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There's a lot you can do in a Hangout. Watch YouTube videos, share your screen, or play around with fun effects. Learn more at
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Thats it, use a hangout to cover up the #whitespace
There was a lot I could do on Google+ until the terrible new UI. Like actually read and follow posts.
Fun with Hangouts? Try #whitespace
When comes GDrive? Next Monday :)
why white space just why???????????????????????????????????
+Google+ Developers are adding new features in the white space, they just haven't completely finished it yet. They're also not allowed to disclose exactly what they're putting in.
Please add a 'disable auto-resizing photos' option in google+ instant upload. I have a lot of cloud space to use :)
Gextend seems to use #whitespace nicely. The focus on your stream page should be the damn stream!
+Henry James Ball it is not about optimizing my screen, it is about how the site was coded. If I want small font that should not create a massive #whitespace. The Trending should be right justified and when I ctrl - the site should expand the content area instead of the white space.
The features I need to use, as opposed to have, in Hangouts, are:

- recording my Hangout;
- being able to mute malicious participants.

Just for fun, run some metrics on a placebo button that says "Record Hangout". See how many people press it. Compare that with the usage of Youtube. Direct your efforts accordingly, knowing you've validated what you thought was valuable.

i dont care about the "whitespace", new design is sucking up my cpu, scrolling got really jerky
NO ADVERTISING if it isn't Google plus related its not necessary where is the integration with stiff like yelp, path, pinterest, twitter and so instagram
Hangouts are good, the new UI isn't really bad, but.... API API API API API!
Now, if I could view live YouTube streams - for e.g. the Android 4 unveiling last year or the Google I/O sessions with my friends that have similar interests, then this would be truly social in real-time. A lot Twittering - except it would be way more engaging and on a personal level.
I would love to be able to record and share in my YouTube channel the videos of my hangouts...
with apps on hangouts, it's going to be a whole new game. #mindblown
y para cuando todo en español! me estan hinchando un poco las pelotas que no se tomen el trabajo de traducir!!!!
But when am I going to get the ability to "broadcast" my hangouts?? Pretty please!
But when am I going to get the ability to "broadcast" my hangouts?? Pretty please!
If you are using a Mac to Hangout, it is very easy to record your Hangouts using quicktime.
I think that hangouts is the main reason of G+ existence is really cool :D
Too bad all my friends don't use G+ so hangouts are useless to me
I don't know. I can't see anymore. Gone snowblind from the new interface....
I like the new design but fill out the white space, move comments a little to the middle.
Yeah, whats with the left sidedness of it all? Are we all libertarians now :D
excelente aplicación! todo en uno Google es lo mejor!!
Loving the new Google + features
is there a hangout app for iPod Touch/iPhone ?
It's comfortable!!! I love it!!
Eric B
Why is there a giant white space to the right? I think they designed this on a 800x600 display...
I think it is better let user design some part of their g+ page.
For example, user can set their background image of white part. Also to set some parts' background color... etc
เกิดอาการอยากซื้อกล้องมาติด ^^
Sooooo, the never interface looks like a 3rd grader with a metal handicap designed it.
But, I don't want to hang out.

I want you to stop making me look at my screen lopsided!
Some of us live in places where we CANNOT spare the BANDWIDTH for your bl...blessed hangouts!
It is good that this feature is available now to consumers at virtually no cost. Thank you Google +
Great. But... what's missing. What's missing is a way to contact via area interest with others. Simple. I'm interested in Learning...not necessarily "education" for the masses. So how can I contact people with my same interest, eh? We need tags for users of Google+. Give me a chance to profess my interests and be contactable. Can't do that on Facebook, Larry!
But, +Matt Quinn consider that some of us live in areas where it does, too, cost.
Aleta, I do suppose there are areas where substantial differences occur. Where I live, there is only cost for attaining a computer (which yes is still costly) and internet service (more than I would like to pay); however, the Google + service is free. I had no idea people were being charged for Google +. My feelings of fortune are even greater.
Sorry, Matt, I've given you the wrong impression. I didn't mean to mislead.

Google+ is free, but the Internet can be costly, very costly, if one doesn't live in an urban centre. So, the cost of the extra bandwidth to just 'hang out' makes it impossible to justify for the non-wealthy.
I would have to agree that the hangout service would not be enjoyable if not being used with the adequate resources. My experience with Skype, in trying to communicate with a friend in Europe, was similar. We kept getting disconnected every two or three minutes. Skype did not work for us. In short, I empathize with you.
Hôm nay google+ đã thay đổi giao diện trang mạng xã hội ,mình thấy thật tuyệt vời .thank's google+
I am going to assume you are talking about me!
Please fix the huge white space on the new Google+ UI. I love everything about Google, but this update really sucks ass. Whichever team member made this error, please have him or her suspended for 3 days without pay and make them carry an iTurd. This will teach them!!!
This is pretty much a free adobe connect then, no?
This is great! :)

But in effects there should be different color, which Headwear, Eyewear or Facial Hair is selected. Like red or blue, something else than this light grey.
I don't think that empty space is ugly. It's always clean and always ready to accept new features and functions.
I really like every design that Google made. Actually, my designs are just like Google - simple and clean.
+Google+,+Ruben Petran : I would keep the right column (the one with the chat) near the central column, and the empty space on the far right. That way, you don't have to crane your neck to see who of your friends is on-line. This for the same reason I think the central column is kept narrow by Google's UI designers: as in newspapers, you don't want more than a certain amount of characters on a line, or you need to move your head while reading, and that's very tiresome.
What should I do with more than half of my screen? It does not look good.
When are you gonna fix this crap!?? I don't use Facebook - I never will use Facebook! You had a superior platform - stop trying to turn it into Facebook!!
I love the new changes but you could fix the empty white space...FILL'EM UP!
+Google+ I really love the new redesign, but since it was available I'm having problems with my stream. Unless I refresh the home page, new posts are not automatically displayed in the stream or take too long to appear. Is this a known issue? Is anybody else having this problem?
The sidebar should be a little thinner!! It cuts the view a little!
could facilitate the meeting `` `` as college friends on Facebook !! please !!
you should offer the possibility to add a headline to an hangout, a subject so the users will see what the hangout ist about.
It must be nice to have all that bandwidth in North America, our video is just a blur Down Under...
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