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Google+ for Android Gets Faster, Gets Hotter
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There is a new version of the Google+ Android app which includes performance improvements throughout, and has new features, including the debut of the What's Hot stream, visibility of who has +1'd your content, and more.

Grab it here:

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Google+ Android app gets a speed boost

Today, we’ve made available a new version of Google+ for Android that includes significant performance improvements across the board, so your stream and photos (and just about everything else) should load more quickly.

In addition:

- The "What's hot" stream is now available
- You can see who has +1'd a post or comment
- Photos in "From your Circles" scroll for-e-ver
- We truncate lengthy posts and comments in stream view

And as always, you can grab the latest version of the app from Android Market here:

We're excited to hear what you think, so please keep the feedback coming!

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Sounds really great but weren't that features that were added last time?
I was much waiting for "what´s hot" option. Thank you very much Google for listen us. :)
Hope the massive bugs were fixed. There have been far too many instances of both posts and comments failing to appear/load/whatever on the app.
Nice, my photos in Instant Upload were taking forever to show up on the app. Now the problem is solved. ;-)
Fascinatingly fast, but my stream on my phone is different from the stream on my browser. What the heck?
But still no version optimized for tablets
Sadly, we're still missing pages support.
Great, this update has broken G+ on my phone. Stream has no content, notifications has no content.
Was hoping that the Bluetooth connection permission that was added would do something in mobile hangouts, but apparently not... or not yet.
Google+ no longer sync/refreshes after the update on my Galaxy Nexus. Also the power button fails to register all of a sudden. Update: Seemed like a faulty install. Fixed after reinstall.
James E
No tablet and no updating or editing to Pages from a tablet or phone. Come on.
Stream also isn't loading for me on Nexus S.
I'm scared to update, because I'm sure it will see the end of my beloved Incoming stream.
Still no way to make the font larger, thanks....
"What's Hot" really needs to either go away or have a way to be turned off.
Nothing is loading for me on the app. No stream, no profile, no notifications. :( I have an Inspire 4g.
I'm down as well on a Galaxy Nexus. Nothing will load. Reboot didn't help. Will try uninstalling and reinstalling. Frustrating.

Update: Uninstall and reinstall fixed the problem.
Why don't we have a way of viewing Google+ messages on the full site?
De Vuk
Just got it its amazing fast and i love Whats Hot stream just what i needed on my phone Thanks Google
Ugh. "Whats hot", and I lose incoming. Booo Booooo
Has anyone put up a package download for the Kindle Fire yet?
The photo viewer not improved, only 4:3 and 3:2 photos are cutted -.-
I'm still waiting for pages control but it's already a good improvement.
My phone just became unstable after the update !! G+ was the only app that got updated now.
still frustrated that hashtags aren't clickable on the mobile app.
Just had to uninstall the old G+ app for Android when it went rogue and started sucking up my battery like it was 1999. Hope this version fixes that glitch.
When will we see a tablet version?
Weli A
Did I just lose the incoming tab with the new update.
+W Aden That's why I don't want to update mine. It's my last holdout of the Incoming stream.
I don't like the white space at the top of the messenger chat window. Its taking up too much space.
If this has restored the 'set as wallpaper' feature I'll eat my hat and post a photo of me doing so right here...
App is still HUGE!!!!! It needs to be smaller, like 20MB smaller!
Truncating? My index finger thanks you! I circled lots of people with great content - Lengthy content and even lengthier discussions in the comments. ;)
I can tell you all ththis is a HUGE update in terms of performance. I don't ever use G+ on a computer, so my phone and tablet get the honors. Since the beginning the app has been frustrating and slow as all heck. It took forever to load any thing. This update is fantastic! Nicely done +Google+
Any chance of getting the app for the Nook Color?
Great update, much faster. However.. .please.... pleeeeeeeease... merge Google Talk and Messenger. Seems completely crazy having two separate messaging apps tied to the same account.
bah....still no 'set as wallpaper' least I'm not eating my hat after all. Why on earth was this feature taken off?
Tanya B
I was hoping that the app would eventually get smaller but alas with this update it hasn't. I regularly have to uninstall it from my phone because it sucks up so much memory. Why is it so HUGE?
Please Bring Back the Incoming Stream
I will not allow this update on my Tablet.
+Tanya B instead of uninstalling go to manage g+ and then clear data...should be a bit easier
I just wish you guys could come up with that one thing that stands you apart from facebook. I really want g+ to succeed. Shoot, just buy or pinterest or something and integrate it, lol :)
I'm kinda unsure about the removal of the incoming stream. It seemed pretty nice to be able to have a stream for what was shared with you, but it was pretty weird to see stuff I didn't really care about at all.
I noticed that the app now asks for the "Create Bluetooth Connections" permission. Does anyone know what this is for?
#hashtag support please! I hate unnecessary typing on my small celly screen!!!
i am downdload now, but not quite sure is already update on my phone
What's Hot is spam. It's terrible on the desktop. Please don't make me go through it on mobile too.
Is it optimized for tablets yet?
No joy. Stuck on v1.0.8 for Motorola Charm even though it is Android v2.1....:(
does it allow more of the app to be moved to SD?
So what is the Bluetooth connection for?
Great, addition of what's hot will be awesome. Pls also consider one chat option.
Android 2.3.5
Build number: 4.67.651.3 CL239674

I am still irked by the mobile app version of G+ every time I share a news article or website. When taken to the post composition page it does not auto-load information about the link I am sharing like desktop/browser version does. It also won't allow me to insert a picture using a URL (windows upload feature) which is really nifty to keep from having to download photo's and then upload them again.

Additionally the desktop version shares far to detailed of a location (my exact address) when sharing from the browser and does not allow me to choose an approximate location like the mobile app.
I'm using it and it's good so far. it supports truncation, no jump after automatic refresh, and more. it's faster ! :)
but where's the incoming tab??
How about tablet layout in next update?
+Google+ The #Hangouts feature does not work on the LG Thrill. Please look into this!
Also, please add Pages access as manager in #iOS5 .
+Balaji Alavandar , although old Google+ app still had the Incoming feature, it had been removed from Google+ already.
Would be really nice if it was also possible to just "call" with messenger without video. Like we can with google talk.
Does this mean my current G+ app will get an update soon or is this a new G+ app altogether? My current version doesn't have the Huddle option or the What's Hot stream. Also, the app seems to drain the phone battery big time.
.... and messenger notification improvements? still having issues is i havent accessed the app in awhile on my gnex
not yet for me.....checked the market :(
I'm getting "package file is invalid" when I try to install it (same error I was getting when I tried to install Chrome Beta yesterday). Bizarre
Love the new update! much faster... Good job
Can u guys do some performance upgrades???
Can u stop the app from caching into phone internal memory please? And for instance reduce the insane caching rate...I suggest it can stop caching when the phone is in a fast network like wifi/3G..It will help a lot with android users with limited internal memory..
Can somebody from the +Google+ team leave a post explaining why they need some of the permissions. People are freaking out on the Market review page and getting paranoid.

For the rest, update looks great. Only hope the URL posting gets fixed and I can blame you guys for not using my PC anymore
Why Can't I install G+ on my device "Sangsung NEXUS S in Korea? I can use Facebook and Twitter on the device, but the not G+.
When will there be a tablet version? The phone version is crap on a tablet, as is the desktop webpage and the mobile webpage...
yes please, sooner or later we'll need an iPad/tablet version too
-Just updated and love new improvements. I'm really glad that What's Hot stream has local popular posts, not general. That was really smart move and very kind of you. And I felt the fluency in my stream and photo loads after performance enhancement. Shortened posts are anticipated feature in mobile application. I'm glad it came alive. That means more posts per scroll.

-You can create incoming circle by yourself. This has been explained many times before.

- +Dewr Kim patience is your friend, pal. It was unable for my country before. Now it's available. Google listens. I'm sure it'll soon be available for Korean people too
I really want to see YouTube videos in thumbnails when we share them via android application. It only appears as a link. We should be able to share links and see them in our posts properly.
I just wish more people would get off FB and onto +. I think its so much better than FB. The lack of responses from my invitations is disapointing.
for the record.. I had to clear Data for G+.. it was occupying 50Mb on memory.. i couldn't install nothing more..
T Wynn
Thankyou Google+ ! You've listened and followed through from the survey we did . You've added everything that I talked about! Wow. Happy :)
It still does not work with my Motorola Charm...Y ?
Bum. Uninstalled and reinstalled but still doesn't work with my google apps account. I'm on Android 2.1 - anyone found a fix yet?
Nearby is too far away when I add circles. I use nearby more than the circles.
Unfortunately my HTC Desire doesn't have the room for such a big application and I am not ready to leave faceook yet.
No Incoming, I see.

If +Google+ restore Incoming, I may well install some future update. But until then, like +Bob O`Bob, I'm sticking with the previous release.
When's the update coming to iOS? Having to use the mobile site just to see the "What's Hot" stream is annoying. 
Good upgrade, though my location is still off! Google Maps gets it right whithin seconds, but the Google+ app seems to place me near cell tower locations instead of my exact location. This really is too bad!
WTF? Is it a joke?
Another frustrate and crappy update.
I don't understand why the developer Google+ team use another way for search and indexing of the internal photos instead to use the integrated folders in Android system as the other applications.
About to 15' (horror) for search only the ten first photo and please wait another 15' for next ten.
Only two apk use this different method, +Google+ and Facebook, and both are a April's fool.
How long do we wait for manage photo's albums and not only to post?
My apologies for my English.
I don't get what the google+ extension does. All it does is open my google+ page. ???
I'd like to see the same browser interfase when posting from the Android app. It's frustrating that you cannot preview the hyperlinks to chose the picture that goes with it. I'd also like to be able to edit my posts from my mobile app and that the strike-throughs displayed ok on the mobile app (they don't). Anyway I love my G+!
When I want to share a website page from my Android phone, besides the text, the Facebook app automatically includes an image from that webpage. Can the Google+ app automatically include a photo, too?
To all,
When I share videos in my Android from Youtube application to Google+, videos are posted without preview and just the title. Does anybody else have this issue?

Thank you.
...and eats your battery non-stop in the process.
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