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Shared With Me - Listen to Music Your Friends Share

Check out the new launch from our friends at +Google Play.
When a friend shares a song or album they’ve purchased on Google Play via Google+, you get a full free listen. Today we’re introducing "Shared with me", an auto-playlist of music on Google Play that brings together all of the songs and albums shared with you in one convenient location.

Just like your email inbox, there's a handy count of everything you haven't listened to yet. Those tracks are bolded in the playlist. You'll see a thumbnail of the person who shared the track with you and the first few words of their Google+ post. You can sort this list by song, sharer, duration, album, artist, or even price, and delete any tracks or albums you don’t want to see there. If you love what you hear, each track has a buy button so you can own it too.

Music you buy and share will show up in the "Shared with me" playlists of the people in your Google+ circles.

Check out the “Shared with me” playlist on (available in the US), and rock out.

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Wish we could share at least snippets of our own music we've uploaded to +Google Play from our personal libraries.
this is great! I love integration...
I'm picturing this will one day happen: "Sorry, Google is only available in the USA."

Come on Google! Is it that hard to remove that little piece of javascript? Or is it that hard to * ahem* listen to your customers?

I do live in the USA, but this is just a duh stupid OMGWTF moment.
I was honestly surprised this didn't launch on day 1. Very cool way to surface new music!
Aren't the music labels likely to blame for these restrictions? What, exactly, is Google's culpability here? It's not their music, after all. Right?
We're sorry. The Google Play music player is currently only available in the United States.

What are we supposed to think about that?
+Mark Palmberg, while some people claim it is a rights issue, one does wonder how others do it -- Apple for example are almost world wide. Ok it took several years but if one company can get almost world wide rights surely it is easy for others?
so, as I say +Mark Palmberg, the precedence is set for others -- there is not legal restriction now. We can only live in hope.
Google aren't to blame for the copyright/licensing issues, however they are to blame for rubbing our noses in it; pushing it out as if it's available globally when it's really a very limited service.
"Legal" is different than having a business arrangement.
I wonder what % of gmail accounts are US-based?
Yeah, well, one of these days Google is actually going to get all of the music I want to listen to. Not much fun searching for an artist to find out they are not available.
I really don't understand all the foreign angst. If you care enough to be insulted, there are ways around country-based restrictions. No one is "rubbing your noses" in anything!
Not via my registered account there isn't. I'd have to start a new account via a proxy. Not exactly an ideal situation. This post is saying, "Look how good this is!" but the reality is it says, "Look how good we have it in the US! :P"
When are we getting google music in Ireland?...or do google only love America?
Still not a patch on Apple's home sharing. I can only play it once...
I understand it when strangers share... but there needs to be some way to consolidate family-wide music. For this iTunes still rocks.
Don't care - not in the US. G+ needs tagging so you can tag this US-only and filtering so I can filter out US-only tagged stuff.
Bad news , only music purchased through android market can be shared, I was getting ready to shared my whole Christian music library

When is going to be available for #México?
Irony: A company that specialises in targeted advertising advertises a product to the millions of people they forbid from using it.
weird to see Google being the follower and not the industry leader
So now my friends can "squirt" songs to me?
G+ does not sell music in my country (India). Yet, I see this post when I log into G+. When I tap on the post (on my phone) to try and expand the text, and to read the comments of other readers, I get a message saying "Can't Find Post". I can buy music on other online music services from India. I can see details of posts whose teasers are shown to me, by other social networking sites/clients/apps.!!!

Wake up GOOGLE, stop insulting your users, else there wont be any users left to insult!!!
+Jiten Apte , you spoke my mind! Hate this 'second priority' treatment google usually gives to non-US users.
Non-us users that are upset,
Think of it this way:
Google doesn't love you. 
Guys, it's not so hard to understand... Rights and Law system works very differently in the USA and in EU. That's why is not so simple to be Google :) If you don't like google, just don't use it :) We will manage without u :)
Of course we would LOVE to use it. But only when it's available outside the US. More EMEA love please!!!
Haha, wish things were that simple. But let us face it, not many internet users can do without Google. So I guess they have to start looking at introducing features outside US atleast a few months after their US release :)
And oh, companies don't work that way BTW. No company that says if you don't like us, we will manage without you has survived. Companies do best listening to their customers. Good day :)
When is Google Music going to be available in the UK?
Come on Google, roll it out to the rest of us please!
Yes, what +David Heath says... It would be really appreciated if you could gives us a heads up +Google+ +Google UK. I went Android for Google Music (or music on Google Play or whatever it is these days) and after your launch, which we were all party to and excited by in the UK, it went quiet. Please throw us a bone.
Well, still waiting for the possibility to buy music in Denmark, so nice feature, but useless.
Music labels, music labels, movie studios, movie studios, always holding back on any evolution.
C'mon already, I want to use Google Music and read books, and watch Movies also in Europe. To be perfectly honest, iTunes choice of movies for Europe is just a bunch of crap. Hope Google will offer more and better titles...well, when the label bosses take their head out of their asses and get on with it already :-)
I'm thinking about lots and lots of documentaries too, which sadly are missing from least for Europe...
When will it #launch in good old #germany ? C'mon Google, #Europe users are #annoyed of getting such news with the suffix "but only in the USA"
I promise: Wallet, Music, etc. will fail (if opened too late for non-US), because of your missing intend other companies are raising with much less coolness but they are much faster!
Google Play for music? Never seen that witchcraft here in rest of the world... Seriously that's not even funny. Stop teasing us!
guys, really, it's not hard at all to get it going in your country. just use a U.S. proxy to register, get the apk from anywhere on the web (google helps) and you're done. You only need the proxy once for registration, thereafter it will just work.
Google. This product sucks. This is such a half-assed piece of work. #Donoevil
I used U.S proxy to purchase songs from +Google Play but instead, my +Google Wallet account was suspended and closed due to "suspicious" activity. It took me two months to reactivate it..
Using a proxy and a second account is not a solution. If it doesn't work with your main account, it doesn't work full stop. The product isn't ready for release in its current limited state yet it's being flouted as the best thing since sliced bread. Google releasing part baked products and dribbling the release of what should have been included in the first place is nothing new. Another recent example of this can be found with the hashtag #DriveForLinux
works for me with my main account, i live in germany. i haven't tried to purchase any songs tho.
too bad it's not available outside the us.
Hey Google, what about showing some love for the UK - where's Music for us. Or Google Voice in it's full splendour? Pretty please!!
Let's see... Share almost anything via YouTube easily for free or buy stuff on Google Play and hope Google doesn't eventually get bored with this project and drop it.... I wonder which will win out. For now I'll share my Spotify links to my favorite songs.....
I'd also like to see a spotify-like music app for Google Play on Android AND iOS.
Offline syncing is key ever since data caps have been enforced,
+Brian Joergens google will have a hard time dropping this project. it involves people putting money into it, so they'd be stealing from customers if they did so.
YouYube is great for sharing but weak for everyday music listening. the quality of audio is horrible.
I also wouldn't mind paying Google Play for the same thing I pay Spotify for. it'd be much more convenient than balancing different apps and services.
Hey Google, you have Google Maps, if you check Street View, you will see that there are people (and money too!!) and things outside US. When we will have some of these services on other countries?
Love the new feature... I did not realize how many songs have been shared to me, but when are we going to be able to mark off albums we already own so we can be stop being asked to buy them again or be able to trade cd's in so we don't have to digitize them ourselves and get updated/additional metadata, and a wishlist and ability to have others buy things for us or send something as a gift to someone? These are huge missed opportunities!
Not available in Canada. But the app is (or was before the upgrade) available in Google Play.
Hallo K
I don't have an Android, but I'd like to know more about Google Play
This totally freaked me out today when someone I know texted me saying they liked the album I shared... I hadn't bought anything since December.
this is nice. I just looked at my shared with me though and it felt confusing. Alot of music by bands that I don't know, whole albums that said sample available (I'm assuming I wouldn't get the whole song).

I think what I'd be more interested in (if it was available) would be a list that showed what my friends were listening to. Something that looks like this: only where I could listen to the entire song that a friend listened too. I also like seeing what bands my friends are into overall, in case I'm looking for new music to consider. So I also like this page too.

I don't think this functionality exists with Google Music right now, but maybe I'm just not seeing it somewhere. I'd love to see these sorts of reports for both myself and my friends. It would be cool if I could link these types of reports to my Google+ page somehow and have them available for people to review or where i could review others, without actually spamming the info in my stream.
We're sorry. The Google Play music player is currently only available in the United States.
lo esperamos pronto todos los latinos
Para los usuarios de Google Plus sería muy útil poder insertar videos desde la red en otros sitios web. Piénsenlo!
สวัสดีค่ะ เจอตัวไปไหนมาค่ะ
^^so true^^. For those of you who dont know - Facebook IS still running guys, still so much better.
1. I love it when people take the time to log into Plus and comment about how no one uses Plus. Sad.
2. This feature is not anywhere as useful as Facebook's versions. You have to get it together on this stuff Google+ you can't just half ass it. Why do I have to go into Play to see what people have shared? If people share music, shouldn't it be in the stream? Or something like the stream? Shouldn't I see shorthand for all the music you've shared when I go to your profile? (Even if it's not Timeline-like, there should be something on my profile once I've shared music.)
But this is FREE could storage! And access via Android phone. Instant streaming of up to 20,000 songs ANYWHERE YOU HAVE SIGNAL! I think the sharing feature is comparable to facebook's, but the cloud storage is unbeatable
Would you please give us Brazilians the chance of listening to Google`s music? Be waiting for it, if you don`t mind... Tks, if you turn it possible, OK?
A lot of people have me in circles that I don't have in circles, but because of the way the shared music feature works, I see their shares in my 'Shared with me' Google Play playlist and I couldn't care less about them.

I'd rather see what those in my circles are sharing, or a way to block shares from people who aren't in my circles.
Is there anyway to OPT OUT of that silliness?
Or at least a way to remove the songs from the "shared" playlist?
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