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What does it take to be an Olympian?

Ask U.S. Soccer Star, Megan Rapinoe, your questions about her journey to +London 2012  via #askmegan. Tomorrow's Hangout on +NBC Olympics will also feature special guests, former U.S. Olympic Women's Soccer players Cat Whitehall and Kristine Lilly. Watch live tomorrow, Thursday, June 28th at 11:30 am ET.
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A mutant gene based on the TED talk I just watched
As an Ironman, this peaks my interest. :D Awesome.
No question just a bit of advise from a Londoner.

The London public transport systems is going to be worthless during the Olympics, so on those days off, if you wonna wonder about, use a Taxi. Or walk.

+Jason Fisk There's no need for that.   That's pure tabloid scare-mongering my friend.     So many Londoners are working from home during the Olympics so I reckon the public transport system will be practically empty!
Getting a shiny new pair of Google’s Project Glass augmented-reality glasses!!!
+Sukie Kang Seriously doubt that. The 60th jubilee proved that. Two days off work, but still public transport failed. Due to what exactly... lots of people travelling into the city to see a spectacle. Trust me, it'll happen. Just glade my bus to and from work doesn't go anywhere near the East End.

And besides, i was being, 1, sarcastic. And B, giving advice so she could better travel around London.

And explain how saying the public transport system being jammed is "scare-mongering" exactly?
Sounds like Y2K..? Really, mate you need to relax.
Does she have a +profile?
i really luv MeGAN OMG.....
Thank you so much Google+
                                 NBC Olympics+
happy birth day google +all good of this day only for google +
happy birth day google +all good of this day only for google +
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Thank you for your fast response at the speed of light, can you invite me on London Olympic as guest by incurring total cost of me.
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