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Claim a custom URL to more easily share your Google+ page or profile with others! Rolling out this week, find out more below. #googleplusupdate  
Expanding the availability of custom URLs

Custom URLs are short, easy to remember web addresses that link directly to your Google+ profile or page (like or They make it easier for you to connect with others, as well as promote your content, and today we're significantly expanding their availability to people and pages on Google+.

If your profile meets the following criteria, you’ll now be able to claim a custom URL:
- Has a profile photo, and
- Has at least 10 followers, and
- Has an account that's at least 30 days old

Meanwhile, any brand or business that has a linked website or is a verified local business can claim a custom URL for their Google+ page. Link and verification info is available in the Google+ Help Center:

Once you meet the eligibility criteria, just visit your profile or page to begin the claiming process. If you don't see the option yet, don't worry: we're expanding availability throughout the week, and you'll see the in-product notice as soon as your custom URL is ready.

We hope that custom URLs will help  you more easily promote your content on Google+, whether it be new photo collections, Hangouts On Air, or an interesting series of posts.  For ideas on how to include custom URLs in your campaigns, ad creatives and more, visit our help center: 

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It's a shame you do not allow us to use the same custom URLS that we have on the rest of our social networks even though NO ONE else has claimed them :(
I got 'offered' a custom URL for the business G+ page but why put the domain TLD at the end of it?! And there is no way to review it. kindda' annoying to say the least!
Ok I claim my custom link on my page but all my plus over 2000 are erased! Why!?! Please help me :) :):)
is there a way to change the pre-approved url as the one suggested for myself is not that great
Dear dear Google+,

You kindly sent me a no-reply email with a G+ URL suggestion which is not what I want or consistent with the other social platforms. I can't for the life of me find a place where I can claim the name I need rather than the one you have suggested. Please HELP.

I see this is a common problem. No selfrespecting brand wants a social name

UPDATE 09.12.2014: Thanks for seeing the social media light and offering me my brand G+ ID without the extension. As a result I'll start to use G+ every day and hope to find more improvements that make your services as effective as Facebook's. Thanks for
This is slowly rolling out, when will it be available to all users (or rather just me)?
I can only second the comments by +MacJunky and +Advanced Mailing Solutions. I can understand the idea behind including the TLD in the name, but that doesn't mean I think it's a good idea or that I like it...
I definitely wouldn't mind the ability to request a truly custom one that I picked/suggested myself...
Not being particularly vain I don't think I need a vanity url
John Wie
Have to chime in and state that it's a bit frustrating when we can't freely customize and choose our custom URL here. A set of limited re-names and being notified of what's available/not available would seem best rather than being forced to use a 'suggested URL' that seems difficult to change. 
Hey g+, it is SSOOOOO frustrating that we can't change the "G+ custom URL".  
How would you like it if your custom url was:
Kinda stupid right??
How can you call that customized if you can't actually customize it?! lol
It's just frustrating that it's not a real custom URL, it's a pre-determined URL. I got the notification for one of my pages that I'd really like to make a custom URL for but the one it has chosen is a HORRIBLE URL. 
+Megan Elrick think if the page should own 30 diffrens domains like a page of my i have like 60 TLD to one singel page for the lang. Will it be smsnetworkorgcomnusebedknobiznet etc?
Come on, at least drop the domain extension so it doesn't end in vanityurlcom
Either get rid of the domain extension or let the user "actually" customize it! I cant get stuck with this domain extension as part of name. I'd rather wait! What a shame! Would have been a great roll out!
I don't seem to be seeing the option for custom urls on my profile nor on my company page yet. Do you have an ETA of when these will be rolled out for everyone? 
I haven't received this yet but I can't wait, now I can finally tell others my profile URL without them being confused. 
I'm so excited for the new update. Notice that facebook doesn't have this. I say the is a Google+ revolution. Goodbye facebook!
Finally now available the most desired feature
+Alex Nikiforov Actually FB has it for like a year. I've been using it since it was available. Oh, and yeah, it allows you to choose almost anything as your nickname/shortURL
Woo! I just got my new URL name! So happy right now! Thank you Google from Scotland. UK 
I tried a second after received  your mail......But still didn't find user name, showing "this user name is not available" ??
Wohoo. Just activated mine. I waited for this one! Thanks
El Gugo
nice! can't wait to get mine!
I can't wait to get the notification that I'm eligible. ;-)  Long overdue.
Not truly happy with the option for the custom URLs, I would like to request a new one that actually matches the page name.
The thing that annoyed me was that I got an unsolicited email from Google asking me to click a login link in the email. This is a terrible security practice. Google should be telling people "log in normally via your browser to claim your url". By telling them to click an email link, Google trains people to click on things in email, and thus makes them more susceptible to phishing attacks. Tsk, tsk...
What is the sender address for the Custom URL email so I dont miss it?
Fab, but it isn't working for me. I've had my profile over a year, 5700 followers, profile photo.
Any help +Google+ ??
I got the email alerting me that I was eligible for the custom URL, which was very exciting. When I went to claim it, I learned that I had to connect a phone number to my Google+ account. That is something I am not able to do, so I suppose I will be stuck using the long url. 
How nice of Google to reserve my first and last name as my custom url!
I still haven't gotten this feature yet. I would love to have the URL /+KylePolansky though
This is a bit of a farce. I wanted a custom URL but the system said it was taken. When I went to visit that URL, it said there was an error and the page doesn't exist. When I decided to just settle on the URL google chose for me, I had to enter a mobile phone number in order to claim it. I do not own a mobile phone so I am denied access. Why can't they e-mail me the link?
This is so annoying, I've been waiting for this a long time... And now I still can't create my own name.
Regarding the TOS statement "Custom URLs are free for now, but we may start charging a fee for them. However, we will tell you before we start charging and give you the choice to stop participating first." How much $ are we talking and what is the free time frame?
Received an e-mail from Google today with a suggestion for a custom url for my company Google+ website... but the suggestion simply makes no sense. I would like to suggest my own custom url. I am still trying to contact Google, but there is no e-mail adress, no website with a contact form or something else, nothing... 
I received an e-mail for my personal website which was okay (, but the one for my company google+ website is simply useless... I want to choose the name by my own, just like with youtube, facebook and twitter!
There is one problem..   it is using a text based verification system for your account.  What happens if i don’t have sms and only use iMessage?  how do i verify the account?
+Eduardo Chavez Try to remove your nick name, then see if you get another email. I did this, and was able to change it to my real name!
Have the same issue as +Eduardo Chavez . I use the nickname field for other gaming functions. So it has nothing to do with my actual name. It would be nice to have either options or the ability to actually choose our own.
+Eduardo Chavez I'm not 100% this will help, but I removed my nickname, and for some reason I got another email from Google, to change it to my real name, without the nickname in it.
Just got mine! It's +DarnellClayton! :-) Now I need to update all of my URL's! :-)
Need a mobile number to sent the activation code? No, thank you.
There is an option to Request a Custom URL when you click on Get URL from your profile page.  Google will review it and get back to you if it is approved.
i think i have 100+ friends and signed up many months, but i cannot custom url, what other requirements do i need ? 
Will users who have the Google+ app installed on their mobile devices get push notifications sent to them when their custom URLs are ready?
+Kenny Strawn Doesn't seem like, I didn't have the notification on mobile, but immediately when I opened my profile on desktop. It is not an actual notification, but the well known blue "roll-down-bar" or whatever you call it.
Can't wait! Hoping for an email, fingers crossed :0
OMG, i got notified about this via email. I sent the phone number thing and in return I received an SMS with a link. When I click on it, Google says the page doesn't exist!!! Please help me Google, what have you done to me? Are u phishing me? :(
Glad to have this feature, but Google reserved FirstLastNickname when FistNicknameLast would obviously be more appropriate. I have no problem with Google trying to keep strict control over these to keep these vanity links professional, but I wish it made a little more sense. 
Mine was firstnicklast, the same order in which I chose to display my name on my profile. But I've put in a request to have it as just +nickname  as I'm more well known as "DazzaJay"
When I clicked claim on my profile (on pc), it asks if you want the pre approved one, or a different one before confirming.

But I only got that option on my profile, and not my pages.
dear +Google+ 
may i set custom username? my google + has on verified account
Does anyone know if the old URL will still work? I have authorship set in a few places with the "number" URL, and don't want to spend tons of time changing all those...

*UPDATE: It is still valid. It redirects to the new "custom" URL.
I am known EVERYWHERE at "alicam". It's also my Google account "nickname", but G+ won't even let me request it as a Custom URL. That's something I simply cannot understand, especially given that it is not used by anyone else, and throws a 404 if you try the URL.

So what must I do - what means of recourse do I have - to request it?!

Others have asked the same thing, and as usual, Google has NO customer service at ALL to answer us. Freaking useless.
+Mikael Jakobsson Looks like g+ custom url just arrived, atleast i got a mail about it. To bad i cant use or request my "online nickname"@spikenikistan but only my real name... 
And I thought I'd be able to use my universal nickname as my Google+ custom URL (just like I did at Facebook), but this time I'll get predefined ones (which is likely to be my real name, which is longer than my nickname). Oh well, other URL shortener might do...
Be careful to the Terms and Conditions! custom urls coud become billable... What if I shared my custom url to everybody? I will have to pay, else I will have to let everybody know about the imminent change back to the old url.
Not very nice move +Google+ 
when will it be available for switzerland?
Just got our email from +Google+ with the reserved name that they have chosen for us and it's horrible! Is there anyway to have it changed? We simply want our brand name (which is available) but they have given us our brand name with a bunch of letters at the end, which is almost as bad as the original long version! Why are they making something so simple (and important), so complicated?
+Improve Position I got the same with my company profile as well. I chose not to opt in because I rather use the obscure numbered profile URL.
I got mine for my business page ( on which I have 200 followers, activated it and updated the Google Plus follow buttons on my website. But now it says "0" followers next to the buttons!

Using the button customization page on google, also yields 0 followers.

So something is not working with the follower buttons and the new customized google plus page!
+Google+ Why can't we submit requests for alternative URLs for Pages, and only for Profiles?
You know when Google+ started and they said "proper names, no hiding behind nicknames" well, maybe that is why some of you can't get a change? There is an option to request a change if you click through though so if you haven't already, give it a go!
If it doesn't work, well, you can't do something today that you couldn't do yesterday. Is it such a deal breaker?
This is a great initiative finally from Google, I got my personal vanity URL the same as all my other social networks +mattforman so my personal branding is consistent.

However for my business page I get a predefined name that is different to every other social network. Its our brand with some extra letters added to the end.

Our name is a registered trademark so we own the IP in the name and no one else is using it, yet Google in its infinite machine learned wisdom won't allow me to suggest or change the suggested name.

What every other social network has managed to do in a very simple way - allow the user to choose their own vanity URL - Google has failed at miserably. It really shouldn't have to be this hard.

Anyone know of a way we can request a change? 
+MacJunky Totally agree. Having com or couk at the end of the custom url does not at all make the G+ url easier to remember. Just want the brand name and nothing else.
Agree, really don't want couk at the end of my custom URL
Did anyone notice in the terms and conditions that Google "may start charging a fee" for them down the road?
This is a great idea, I would like to have a customized URL for our Google+ Page (we already have one for a profile). Please make it available for all pages that meet the requirements.
The usual Google like it and lump it stance as lots of businesses get allocated naff URL's despite their first preferences being available. How could this functionality be overlooked especially when you're this late to the game to even be rolling out custom URL's?!
We just grabbed ours!
Had the message this morning of our vanity url, only to find, like everyone else, a domain extension at the end, which is terrible.

Also, we don't like the Bait 'n' Switch tactic of charging later on for the name, either charge us now when we claim it or don't at all. It costs Google 0 £/$ to do so why bother?
Hey for some reason mine isnt popping up. Any help would be appreciated. 
It's forcing me to enter my mobile phone number to get the custom URL and in the terms it says my people who have my cell phone number will be able to find me on G+. Come on, Google, give me the option. They can keep their vanity URL, I'm keeping my cell phone number off of G+.
Still waiting for mine... I was kinda surprised (bummed?) that my wife got hers last night... She hardly ever uses G+ (or any social media, for that matter), and just a handful of people have her in circles, whereas I'm here every day, and several hundred have circled me... I guess the invitations/notices truly are random?..... "URL Roulette!"   :-)
We did get our notice for the community college page... the one provided as the "only option". I am waiting on a few other business Pages I manage.
Is there a chance we can suggest a change in letters? We would like to keep consistent across the branding using the social media sites. This should be a given for businesses
Yeah I have over 1600 followers and am on daily and still have not gotten anything +Tom Rodman 
Hola Señores de Google, yo cumplo con los requisitos expuesto en la pagina. Pero no me llega el mensaje ni tampoco me muestra en mi perfil la opción de "URL Personalizado".

Gracias por su Ayuda
Js Sj
Since we all follow/ have +Google+ in a circle and there aren't that many of us in here that have commented on this... I think they should reach out and help us. ;) #pleasethankyou  :)
I haven't gotten my notification yet I meet the requirements.
+MacJunky I get offered my name without the domain, but it's the one I want to use for my personal use, not work - I don't want to claim it for work only to lose it if I get a new work email account or a different job. I can't change it, and it looks like it just won't be offered to me for my personal Google account even though it's been around much longer. 
This is annoying me so bad right now. I tried securing my business name a couple weeks ago and Google customer service was clueless about it. Now they're out there and I haven't seen a way to claim mine. But someone else did!

And now I have an email to get the custom URL for an old business business that is no longer active and should be rolled into my primary profile. This process is just way too hard.
no notification by now, also here... fearing when at last it will come, someone else might have claimed the name
Wendy S
Wow!  All of these comments about not being able to choose our custom URL and absolutely no reply from Google themselves.  

Add me to the list of "I don't like what Google chose for me".
I'd be ok waiting patiently if I didn't worry about someone stealing my name >:-\
+Google+ with this new update you broke posts muting in secondary circles. They all appear with "Muted" written on them. Major annoyance. It is "nice" of you making minor improvements while breaking stuff that worked.  
Folks I think they are going through these posts as I just got an email that my custom URL was ready.
+Chris Auton , no it did not give me an option to change it and now I'm supposedly stuck with it permanently! Thanks, guy... :X
I need someone from +Google+  to contact me about this.
I do not use SMS text messaging.
I want the custom as offered, but since I can't receive the automatic SMS, the system isn't willing to accept my election. (and if I had messaging enabled the necessary one could be buried under thousands of spams anyway) 

Why doesn't G+ give a choice of using voice, or Google's OWN Authentication app for this?
It's not really custom if you can't customise it.
I was certainly provided with a path to making a different choice.  I'm not sure why you other folks don't see the same.  It is directly above the checkbox where you have to agree to the terms of service.
not so custom, should be named "Google Plus Full Name URL". very disappointed :(
+Bob O`Bob Nothing there for me, unfortunately. I only had one option: my name.
Was thrilled to be offered a custom URL, but I do not have a mobile! Why is this the only option? Yes, I know it's highly unusual not to have a mobile in this day and age, but it works for me.
I met requirements but haven't received mine yet. Instead I received one for an old web design business I no longer have. 
+Advanced Mailing Solutions I would like to know too. I got a pre-approve custom url for my business page but i don't like it..... Once you accept the pre-approve url. there is no way back. +Google+  please let us choose the custom url .
Despite claims to the contrary, I wasn't actually able to edit the capitalization.  Doesn't matter for the time being since they're case-insensitive, but somewhat annoying, especially since ideally I'd claim all lower.
That's great news, +Google+! But, as others users have said, it's a shame you can not choose your vanity URL. As has been said, I would like to share the same vanity URL with other platforms, but I can not choose. May I have to change my name so you will send us another mail? Please, let us choose our vanity URL! Thanks!
I have done , and thanks to Google .
Very unfortunate, that you can't let us claim the handle we use in other social networks. I understand its to allow real businesses to use their own handles, before some lunatic takes it. But if you could allow us to use our handles from the Twitter account linked with our G+ profile, it would be terrific. Honestly, i dont want what you offer. You don't define me, I do.
how can we request a change to the URL then? +Google+ mine seems to have a 'Au' at the end of it because i am in australia but looking at other similar business's they do not have this so its a bit unfair. Also my G+ page name is not my URL
Sadly, I will not be taking up the option for our business page(s), as it is pointless having couk tacked on the end.

Hopefully +Google+ will allow the option to remove this or to choose a name that is free
stop hacking my phones and computers. Jimmy Krisfalusi or you know him. I mean it I am done with you and over you. Good bye let me go
If they were no rules on custom url's then people just take advantage setitng up profiles that meet criteria and claiming URL's - these poeple will then try and sell them if they become valuable. Interesting to see the stance on 2 companies that are big brands fighting for the same URL.
A custom URL in exchange for my mobile phone number?  I think not.
any chance of a "."? It'd be nice to be consistent with other networks. Not all names can be safely concatenated without a seperator :o)
Facebook needs 25 likes and google+ needs 10 followers
Oh for the love of the waiting game!! 
The suggested URL for my page is HORRIBLE! Why include the top-level domain (ORG) or the related web page as part of it? Organizations really should be able to edit the suggestion in order to get something recognizable.
+1 for it being ridiculous that we cannot pick our own URL.  There is absolutely NOTHING "Custom" about a URL you DON'T WANT.  Especially if it doesn't match all of my other custom social URLs around the web.  Just another reason NOT to use Google+.  Facebook has had it right all along.
I don't understand why it is so difficult for one of the biggest, and considered the best companies in their industry, to allow a simple option: modify the preapproved custom URL.

Every single company that provides any type of custom URL has that option, but when it comes down to the one that has the best resources, the greatest technicians and programmers, and it's the most well known company in the world, such CUSTOMIZATION is not AVAILABLE.

And that's when I ask myself, WHY? +Google+
Now I have all my plus again of my page! So I happy custom url! 
i get it , but i need to change it to my email ID ?!!
Why not let people choose their nickname/username instead of FirstLast names? Is this so difficult that the people over at Google can't get it right? This is frustrating and I'll not use the new vanity URL until Google offers CUSTOM urls, because this is not custom, it's just another gibberish Google came up with.
 "The URL isn't available. Try another? " liar i chkd  has no link anywhere gives , "The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know." i want ... and thats all i'll accept 
I have been with google+ since it started and friends of mine have got there custom URL invite? Please can i have my invite
.... still nothing here (neither profile, neither pages)
There is nothing "Custom" about the URL change. The word "Custom" denotes the ability to change it to something one desires. The URL should be termed "Assigned" since we can't update it to anything relevant to what we are using in our other social media sites. 
Still no custom URL for me. Why does this have to take so long?!
+1 to the comments concerning not being able to set your own custom URL. I will not be using this until I can set it the same as my Facebook/google profile short name.
Still waiting for mine... Is this unavailable for users on Google Apps domains?
I have just given my Custom URL which I don't like as it is my full name. Google+, please put an extra choice for me, my nickname which is in my profile. Please. I use my nickname as username for all social networks. 
My pre-approved/assigned custom url contains a danish letter, which effectively prevents roughly 99.99% of the online population from writing it :-(  WTF is up with that? Why not let people choose something themselves... or at least chose between 2-3 suggestions? Preferably where at least one of those suggestions do NOT contain letters only available to 0.1% of the earth' population. I was hoping to use just my middle name spelled internationally as the custom url. #FAIL
Why the fuck can't I choose my "OWN" custom URL. How is it custom if its pre-approved? #Fail  
Who should we contact if the custom URL is incorrect (for a business page)?
I have meet all the criteria and not received an email for the custom url. I have received it for my business though. Can you request one?
it's useless unless you let us to choose what we want but not what you give
Google, could you please offer me the ability to modify the suggested "custom" URL?
I my custom google plus url has a spelling mistake. And I dont see any option to change the custom url
We've received one option for a custom URL and it is not useable. Who do I contact to have it changed or where do I go to customize it? Not providing the ability to customize by the company managers is incredibly inefficient. Thanks for the help in advance +Google+ 
Ya, this is bull... Got the URL desired for my personal page, but BOTH the "approved" custom URLs for pages we got today are STUPID and make no sense as related to what the pages represent, very, very dumb Google... I hope to see this resolved, we're on strike until then - DO NOT ACCEPT bad URLs, take a stand, keep posting your sentiments, they have to respond to mass truth.
I am also unhappy that the custom url offered to my business google+ account includes the TLD at the end. Which makes no sense and isn't a name I want to use as part of my branding. From what I am reading, some users got the opportunity to try and change the url offered to them, but I did not. Possibly because, while I meet the requirements, I'm not a heavy user. But a good custom url that I could put on my print materials would make me use it more!
H Bajwa
Im with every single other comment on here. Google really needs to sort this out.
I would like to change my suggested pre-approved "custom" URL.

It's currently using my LONG name "BradleePoohlJensen" rather than my short name "BradJensen"; which is not yet claimed, or the version I use for almost everything else on the web "bradwjensen"; which is also not claimed.

I'd appreciate someone from Google contacting me to help me get my suggested pre-approved "custom" URL changed to something more appropriate.

I also think it's kind of annoying how we're only allowed to change our name on Google+ a couple of times, AND we're not allowed to pick and display our names as LONG or SHORT names without fully changing our name in the system. If I wanted to display my name as Bradlee Poohl-Jensen instead of Brad Jensen I'd have to "change my name" on Google, instead of selecting to display my name differently from my "Other Names / Spellings" list.
This is interesting that everyone here can understand the problem with the custom URL but the google plus officials don't.  It's a shame and why would I need a custom url which is not actually custom. I still have no right over it to choose. 

I got an email this morning and I was excited to see that, I got my hands ready to setup my custom URL but see what happens, there's just one link on the top, GET URL, I click that and google plus presents me with a name that I wouldn't even accept if they pay me $100 with it. And see what, I have no option to change it. 

I think it's a worst idea, let people choose what they want, don't just force things on people.
and BTW what is the purpose of this "+" before the name?
It's a bit shoddy - what Australian business working internationally would want an "Au" tacked on the end of the business page URL? At least allow a change to "Australia" or allow us to suggest a URL.
I wonder if US businesses are getting "Us" tacked onto the URL ? I feel for the Norwegians at this point, getting a "No" at the end of their business pages ... and the Cook Islands? ... #dontgothere  ;)

Not going to claim it until there is some action on this, I'd prefer a number, thanks.
My page's (+Technology Blaze ) custom url is pre-written with the domain TLD in the end and guess what there is no option to change it....  this is annoying
"CUSTOM Urls" not customizable? disappointed. i want to choose real custom url that can synchronous with others on Twitter/linkedin/fb...
No use if I don't get to choose my own custom URL. Other networks provide this option. And everyone likes to have some choice. Your URL suggestion is awful. You combined my first and last name giving me a short URL of only 17 characters!! Seriously?
Had emails come through out of all the pages I manage I only had 1 useable custom url. The rest had the TLD such as "couk" at the end!?? That looks horrible. No brand or business would ever have that at the end of a URL, the number URL looks 100x better than "couk"  #Fail  

Even the useable URL that I got wouldn't allow me to change the case of the letters which it says should be allowed. 

For verified local businesses please consider allowing the business owner to suggest their own custom URL.

Lke the case with +Anne McCarten-Gibbs +Joseph Tate   +MacJunky and +Filip H.F. Slagter the preapproved URL for Google+ business page has the domain name with tld.

The help page at says that you can customize the URL if you are not satisfied with the suggested URL you may have the option to request a different URL. But I do not get the option as I cannot  see the request a different custom URL link or button.

I understand that the customizing the URL option may or may not be available but is there a chance that customization would be allowed in the future if I do not accept the preapproved URL?
+Ovidiu Burduja what's fake!!! I've blog of resources for blogger, badge on my blog and feedback of my readers... :)))) they are all good plus :) and I love this! 
Can I shorten the option google+ gave me? For example, the option displayed is "+MyCompanyCom", and I want it to shorten to "+MyCompany". Is it possible? How do I do it?
Assigned one and then couldn't get the code sent to my phone ~ I also try and use other ways to comment on blogger because not everyone is on G+ ( suppose that is G+ goal) and cannot used my Open Id ~ and my comments are dropping and just getting very frustrated trying  to blog and network with 'old online friends' ~ Have to make some choices ~ hmm 
I've been able to get custom URLs for some of my pages but not my main profile.  I'm pretty sure I have all the minimum requirements.  Are the vanity URLs still being slowly rolled out?
Thank you for offering this feature! However, I have an important question that needs to be clarified before I claim my new custom url. In the terms of agreement, it states that this is a free service for now, but that Google may start charging for it in the future. I am aware that if you do decide to start charging, I will be notified in advance, and that I will be given the option to opt-out of the service. I also understand if I choose the new url, I cannot change it.

So, here is my main concern - If I choose to opt-out and go back to using a regular url, will I lose all of the history on my G+ profile? (This is my personal profile, not a business profile. If Google+ does decide to start charging a fee, I will not be interested in paying it since there isn't a benefit to me to pay for a customized url.) Please let me know how all of this will work before I make my decision. 
+Galileo Giglio no... Hence my first comment on this thread. People with the ability to request a custom URL know it because they were randomly selected (one of my profiles has the ability) and have a link that says "request a different URL" in the window with your "recommended URL"... Very few have this option. Also there is a slow review process for the requested URL whereas the recommended is nearly instant.
Help, I have two G+ accounts - one for work (exists solely so that I can hangout with workmates) and this one, my personal one.  You have reserved my name for the work one - which i don't want, and I haven't received an invite for my personal one, at all!  Please help :)
Answer me this-why do you think I should give you my cell phone number to do this? I have a rule regarding my mobile number. I only give it to people I have given birth to or am legally joined with. I don't think you meet that criteria.  Clean up your act Google. You are acting like Facebook now.
got it for a couple of +pages, but still waiting for my personal profile (first days G+ user)
and now a weird problem: my custom url +JoachimThomas has been preapproved for my secondary account (associated with an "admin@" email for my domain, for managing a "brand" page) that is much more recent and with far less folowers than my main gmail/g+ account existing since the first days of G+ (obviously with the same name).... what to do now? :O
it take very long time...
i m got after 1 month..
as usual Google... Bullyish dictatorship with no room to do what we actually need to do and no human response on your end... 
Google does what I want +Colin Jones so that is fine with me. You may know that what one person wants, another may not want, that is fine with me.
+Lance Zimmerman Good for you.
So far they're missing:
Proper Drive integration (especially sharing) for Keep;
Complete disregard for people who want to use the names they're known by rather than their real name with an appeals process that is completely deaf (ie. change it or lose your account);
Stupid Custom URLs for Pages that include Top Level Domains, with no option to choose anything else;
Updates that stagger over months so some get them ages before others for no readily apparent reason and no response to any questions;
And more I could probably come up with if I put some thought into it.
Having the TLD at the end looks really silly, I am not going to register the URL for a couple pages I manage till they fix this.
Still recon this profiles "custom url" should be +plusGooglecom to be fair.
This is great news. However, I was offered a custom URL utilizing my full name. This comes out quite long, plus, my G+ account is via a google apps domain...the preapproved url does not match my .com domain. I wish google would let me keep the consistency I hope for.
As stated by so many others, the url offered is not ideal. 
I still havent the option to choose an URL. I am nearly a first time google+ user with about 100 followers.
I got a notification for my page but not for my personal Google+ account, what should i do? shall i make the custom URL of my page under my name? 
Is it possible to get custom url for google plus pages? 
I take it still beiout as I do not show one for me yet.
whats going on with this I have all the requirements and my G+ account is ranked #1 for my name; I really hope I receive my custom URL soon... 
Would be nice to have at least 2-3 pre-approved options. I think this would make it useful to more people.
Why can't we pick our own custom name?  What is so custom about it if Google+ assigns you a bizarre name?
Great idea to have custom URLs! I will not be able to claim my full name, however, as no one can remember it, let alone spell it! Hope we get to shorten it or choose an existing social media handle soon. Until then, I'll wait...
Thank you so much for giving us this offer.

But I needed Sort URL of my  +Page, "ParlorFairAndCareKatihar" (preapproved suggested URL) to  "FairAndCare" 

My Page Current URL:
Today I change my Page Title Parlor Fair And Care - Fair And Care

If any way to request different URL Please Help me.

Thank you!
I seem to be having a similar issue to a good number of previous posts. My personal custom name is great, but the business one is really weird. Would have been great to receive more than one option. Should we be waiting for more options to be released or is this it?  I.e. take it or leave it scenario?
It is adorable that you call it a "custom" URL. Custom means the end user has some sort of choice in the matter. I second +Eva Judge's question. I'd rather have a bunch of numbers than an absurdly long business profile page URL. So I'm not taking this until I am sure I have to.
Still waiting for mine, too. Somewhat impatiently. At this rate, I'll end up like that SNL skit, where the only custom URL left available is clownpenis.fart.
Google, you have seriously missed a trick here. The pre approved URLs are not good and there should be an option to request a different one.
While the custom URL is not great it also indicates you can never change it. What happens is the business name changes? I work in a law firm and the firm name will change every 5-10 as partners join or retire. Should be able to request a new one.
I don't have a mobile phone. Are you discriminating against people who don't, such as the poor? Also, as many others have brought up, my predetermined 'custom' URL is not optimum. I really want to start using Google Plus more often but you guys have so many unique issues.
+Google+ Hey! My account is eligible for custom URL, still I haven't received a notification for the same...?
I don't like this rubbish when google is happily "custom" my URL, when I don't have any choice of my own, I want a "custom URL" when i have the choice to "custom" it, not "google selected" URL, Total rubbish.
Mahalo Google+, but I've tried several times but no SMS message.
+Google+  I still don't have one and more than meet all the eligibility requirements any help would be much appreciated. 
+Google+ I do not have the option to set a custom URL (still waiting... 7 days and counting), have not received any notification and I meet all the requirements. I've had my account since 2007-ish.
G Von O
Yeah +Google+ , I would like to edit my custom URL as well.
I have a similar problem with most commenters..
I have a personal account and a page.  My personal account hasn't been offered a custom url but my page has..
The problem is that the custom url offered for my page is my name; which I want to use for my personal account and not the page.  I wonder if this custom url is kept on hold..
Same problem as +Can Koklu - I have no way to get a custom url for my actual profile.
"Custom"? Nope. We have carefully picked our username on social media sites to give consistency and ease of use, but Google want to force us into some other direction that almost no-one uses. What's worse is that there's then no possibility of a change. Please re-think, +Google+!
just got mine.... must have 10 people or more following me lol
Disappointed that I'm not getting the option to use a unique name of my choosing, one that I kinda own and am known by across several online communities. 

You don't give the option to request it although its plastered all over my profile, only incorporate it with my name. Poor show. 

As it would link to my profile that requires my actual name, there is no reason why I should not be able to request this, although you do not give the option.

In all this is a poor implementation. 
Am I the only one who focused on the fact that the owner of the Mac didn't update their Mac to Mavericks, rather than the custom URL? (you can tell because Safari has an address bar and a Google search bar, while Safari 6 and up has an omnibar)
Umm...we're into the 2nd week now and I still haven't seen a custom URL offered on my profile page.
How do you set your profile url? Please help I don't know how to invite my friends to google+ from facebook I would like to get rid of facebook and only use google+ please help!! thanks in advance!!
I don't think you know the meaning of "this week".
Hi, I claimed the customized url that appears on top of my page and I realized it is wrong. Can I change to url that I want? Thank you
Been offered a URL which is completely inconsistent with all of our other social networks. This is not a CUSTOM URL. Sort it out Google+!! Been waiting so long for this to be completely disappointed.  #NotHappy  I also agree with the mobile number thing, I will need to find a colleague who will agree to me adding their work number (can't see that happening!) - But I'm definitely not adding my personal number! #MoreHassle  
+1 for the reactions about the not-so-custom urls. Our company page is build as "CompanyNL" and then I am forced to add some extra strings too. Sofar the easy/short url :-(

Come on +Googleplus at least react ;-)
Yea... got an invite on my nearly inactive business account (which I use to manage my customers G+ pages) and on my active profile (this one) none.
Really want to use my unique address - +tomowenmorley. Why do I have to add a suffix when there are no other people with this name on google?!
the offer came but it also requested me to add a suffix to my name... why do I want a suffix to my name???
Why should I have to add a suffix to the custom URL that is proposed, when that custom URL alone (which corresponds to my name) is available?
Why force a suffix even if the custom URL without it wasn't taken yet?
I've been checking daily when would the custom URL become available to me in order to get without suffixes and this is it?
Hey! Wouldn't mind using this- but I do not and never will have texting. Please include the option to call me to verify my mobile- like you've done in the past. Thank you.
I too have a common name that nobody has claimed (it seems). Have had my Google account for nearly a decade and I have to wonder if they're keeping very common names to sell?

For instance, I added a nickname with just a letter (x). It then gives you (3) options to choose yet none are available without adding a suffix (mattthomas, mattxthomas or mattthomasx).

Now, when I removed the letter from the nickname, it defaults back to one option but if I add that very same letter as a suffix, it's now available (mattthomasx) - yet that very same URL wasn't available when I had it as a nickname. Just a different method to reach the same conclusion yet only one way works.
I agree with Sergio:
Why should I have to add a suffix to the custom URL that is proposed, when that custom URL alone (which corresponds to my name) is available? 
Why force a suffix even if the custom URL without it wasn't taken yet? 
I've been checking daily when would the custom URL become available to me in order to get without suffixes and this is it?
Got the option today, finally. Sadly it says I must add numbers or letters behind my name. I can't add my middle initial that my twitter account uses. How is this a user friendly experience +Google+ ? No feed back or assistance for those users you are frustrating. You would think Google could roll this out as seamlessly as Facebook originally did.
Kinda pointless. You have to add random numbers to your name so they can reserve a space for a hypothetical famous person who may eventually exist with your name.
It would be awesome if Google responded to our questions. I also have a unique name and was asked to add a suffix. So lame. 
I won't be using Vanity URLs in its current form. As +Robert K S said, if you can't use the suggested URL when it's available, then the system is broken. Whoever came up with this system was on something strong...
Why would I want to "Add a few extra letters or numbers to this URL to get one that is unique for your page."  When the URL presented is the one that I want, but can't have.  There is no other user using the custom URL presented.  Google, get it together.  Well intentioned, badly played
Anyone know how to get an existing g+ page listed on Google Business Listings so that features such as Offers, Insights and Advertising are available on the Dashboard?
A nice idea ruined by the fact that a custom url has about 20 uncustomizable characters in front of it. How is it customizable when TheTechnoToastBlogspotCoUk is in front of anything I write?

Love Google, but i think this needs to be sorted out.
I have literally been checking multiple times per day to get my "custom" URL since the day the feature was announced. The option just showed up on my account, so I immediately clicked it and found myself disappointed...

Yes Google, I know I have a common name, that is precisely why I use the same handle/URL for all social media and even for my Gmail account instead of having different things across all platforms. You suggest I use my name, but I have to add characters to it because my name is common? Seriously?! 

First of all, no one currently has my name without extra characters, so it is ridiculous that I cannot claim my own name. But... I didn't that to be my custom URL in the first place! I want it to be the same as every other site I use and the same as the Gmail account that my Google+ account is connected to. I cannot see myself using this unless the feature changes from its current implementation. 
So I was told to add a few characters to make mine more unique. How about using the original since it's not being claimed yet?

You offered the original name for another website I have. But for my main website, I have to add more characters. How does sound?
I'm having the same problem. This is telling me "Many people have the same name..." while asking me to add some characters, but I'm not interested in that. First come, first served. WTF, Google?
+A Ma Yeah, I'll leave it. Name + generic characters versus numbers as URLs, no difference really.
+Justin Green My own name (first + last) is as far as I have been able to determine (via Google Search) completely unique. The possibility of someone else ever wanting to  use the same Vanity URL on G+ therefore approaches zero.

But I still can't use it...
Google is also saying "Add a few extra letters or numbers to this URL to get one that is unique for your page."  When the URL presented is the one that I want, but it won't let me have it.  There is no other user using the custom URL presented.  Google, please help - this really isn't right. Please fix!!!
May I add my voice to the hundreds before me asking to be able to tailor the custom URLs proposed by Google. I had no problem getting a custom link for my business on LinkedIn and I simply expect more/better from Google.
I already received mails from Google for changing my profile & pages custom URL. Thank you +Google 
I'm glad my personal address was less of a hassle than my non-profit. I don't really want +NameOfMyNonprofitORG as a name.
I'll stick to the ugly number for my business page as long as +Google+ decides to offer even uglier custom URL's. 
I own the TRADEMARK and ALL the domains related to the name I want to claim for my Google+ page. I also already have the main social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) with my brand name. Why, then, is Google denying me the right to use MY trademark on my page?
The only product where I don't use my brand is a Google product (You Tube, to be more precise). I would like to know if this could be the reason  +Google+ ?.
I want +myname NOT + mynametld

I had the wherewithal and made a lot of effort to get +myname first before anyone else for my company and I'm not happy with what you have done.
Idea is great but the offered solution does not fit. Naming is simply not good.
Come on +Google+. Sort it out. I dare you to brake with convention and actually respond to your users about issues that they are passionate about. I dare you to actually let us know how you are going to rectify this mess.
Got my URL today and now I can't access my photos.  I've got 6000 of them on Google +  Total mess.  Not happy :(
The "Add a few extra letters or numbers to this URL" is really annoying.  Especially when the URL you suggest perfectly matches my brand name.  Why would I want to add extra characters or numbers to this?
+Ryan Watts Same problem for our other page. Why the hell would we want a number after our name, that hasn't been used by anyone else and is unique already. It's ridiculous.  
bujj on
please help though the custom URL is not take, its saying it not available....
please need it desperately, please help  please help  please help  please help  please help  please help  
Hello! I have been given the incorrect Google+ custom URL.
This is the one I am being offered: +macintoshhelper
This is the one that I would like: +minecraftbyte

I have been offered the wrong URL, which should be given to the page Macintosh Helper -

I would be grateful if someone from Google could fix this by changing this Google+ Page's custom URL to +minecraftbyte and changing Macintosh Helper's ( custom URL to +macintoshhelper . If you need me to verify that I am also the owner of the Macintosh Helper page (under another Google account) I will be happy to do so, just contact me. Thank you!
Pretty interesting that Google doesn't use its own social platform to communicate with its users.  I guess the social media joke that only Google employees use Google Plus isn't even accurate.  Hellooooo +Google+ !?  Where arrrrrre you? 
Dear All: can you please advise me on how long do I have to wait to get short URL updated to what is written in my “name” on G+? I got a few friends and little content, so don’t want to delete account(and re-create it to edit name) and with 10+ years of Gmail acc I feel they couldv’e offered some choice.
BESIDES they offer short URL in Unicode(non-Latin), I don’t want to have my URL available to only part of the world 
any word on a way to claim the url without adding numbers? i own the gmail without numbers, i don't see why i should be forced to use numbers on my g+ page. the fact that other people share my name is a pretty ludicrous reason to not allow me to claim it. 
OK, so this is becoming a bit silly. Having been offered with no option to change it, I now see I have two options (both the same!): (followed by) "A suffix is required"

Dear Google, I want "" because I have and and etc.

You know, if I had I would promote the page to the rest of my social media audience and you would start to steal users from Facebook. Makes sense to me. Why doesn't it make sense to you? Especially when I have a 1/4 million strong audience.
Why are we not able to choose which url we want? I have the same nickname on all my social networks, but you guys only offer me my name and a bunch of numbers after it... same as having a bunch full of numbers as before. What the hell Google, such a noob move!
+Google+ , why can't I use my own name? It doesn't seem like anybody else is using it. It just says that "a lot of people" have my name. It's important for all my other social media sites. Maybe let me put my middle initial into it? 
same problem with all people. dude please listen to us
how i can get a customer url gplus business page???plz help
I have several pages on GooglePlus, and fortunately I got URL invite for my profile and two of them that was Important than others. But +Google+ *did not let me to choose my special name for one of my pages and I had to add a suffix to it!* (The name is ok and nobody got that before.)
How can I get that special URL (name)?

In my profile but I could choose a special username for my URL, but in this case this is three weeks or more that my URL is waiting for review. How much time need for reviewing usernames regularly?
I agree with most of the complaints.  At the very least, I should be able to add a middle initial instead of a suffix.  
i want to change it and they said that i can't mmm
why does it tell me to "Add a few extra letters or numbers to this URL google plus" ??? i'm the only person who has same name business, same name website & same name Facebook short link.
but G+ Short says to make Add something at its end...not one else on Google plus has my business name still Google Plus tells me to add something why? so furustating
"Add a few characters" but why??? Nobody else is using our custom url without the addition of extra characters. This makes NO sense.
I'd also like to voice my disinterest in adding "a few characters" to my business name. We have our business name on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. Why not Google + ? 
I'm not known by my name anywhere online but by my handle.  Why can't I use my online alias for my custom URL here?  At least allows me to use my nickname.  Sorry, Google, I'm not biting until I get what everyone else has allowed me to use except for you.
the problem on this is that I cannot use my name without having to add more letters to complete my url
It's been almost a month that my requested custom URL is under review!!! when will this review process complete!?
for god's sake do you really like the idea that you're providing a poor social network!?
I'm also not impressed with having a custom url dictated for business pages... with a suffix, what the heck is that (I dare not select that option in case I get stuck with something for ever that I don't want). And... why do they need a phone number? I notice everyone wants a phone number these days, they say it's for security but I have the idea that it's going to be sold so we just get more junk phone calls!

Just to add if G+ techs are listening..., G+ is the slowest site ever and the only one that freezes up all the time! So frustrating
Why am I being forced to add more characters to make my Google+ Custom URL unique, when the URL you have proposed is 1) Just fine without any additional characters, and 2) is available? I could understand if it was already taken, but it's not. I have submitted a feedback, but should I expect a response or a change to your current requirements? Or do I go ahead and create my URL with some dumb characters that don't pertain to my business name?
hi +Google+  why you forcing us to accept URLs which you had approved, instead of allowing users to select custom URLs.
i received Google+ notification reg. Url for my Page including "Org" domain extension which i don't want it.
+Google+ I want my url to be my name ... +AnuragArora. I don't want anything following it. Why can't I get it even when it hasn't been taken ?
I have two companies and three web sites that has custom URLs at Facebook. And now you suggest that I should begin to use the crappiest custom URLs on the web! No Thanks!
Also the two companies currently have the same web address, so they will get the same custom URL?
Andy R.
+MacJunky  Can't be changed afterwards. that's a real show stopper. trade mark owners should be given their own mark for starters.
+Andy Reno Not only Trademark owners but also Trade Name owners too. There is a difference in the two (I was in court over this and won the case due to Trade Name issues and in a lot of cases Trade Names have more clout too.)

The fact that some people say "Well there is someone else with your name and they opened a G+ account before you" is also BS!

There just seems to be no real info about how it works and I think the big G has messed up in some way and are trying (In the background) to fix the issue without telling anyone.

So lets hope this 'issue' will get resolved for everyone involved.

There is one way around it, make you're own links, that way you have your own stats too...

That's how I've been doing it for a while so no real biggie.
1. What is the reason that once im satisified with a given custom URL for my G+ page  i still have to add few letters to it ?
 I dont really see a logic in there as you either allow users to choose their own unique G+ URL or  once you offer unique URL adding few letters to it should be Optional not mandatory ! 

2. Please stop decreasing my 100K +1's  without reason if you dont want me to get heart attack ! 

thank you   
update: some days ago I confirmed the custom url on my secondary (work/used only as login) account adding some suffix chars to JoachimThomas, freeing the "clean" name that was erroneously proposed there instead of my main "first day" account... I wonder if the now "free" "clean name" JoachimThomas will be proposed for the main account... still waiting to confirm the URL to avoid losing the ability to get the name....
p.s: I wrote sever messages to feedback but got no reply/advice
I'd pretty disappointed with the way Google has rolled out custom URLs. Discriminated against the masses by offering them to a select popular few and now you've finally come to offer them to everybody you've chosen the URL for us. -1 to this feature
I manage the page for +Goldenwest Credit Union and you have offered a weird URL. Can we get 'GoldenwestCU' like we have on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, Instagram, etc? Thank you Google!
+Google+ ! I really don't see the point to add  letters or number to my custom URLS with only my name on it, which NO ONE else has  :(. I was curious, so I checked who else did take my name on g+  and you know what?! Nobody! that link went straight to my profile! So, please +Google+ , just give it me, my new custom url without cracking my affection  to dear you :))
Hello. I change url for my account (google+ suggest only 2 at my choice, but noone of them is suitable). +Pavelw00tKuznetsov is not what i wish see. It's possible to change url on anything else? I wish +pmkuznetsov (=abbreviation from Pavel Mikhailovich Kuznetsov) and that is my gmail login. Sry me English.

Thanx in advance.
Since the beginning I asked for another custom name because I didn't like the ones the suggested, and now, almost a month later I haven't received an answer... Disappointing!
I have been using Google from a long time. Then switched to a new name and id. What Google suggesting URL for me, I am not liking it, I have a username or custom URL for my all website and profile. like Facebook n Twitter, WordPress etc. And I search in Google+ my URL and it is not registered to any name. I would request that please just allow me to claim that URL, which it my username for gmail
My URL has been "Under Review" for over a month. Is anybody looking at these or processing them at all?
I'm trying to setup my custom URL now.  I'm eligible and I'm starting to like wheat I hear and read more and more for G+.  That being said, the second I come in to begin my branding process by updating my profile via a custom URL I find that Google is trying to force my hand by stating that EVEN THOUGH MY NAME IS AVAILABLE without any special characters or numbers, they want me to add them. 

I get the following message:

"Many people have the same name. Add a few extra letters or numbers to this URL to get one that is unique for you."

I'm a small business owner.  I am also a LARGE part of my brand.  In the photography industry, having your name as your profile is a big deal.  Notice people like

Instead of me simply claiming my Google is trying to force me to mismatch my account.  I can't begin to tell you how annoying this is!

Please Google, I meet your criteria!  Let me use this account name!

Why can't mine just be if it has not yet been claimed? OR so that it can at least match my blog, Facebook, Twitter and IG? Adding random extra characters does NOT add value or uniqueness. It also does NOTHING for anyone interested in SEO, which you would think Google would want because search is still what gets Google paid. 
They chose my pre-approved URL based off our email address (??). Well, this didn't help..
Yet, like others have said, no one else is using the name I actually want (our business name), although I'm unable to use this.
my Mail is ,, so if Google kindly Please allow me to use AusterKet as my URL as i do this to my all other profile
Anyone know how to see what our profile url code was before I applied a vanity url?
Google, PLEASE allow business page owners to choose there own name, what's with trying to control this, ALL my other social media profiles are the same and I am verified through Google Business Apps but you will not allow me to apply my business name to G+ profile
Can I change the case of letters in my custom URL? I would like to make one of them upper case. Will there be an option once I accept the assigned custom URL? For example, if someone got Wild-flower, can he change it to Wild-Flower? If yes, how?
For shame, Google.

I did not want a custom Google URL at the time that the update came out, so I click the exit button.
So now, because of your brilliant software, I cannot redeem the URL again.
I want my businesses name, not the website url and tdl. For a company trying to build a social network, you're doing all the right things to upset your user base. No wonder Google+ is struggling for traction.
Why have I been offered the website domain name as my custom url for my business. I want Kindlen not kinldleneu. Also there is no way to contact Google+ to sort this out. Its like the bad old days of Adwords where support was a black whole.
+Google+ i can't custom the url of my Google plus page, instead he's suggesting to add a suffix numbers or letters. how sad i am :(

Kindly help me. thanks be to God!
+Joe Tate Sr I am also unable to take the available name for my website, why is this? if anyone know then let me know thanks.
I have my own custom URL and I love it! It relates to my blog, which I started a short time ago, I plan on using it to further my blog and possible  income  down the  road. Thank  you Google +
Where can we get info on disputing the "default" custom URL that Google has reserved for us? One of our clients would like a custom URL with their actual brand, but G+ is only offering us a URL that reflects their website URL, i.e., rather than /+ClientBrand, it wants to use /+Client-Brand since the client's website URL is Help, please!
Google has offered me the username which i wanted, thanks GOOGLE, and Marjorie R. Asturias if you wanted to use "-" in your username then i think you should chose your profile/page name along with "-" :)
Eric C
Why is the Link verification taking so long for my business page??? Its been well over a month since the link was verified, and I still don't have the option for the custom url. I'm about to go make my sub domain and forward because this is wait is getting frustrating.
I have got a huge and pointless preapproved custom name for my page an, how do I change it?!
Why wasn't my custom URL approved even though my GMail and YouTube account are exactly the same as requested URL? Do you have so much users of Google+ that you don't care about them? While Facebook allows to get any URL if it is not occupied yet, you're going to play with your diminishing auditory? Pretty dumb, as to me.
Really frustrated that my personal url has to have numbers or extra letters at the end and even more frustrated that my business page has to have my domain extension at the end.  It makes no sense at all!
Not impressed Google. Initially I wasn't allowed my desired custom URL, and then once I'd settled on another one comprising my name and nickname separated by an underscore (which was approved by Google and not flagged up as an illegal character) the underscore then disappeared and I'm stuck with a stupid URL with no separator. WHY CAN'T I EDIT THE URL?!? You have seriously cocked this up. FIX IT.
We had created a username for our Google+ page and just recently changed that username, but we are still getting a pre-approved URL based on the old username. How can we change it? The old username was "David C Cook Videos," but we want it to only be "David C Cook." Help!
Cal B.
Okay ... I made the mistake of taking the URL .... I want to delete it if I can't change it.  How do I delete this thing?  Annoyed+
I'm actually ok with having the TLD on the end of my custom domain, as the TLD is actually part of my brand - what I don't want is to have to put a suffix on it +ReframedTv is ideal for me, adding anything extra would be awful - but I don't have the option of non-suffix. Come on, if it is my domain name then surely it is unique! 
 have claimed my name, but unfortunately an App I want to use insists I still use my long number. Is there a way of finding out what it is even though I changed to the custom URL? Thank you
First question, with 400+ comments is Google actually replying to any of these?
2nd If you chose one, can you edit it, as you have decided a different number ending would be better?
3rd Can you edit it, so rather than JoeBloggs1 you could be TheJoeBloggs, or TheOtherJoeBloggs as numbers aren't so nice looking
4th and Final, can we remove the + from it, you know it will only confuse people if you tell them it verbally.
Because some error operation. I add some Chinese in my custom URL, as a result, when I share images to my G+ using Google Glass, The glass will stop running. So How can I remove my url... Can Google help me?
this is a garbage idea and implementation. Unlock the URL options for users so they may choose something that works for them, not something you ENFORCE on users.

"Locked" URL options are useless and quite idiotic for the type of service this is. If you have issues with certain names, then create a friggin' filter to eliminate the names and spellings you don't allow. 

Just another thing that makes Google+ a subpar service for users.
I loved the idea of being able to have my own custom url, but the whole process has become quite frustrating.  No one has claimed my url but i'm unable to claim it. I think a lot of G+ users would really appreciate it if this situation was resolved. 
Google saved the custom Google+ URL that I want for my old email address. I have a new/business email address that I use for my clients + my new Google+ page. I didn't set the url that I want to my old email address, I just left my URL the long one with numbers. Is there a way to get that URL to my newer Google+ account? It's telling me I can't use the username because many people have my name and I must add characters but nobody has used that name yet, I checked. 
This feature needs to be revamped. It's unacceptable that Brand pages cannot have /+BrandName URL. Even you guys have /+Youtube, /+googleplus and not /+youtube123 and /+googleplus457. Who came up with this nonsense?
How can I request a new "custom URL" from Google that matches the identity I use on all other services? Where is the setting to request this?
If you need help I have found some solutions for getting the vanity URLs for your business brand page that you want. If you are still having problems please private message me on my Google+ profile page. Note that I cannot help you with personal profile URLs so please don't write to me about those. I can only help with vanity URLs for your business brand page. Cheers!
If you have a .com domain you should be able to get the G+ username that you want (with the suffix).
I, too, am getting the "Add a few extra letters or numbers to this URL to get one that is unique for your page." when I don't need to add anything -  the one they suggest is my brand name, and the extra characters would not be.  No one else has taken my name.  Google, please fix this!
You sent me a 2013 clip of my pictures...I can't find it now to share. Can you help?
+Scott Roberts how many days have you waited after you linked your domain name with your page? You may have to wait a few working days before they allow you the brand name without the suffix. And are you linking a .com domain name?
+Daniel Harris Unless you work for Google, I don't think you can help. What I'm looking for is to be able to choose my Google+ URL.
+Daniel Stoddart Credentials: Over the last few days I have managed to obtain Google+ URLs for a number of my business pages (+World Peace Now, +Freewheelers, +Clipflo, +Smart Filter, +Patient Pacifist and +Kendra Initiative). Some were easy and some were not so easy and I had to play a few games. In this situation we have to play by Google's rules – they are the unlovable rock no matter how unfair or silly we think they are. We can play by the rules and get what we want if we think out of the box. I'm a professional person who "thinks out of the box".
Is everyone still having problems? I don't understand. I've got all the brand names I wanted.
+Google+ i have not received the notification to get my #vanityurl  of google plus, i meet all conditions, hurry please
Nope! It's still giving the error "Add a few extra letters or numbers to this URL to get one that is unique for your page."
+Daniel Harris I think there is a misunderstanding because we're talking about two different things. You're talking about setting up multiple G+ accounts and getting new URLs by linking to business domains. I'm talking about my existing, personal G+ account—the one that is linked to my real name, the one I've had since Day One of G+, the only account I have, and the one that I have been circled with by 9K+ users. I was given a choice of [FirstNameLastName] instead of what I use across all other social networks. G+ did not give me the option to change it to my preferred (and available) URL.
+Daniel Stoddart Thanks for clarifying. Yes, I can only help with business pages. I have the same issue with my personal G+ account. I don't want to call it +DanielHarrisPlusSuffix I want to be known as dahacouk as I am all over the Net. Ironically, it's my own domain that I have as my handle all over the Net: . I was thinking of changing my name to "Da Ha" and then adding the suffix of "couk" and then changing my name back to "Daniel Harris" but from all that I read G+ may frown upon this activity and delete my account. So, I'll wait and see what happens with personal profile URLs.
The developers at Google are going to drive Google+ into the ground with these restrictions.
Suggested URLs SUCK!!
Why can't I choose my OWN url if there is no one using it?!! Why is Google+ different (in a bad way) from other social networks???
+Joe Tate Sr Exactly, I can't claim my username name as my custom url as well even though no one is using that url. Why???
How are custom URL's "custom" if they don't approve it :/
+Scott Roberts I sent you a message on hangout but I'm not sure if you've seen it. I can only help if you give me specifics.
How can I request a new "custom URL" from Google that matches the identity? I don't want my custom url and after custom url my site authorship not work.
@Daniel Harris 

yes this is my profile page. i leave my Business page for site authorship

+Daniel Harris Just typed a test message in the little box on the right bottom corner.  Did you see it?
+Google+ update: I'm now able to claim the profile url that I wanted, thank you very much for working on this issue and resolving it. 
Hello, +Nima Alagha, Could you tell us what changed to enable you to get the name that you wanted? Or did you just have to wait? Or did you make a request?
+Google+ I get an email saying "Get one of these URLs (or request a different one)". It's in the text (not rich text) view of the email. Please remove this text as it is not true. I cannot "request a different one".
If you are contacting me for help obtaining your Google+ page name URL then please note I cannot help with personal profile URLs – only business pages. Please provide details such as your current Google+ page URL (with number), the desired URL name, the full domain name you are linking to the page, the name options you have been given so far, how long since you linked your domain name to the page and possibly any relevant trademarks that you have. You can send me a Google+ message (via private post or hangout) or an email using my nickname at I am in the GMT/UTC timezone so realtime messaging may not be possible. Cheers!
Dear +Google+
Your "custom" URL, is not so "custom".
it's strange that Google just started offering an option that other social networks have been offering since day 1.

No one has claimed my name yet, but I still not able to claim it.

Should we just stick to Facebook?
I just want to know that how can I edit the 'custom' URL of my page. I want to change the name to something else and I am unable to do it. Please Help!!
Leave it to Google to try and do things differently, even when they make no sense. No one else is using my name for a custom URL but you insist on making me add some additional characters. It makes no sense. is awesome. is just stupid. 
+Google+ Hi there. :) I am searching for a workaround to claim my URL without the use of a cell phone as I live outside of the US. I would gladly use GoogleHangouts or whatever you suggest but I am close to having to buy a SkypeIn number to claim a Google+ URL - Silly right?
Please change the custom URL to one of our choosing.
Gabe just get a Google Voice number. They're free and you don't need anything but a Google account. 
Google (sigh) we love you, but having no support for a custom URL that is important for branding is really not good. The only custom URLs offered to me are no good and we can't claim names that aren't even in use for some reason...
Joachim Thomas - did the clean url become available? 

I've been offered my name for my personal profile but would rather use that for my business page.  I'm wondering if I add a suffix on my personal page if the  clean one they reserved for me will become available.  Does anyone know?
+Linda phillips blue

you are right, we all love Google so Google would make favor on Google plus custom URL.
 For local bussines page, i must have an website to be eligible to claim a custom url?
I get notified few weeks ago about Short Url, but unfortunately click on Not Now, and now I am not able to use Short Url, Any one knows how to get Short URL? 
The fact that I cannot actually choose my own custom URL makes this feature close to useless.
Hi Google - We claimed our URL, and there is no 'edit' button next to it (as described on the support page).... so we cannot change Bascousa to BascoUSA. Help?
HELP My page Whedonopolis has been offered but when I click to accept it wants me to add to the name to make it "unique".  It already is unique.  It's the name of our organization and website and everywhere else.
I am a partner for +ABL Jets and trying to set my custom URL to /+ABLJets however I do not have that option as it appears already taken. We previously had a page which was incorrectly set and was deleted. Can you please help us. Please. Thank you.
I agree, this is ridiculous. Even though nobody claimed my name yet, I was forced to add more useless letters to the suffix. So instead of my name I had to add the country I'm from as well, thanks for nothing Google. I should have waited but I just came across this page. Hope you guys have better luck than me, until they let us request our actual names, which I doubt will happen anytime soon.
I want to change my Google+ URL to match the one I use for all other services on the web (Google didn't allow me to choose the one I wanted, but it is available). How do I do that?
So, how does one change one's URL if it falls outside the accepted choices that Google+ offers?
I was attempting to change my profile URL, and misunderstood the options.  Now I have a long profile url.  Anyway to change it?
No, +Google+ , seriously. I need to know how to change the URL. It appears to be exceedingly difficult to get in touch or receive a response. Is anybody else finding this to be the case?
Once you 'claim' a URL, I'm pretty sure it's permanent. 
Just adding another voice to this. We've got branding guidelines to follow, and preventing us from using our branding essentially stopping us from adopting G+ seriously.

For example, a page for one of our websites has not only taken the FULL name (which equals domain name) of the website - it has and added AU to the end of it, and is still forcing me to add extra characters to it... What possible characters could I add to that to ensure it's still user friendly? It's already proposed to be CentralCoastAustraliaAU.

Has anyone found a way (other than this post & blogging about it) to get any response from +Google+ about the direction of this issue?

PS: there's nobody else in the preferable name space either
+Dan Donaldson It's pretty obviously not permanent and is modifiable. Unless that's an official Google policy, I'm not buying it.
We have re-branded / changed the company name and I need to change the 'Claimed' URL. How do I do this?
I do not own a cell phone, never had need to have one. For this reason I can not get the custom url already approved. ABSURD!
and those people who do not have a cell phone? Not all of them have a cell phone!
I, for one, do not have a cell phone and that's why I can not access the custom URL
Google you are the most greedy company I know.  Stick your custom urls up your butt if you don't want to let me pick the one I want.
I don't think that sort of comment is going to 1) help and 2) endear anyone towards helping. #nufSaid  
I have a slightly different issue. I got the email notification to get my custom url. I was given two options, one of which I really like. Problem is, when I click on anything in the email - I go to my About page and there is no option anywhere, under links or elsewhere, no banner at the top to allow me to accept/activate the option I was given. Wtf is up with that?
Why did I get my custom URL denied? I just shortened it as it displayed my two surnames instead of one. I simply wanted HasierRodriguez and got denied by email (btw, not even explaining why it has been denied), I am only offered HasierRodriguezValencia :S
Why an earth did you think automatically generating URL's would be a good Idea apart from maybe you not want ting to do any moderation of them +fuckyou though that obviously cant be the reason as that as a menu popped up when I typed that term.
If you're getting the stupid requirement of adding extra characters, try looking in the About > Links section! I set up a Google+ Page the other day, and got those standard pop-up invitations to get my custom URL. When I clicked that button, it always required me to add extra characters, even though my base page name was not taken. So I kept saying "Not Now." I also submitted feedback asking to use my brand name without special characters. Then today I noticed a "Google+ URL" item in the Links section of my About page. Not sure if it just showed up today, or if I didn't notice it before. But when I clicked the link there, it offered me two choices: my page name with added characters, or my page name by itself. Yay! 
It set up my custom URL but how do I transfer over all the followers I had? They're gone. 
+ALTANAI BISHT I have also checked my name when google says it's not available. when i tried the url it shows 404 not found. That means nobody has taken that url. It's very bad that Google reserves a domain for each profile i guess. :(
The URL google+ has reserved for me is WAY too long and adds extra words to my actual business name (i.e. the city I am based in which is inappropriate as I have a national company..). There NEEDS to be way to change this? Otherwise I'm not claiming mine.
+Sarah Andrews I would suggest you should your request via Google Plus Feedback the way I got mine. Just make sure the default URL shouldn't be taken by someone else. If the page says "404 not found" that means it's reserved but not taken by anyone. Just give a try. 
When the original URL is better than the suggested custom URL that Google requires me to use with "Add a few extra letters or numbers to this URL to get one that is unique for your page", something is wrong.  My business is already unique.  I'll keep the original URL we already have.  Nice try though.  Who comes up with these ideas?
How can I transfer my URL to another account?
need 9 followeers to get my vanity url.   everyone charge yo the donniesport17network site on google plus
One of my custom URLs option is perfect but it is requiring a "suffix is required" No one else has this URL and the URL is perfect. How can I accept it without a suffix? Thank you. 
+Joe Vitacco you probably have to add the suffix because that URL is already claimed.
That would make sense but one one is using it - unless google things I already am. 
Are Google actually trying to create the least usable social platform in the world? We started trying to use Google+ for SEO benefits but it's almost impossible to work out how to do things as simple as posting as the page. You're forced to use a URL which isn't what you want. It's almost like they want it to fail. Google, please hire someone to work on the UX here because it's awful. Worst social network by far. It shouldn't be so hard!
I applied for a short URL last year...still wonder so many people are turned off from using google+...we had so much hope for this platform...
This morning I thought to try again.  This is what I got. I don't want to add extra numbers or letters, that's stupid.  I am so frustrated as we would have more followers if we had +Whedonopolis We have over 3900 on Twitter, 2000 on FB and 5000 e-newsletter. +Felicia Day says she has more interaction with her followers here than FB and we were hoping to do the same thing.  We can't until they can find us.  Thank you for helping with this situation.
Your Google+ page's public URL is:
You can change it to:
Add a few extra letters or numbers to this URL to get one that is unique for your page.
We are looking to create a business page with a custom URL. All of our other social media pages have the same custom URL but google+ is making us add characters so that the google+ page is the only one that differs. This will be confusing for customers and embarrassing to list with the other URLs since it looks like we were not organized enough to choose a consistent way of naming our social media. Our URL without "additional characters" is not taken by anyone because no one else has our business name, so it would be great if we could create that URL instead of needing to add more characters for no reason. We are waiting to create our custom URL until this is resolved. Help us google+, you're our only hope. 
Josh S
+Betsy Flanagan did you end up getting the custom url without adding extra letters or number? I'm having the same issue
google propose me /zdigone or /zdig1biz
looooooooooooooool what shit of
all i want /zdig1 like on all other social media and all other video account etc ..............
I work for a small business and our pre approved URL is /InstitutoEstelarBilingüeLiberia which is really long and also has a foreign letter (ü) in it. 
Two questions - if I approve it, will people need to type in this special letter? Many people don't know how to do that on their keyboard unless they use Spanish regularly. 
If I don't approve it will Google offer me a different custom URL in the future? please help!!
I have a profile of a client that needs to be created, and the only custom URL option is "/+namecom" for example. It is only allowing me to accept a version of the actual company URL "" as an example. How do I get this to recommend a custom URL without the "com" appended to "name"? Thanks.
Does anyone have a fix for the stupid 'add extra character' to your desired custom URL? Why anyone would want to add more characters to a business name is beyond me, especially when the URL you require isn't in use.
+Will Jones  He is not referring to the + sign before a name. What he and I are referring to are the extra character at the end of a username that is often unnecessary.  @CompanyX shouldn't require extra characters at the end if there are none in the name itself, especially as +Wayne Flanagan points out, if the desired username is not in use.
Just as an aside; I initially set up a Google+ page for my business when they were first allowed. I was then given the option of an excellent vanity URL. Since then Google had closed my original page (which was already verified) and had created not one but two other pages with the same business name and hiding my original page. Later, one of the duplicates was also hidden. Now I'm offered a less than impressive G+ URL for the remaining page.
I appreciate the initiative Google displayed but am less than impressed with the results. When will Google+ offer more than one option for the vanity URL or custom URL based on our needs I wonder?
We need to be able to edit. Got offered it, type in what I wanted and you all doubled my url to something crazy. Cant edit, cant delete.. and well that means I just want to use Google even less than I was using it before!

ps put your comment block at the top of a feed, its a long way to the bottom to post a comment.
Lol. I have a feeling we're yelling into an empty cavern here. If you're not seeing the option to claim your URL, it's likely because you have a Google My Business page and not a Google "Brand" page. They've made the line between the two nearly impossible to understand. Right now, my company maintains both pages until they sort this mess out.
I've pretty much given up on Google+ entirely for anything business related. They had it right and then some less than bright spark, or team of them, ruined it. Better luck next time, Google.
They let me choose custom URL but they not allow me choose my own custom URL, even the URL is not claimed.
+Oliver Swann Just curious who did you email to get the TLD removed from your Google+ extension?  I also don't like the one suggested for my page and need it to be consistent with our brand.
Dear Google + . Please give me my campaign name as a URL "LifesUnintendedJourney". One that no one else has, and that I have on all other social media platforms. Thank you.
How can we exclude the domain extension from our recommended Page URL? We may eventually change this domain extension and do not want to be stuck with this URL.
Dear Google. Please give only my  first name in my custom url. All other social networking sites provide that. Why is my custom urls are so lengthy? I have not accepted the suggested custom URL so far, neither will do. Kindly provide me with my first name as custom url.
Google very annoying for Page custom URL, i have +10 followers and my google account is 2 years old, and profile photo, but still the custom url button doesn't appear for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+Andy Zmolek Could you share how did you get a URL without domain extension? This is really bothering us, as a startup (Issue, Inc.) that is building and protecting our brand.  We been offered IssueBy from our domain extension
But seriously this custom url suck, we should at least be given the right to choose our own custom url, not a pre-approved one. I just need my first name as my custom url and not the one suggested. For now, I won't change it. I will wait until they change their mind.
adjective: made to fit the needs or requirements of a particular person

Literally by definition, these are not custom urls.  They may be "unique" or even "specific" to the page they represent, but not custom.
I agree with the other comments.  Custom would be great.  Mine is for a TV station, and the "provided" URL mentions one specific city, and not the region.  We are known as CW23 - Twin Cities to our viewers.  But Google+ wants us to use the RL wucwsaintpaul.  No.
it is offering me custom url with my full blogspot address which is very annoying i dont wanna any blogger name ? can any suggest me what shoild i do ?
logoshopeorg, seriously? how is that professional? This is embarrassing Google, how has this not been fixed after two years?
I want to set mine to just my first and last name, but they are insisting that I "add extra letters and numbers" to make it more my own? I use it for work, I need it to stay professional, not sound like a screen name i would have used in a chat room in high school. This is ridiculous. 
I can't change my business one.  It is only offering one that I don't want. 
Basically, Google gives me only one sucky option. Why would I want the TLD (.org) at the end?
+Oliver Swann How on earth did you get Google to let you use the actual extension you wanted? I sent "feedback" as a google help forum admin advised but that was months ago and I still can't use my name.
+Chris Iller Yes Its offering me one that isnt even what i set my business title too. and i dont want to claim one thats not correct. 
I can't believe Google's done nothing about this after so many comments and forums have been made full of people who are upset about not being able to claim that one unused url they NEED in order to be branded properly.
Nice one, going to write here another comment in the hope, google will start helping the people that use their tools every day.... If you want the people to be happy, get in contact with them!
Google+ is just a social crap platform... everything on it is frustrating and Google doesn't care about their users at all. Custom URLs which are not custom at all.
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