the Google+ system. Indeed, on Google! You toss us under the bus at your peril, this is too much to manage for many of us, hello....
Excellent, I have been waiting for the Places/G+ integration. This is great. My question is, what happens if a Cafe already has a Google+ page, can they merge their Page with the Auto-listing?
it doesnt work here in my country why ?
I don't like that your opinions must be public. Why not use the circle system as everything else? :(
Why is it that a random selection of Google products (including this one) seem to get my location wrong every time, yet others much as maps etc. get it spot on? It's not like its in the next street/district or anything either, I live in Sheffield in what many would class as the north, it puts me in Brighton which is over 200 miles south (not very handy when its trying to give you localised results :-(
Google + Local da valoración y puntuación a todo tipo de negocios
y a todo tipo de empresas (públicas y privadas). La valorización/ puntuación va del 0 al 3 (posteriormente se * 10 y se prorratea con otras valoraciones/puntuaciones de otros usuarios).
Imaginarse que se puntua 0 a una empresa pública por su trato, por su gestión, por su despilfarro, ... . Pues, esta valoración se tendrá en cuenta para definir el valor añadido que proporciona esa empresa a la sociedad. Se puede entrar a valorar todas y cada una de las empresas de tu nación con sólo hacer un "clic" en el "Lápiz Negro" que está colocado sobre la empresa. Hoy se inica, no el juicio final, sino el juicio continuado día a día, de todas y cada una de las empresas de tu nación.
Estoy seguro que mañana mismo "los "indignados", "los sindicatos", "los parados", "los descontentos", "los desagradecidos"... harán uso de esta herramienta para manifestar su opinión sobre todas y cada una de las empresas de tu nación.
Por supuesto, prefiero que la valoración sea anónima, para evitra represalias al ingenuo que es capaz de decir la verdad, caiga quien caiga.
How do you add a place to Google+ Local?
WoW I really needed this today to find an Italian Restaurant in Linz. I found one immediately with only one click in Maps. And it was goooood!
Google knows my one true weakness. Burgers.
In my Opinion some of the reviews should have the option to put my Nickname and not my Google+ profile!
accountability and transparency.. if you have enough of a problem to post something where you don't want your identity revealed, why are you not calling the company? And why.. are you posting anything online you don't want traced back to you? it's too late.. it's already been archived.. =)
A fantastic idea, can be very useful. I think it would be great if it had specific categories (i.e. in Bars, subcategories "PUB" Bar, with Live Music, to go as a couple, "single"s bar etc.)

Also, people need to know it and be encouraged to use it, post comments and rates. I know a lot of people who hadn't see it.
Request: Sort by rating.

Color-coded ratings might be more easily recognized when quickly scanning, but it may look too busy/cluttery. Sorting is an alternative that would help to locate the higher rated places quickly.
Does the merging of Google Places into Google+ apply to all business categories? I represent local independent retailers and their Google Places pages do not seem to have changed
I think we should be able to post reviews anonymously and/or share them with some circles only, like any other content on G+.
+Jared Tracy well its not in the G+ app itself but it has been integrated in the new Maps app. The Local app has been updated as well
It has been integrated in the new maps app
Finally, the Facebook killer.
+Allen Root You can send us feedback about Google+ from the gear icon in the upper right.
Sean S
+Jade Wang ,
I don't want to create a forum nickname on this account so I'll answer it here. I followed your directions ( > search "restaurants"). The location shown on the left side of the page is the same as the location shown in Google+ local. It shows the city directly across the river from my city, which is also the same city where my ISP is located.
We should be able to set a default location manually like we can in Google Maps
Sean S
+Jade Wang ,
Other issues with Google+ local:
1.) Sometimes it won't let me publish a review. When I write my review and click "Publish", I get the message "We are temporarily unable to publish your review". I may have found what is causing this though. The "Cost per Person" field has to be a whole number (example: $8, not $8.05) or left blank. Maybe let users know that the number in the "Cost per Person" field needs to be a whole number.
2.) Not all places have the same rating options. Some restaurants are missing the "Cost per person" and other rating options. Some restaurants just has a "Quality" rating but missing the other two. Clicking "Wrong label" on the upper right and selecting "restaurant" doesn't work either. It will show "Food", "Decor", "Service" but not "Cost per person".
This looks like a great feature but I wish the team would work on releasing an iPad app, please. Google plus is great, but using the iPhone app on the iPad is a huge downer. When can we expect an iPad app?
When I click the Google+ local button it is set default to a location that is not near me, how do I change it?
+Google+ +Google Chrome : guys , develop google plus app for all the platforms .. For windows phone n blackberry.. Symbian... Im on android.. Love g+... But hard to connect wid friens cuz they dont have android phone.. So develop app for all platforms as soon as possible .. :)
+Jade Wang We need to have pseudonym back. Some of us work in the industry and can't leave negative (or glowing) reviews if the establishment is a client. Could easily create a fake g+ profile but that would be counter productive.
Google+ Local is 215 miles out for me!  Not exactly local :-(
+David A Jamieson I'm not the only one with G+ Local defaulting to the wrong location then? Although mine is only 150 miles out.
Really need a way to change the default location, every other Google app/product seems to know where I am at any given time, surprised it hasn't been built into this from the start!
I'm with +Adrian Lempert on this - Circles is one of the best features of Google+, so why not allow users to choose who gets to see their name attached to the review? Maybe +Natalie Villalobos can mention this to the development team?
Not in favor of more localization of the web.  Tired of Google always being "in your face" with locale tracking.  Tired of "No Pseudonyms unless we approve of them".  Stop adding yet more tracking to every google site.
Who else agrees with when I say Google+ just keeps on getting better.
might be getting better, but its a slow process while it's competitor get bigger, this all should have been done a year ago.
+Google+  Need a way to configure this. About 50% of this, so far, is recommendations for places I would never be interested in. Not because of the "Quality of the Recommendations" or place. but because they are recommending services I will never/can never use.
Something like "Mute", "Remove from my recommendations, etc.
It's ham-handed.
Love the integration - I'm not so thrilled at the rating system switch though, if only because a "1" is not "good". "0" should be "I had a terrible experience, probably more than once" (flat out poor) and 1 should be "this place is thoroughly mediocre - not to be avoided at all cost, but not worth walking more than a block out of your way for" (fair). 2 is "worth stopping by, or looking here if you need something in the category of products offered" (good), 3 is "stop here even if you are only in town for a few days/I do all my shopping here when I can" (excellent). 3 levels of "good" on a 4 point scale leaves me feeling like I can't really say much about the place.
A couple of gripes, the Google Local Places system still doesn't work that well. Far too many options require a new card in post and pin to be sent through, even when you've verified the location once.

We've had markers in wrong places, addresses display incorrectly for multiple locations, and completely different addresses being displayed with maps of other locations.

The Google Local Places system could be a great system for businesses if it were improved and Google allowed total control of how these pages display, are found and edited in real time.
IS Google + local different than Google pages for business? my places account was converted to G+ local but i already have a G+ page.. they seem very similar i'm a little confused!
Theres no easy way to visit pages you have in your circles is there?
Individual ratings not displayed well.  If I rate a "1", it shows my rating as "1/3" which looks like the lowest possible rating... when, as we know, a "0" is the lowest possible rating.  It looks misleading.  I wish the ratings were 1-4 instead of 0-3.
I noticed that parks & rec areas are greyed out... unable to review or read the reviews.  I'm assuming this will be "un-greyed" at some point soon.
+Google, you should buy foursquare to really get into this business. :)
I miss this layout... It looked so much more prorfessional
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