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If a picture is worth 1,000 words, imagine what an entire page dedicated to photos can do. Help us welcome the new +Google+ Photos page and get ready to be inspired! 
Welcome to the new Google+ Photos page!

The photo community here on Google+ keeps inspiring us every day. Your passion for sharing beautiful photography drives us to keep thinking of new ways to make your images shine. This doesn’t just mean building new features you can use to share and discuss those important photos in your life -- we also want to help this vibrant community of Google+ photographers grow. 

So, say hello to the new Google+ Photos page! Here’s what you can expect:

You’ll get inspired. We’ll share beautiful and thought-provoking photographs, and shine a spotlight on the photographers who created them. 

You’ll meet great new people. Through Google+ Photographer Spotlights, the Google+ Photos Chat Series, and good-natured conversations within the community, you’ll be able to connect with people around the world who love photos as much as you do. 

You’ll learn new things. You’ll regularly see posts with helpful tutorials, educational videos, and relevant industry news.

Together we can do things that are amazing, ambitious, and really, really fun. If there’s more you want to see from this page, please let us know!

Image courtesy of +Trey Ratcliff 

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i dont get it...whats the offer? Please no more spam like in g. play, g+, and other google profiles here....i only want new features, no promotions, no hangouts with celebrities, no goofy doodles, etc!!!.
Where can i subscribe to get JUST AND ONLY new google services features, no google spam/offers/silly stuff? all their services subscriptions has been a major drawback on efficiency.

I m also tired of google reposting 10 times the same news accross all g. services accounts, please PLEASE, post only 1 time or make the ability (for people that are subscribed to many g. services accounts to be notified ONLY ONCE).
Google is come back the efficiency.
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Nice but please fix the "chaos"  in the online photos in android gallery please!
What criteria do the moderators of this community use to decide which photos are highlighted by reposting here?
I don't get it, I thought communities were for stuff like this.
Will this move the hundreds pictures in instantup load folder in different folders named by date?
+Google+ , +Google+ Photos If a picture is worth 1000 words, isn't it worth referring to them as pictures? I've never uploaded an actual photograph onto the internet ever. Cartoons, diagrams, scans of paintings, CGI 3D renders, even my own artwork, yes, but not one single photo in the 20 years I've used the internet. 'Picture' is the more inclusive term. Why don't you use it? That isn't just a rhetorical question. I really am interested in whether you are intentionally limiting your terminology to 'photos' and if so, why.
+Peter Moore You're quite right about anything taken by a camera being a 'photo'. Even if it's been manipulated in any way you please, still a photo. If it's been digitally manipulated, or taken on a digital camera, you might go so far as to call it a 'digital photo'.

But that still excludes Dilbert cartoons, scans (e.g. of a child's drawings), CGI stuff, paintings, line art, and so forth. Even though 'photo' covers an awful lot of things, it doesn't cover every possible type of image that could be uploaded. That's why limiting the terminology in this way has always puzzled me. Would you ever call a Dilbert cartoon a photo? No matter how I look at it, I cannot help but see 'picture' as a better term because it's more all-encompassing. Limiting the terminology to 'photo' subtly (and I think uninentionally) implies a limit on what you can upload. People pick up on that without realising it, whereas I'd presume hand-drawn artwork, cartoons, and all sorts of other non-photo image would in fact be perfectly welcome on the new pages.
+Peter Moore Yes, that's right! And yet there is no technical reason you couldn't upload ANY type of picture, not limited merely to photos, onto the new Google 'Photos' pages. Calling the new pages ' photos ' subtly - and falsely - implies there is such a limit. Now do you see my point?
Great work , greetings from india
Oh boy, been down due to the weather change finally better, lethargic no longer....tomorrow will be the best I have had in the past seven days!!! So excited!!!
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